The roaring lion hates prayer…..

I awoke with a bad headache this morning, and so I put off praying Morning Prayer.  Instead,  I sat in the recliner with an ice pack, and distracted myself with the TV Food Network.

After an hour or so, I was feeling better, and decided to check my e-mail.  While on the computer, it occurred to me that if I was up to checking e-mail, then I should be able to pray the Divine Office without making my headache any worse.

That’s when the clanging and banging in my head began…right away!  It wasn’t the physical pain returning, rather it was a litany of reminders of all that I still had to do yet this morning:  the bed needs to be made; the breakfast dishes are in the sink; the house should be put in order before my husband returns from his appointment, etc., etc., etc.

All the while I had been watching TV, and during the time I was checking e-mail, I had been peaceful.  I’m used to these chronic headaches and so is my husband.  Sometimes things get done off schedule, and sometimes they don’t get done at all on a particular day.  Usually, I can accept the inevitable.

But let me think of praying….let me reach for my breviary or rosary, and immediately the  “noise” starts.  The devil truly hates prayer.  I know this, and yet I still fall prey to his distractions sometimes.

He knows, of course, our weaknesses, and just what to tell us to entice us to delay or put off prayer altogether for a while.  But sometimes, he is just so obvious….and I caught him in the act today.  Thank You, LORD!

I dispatched a quick prayer to powerful St. Michael, and clicked over to

And what did I find in the first Psalm prayer?

Lord, send your mercy and your truth to rescue us from the snares of the devil, and we will praise you among the peoples and proclaim you to the nations, happy to be known as companions of your Son.

We are all vulnerable to different “snares.”  We need to know what they are, so that we can recognize the voice of the destroyer of souls when he presents himself to us.  There are few things he hates more than prayer, so we must be alert and wise as serpents…

Morning Prayer today was a special blessing.  God is so Good!  He rewards the least effort with His everlasting Kindness.

They laid a snare for my steps,
my soul was bowed down.
They dug a pit in my path
but fell in it themselves.

My heart is ready, O God,
my heart is ready.

I will sing, I will sing your praise.
Awake, my soul,
awake, lyre and harp,
I will awake the dawn

(From Psalm 57, LOH, Morning Prayer, August 2)

8 thoughts on “The roaring lion hates prayer…..

  1. This is so true, Patricia. Thank you for sharing your experiences with distraction this morning. The devil can be so subtle sometimes and other times, as you saw today, not so much. When I do catch him in the act of distracting me from prayer, I stop and pray Jesus’ name. That is enough to send Satan back to where he belongs and put me back on my prayer track.

    • Karin, it’s so true…the power and blessing of Jesus’ Name! What a perfect prayer all by Itself! I thank the LORD for the distraction this morning because it was a real wake-up call to how I’ve been falling for this lately, because I’ve been overwhelmed by a lot of things, and feeling pressured to get caught up. The enemy is always observing us, and never fails to take advantage… I’m hoping to be more alert after today!

      I visited the Front Porch and it’s getting pretty crowded over there. Wonderful conversation! I hope to stop by for a raspberry iced tea soon 🙂

  2. Thank you for such a powerful reminder. I needed it tonight, after a long day caring for grandchildren and wanting to relax. I will now go “relax” with Our Lord, Jesus, in prayer.

    • Oh Nancy, I”m glad you are relaxing with Jesus. I think I’ll join you now. It’s late and I need to get off of this computer. I love to imagine His Joy when we really say that we want to just “be” with Him…resting on His Heart. Hope you fall asleep there, Nancy 🙂 And me too! xo

  3. Patricia…this is all so true. I have thought to myself *oh, I am so exhausted from not sleeping* and yet I can check my email and not pray. The psalms are truly a gift from God and I am thankful that I have a rule and discipline to follow. They speak of the inner groanings of the soul.

    I haven’t been blogging much or reading much, but I pray that the wedding went blessedly wonderful and hope to see pictures (unless I missed them…I should check).

    • Theresa, I know what you mean. I can’t bear to think of the days I have let slip away with little prayer, because I was…too tired, head hurt, behind on chores, etc. Will get to prayers when I feel more peaceful! HA! Of course, later on, I’m too sleepy to even stay awake. I can barely look at Jesus those nights, for shame. But, he is so good, and the next time I make an effort, He is always there for me. I agree with you about our rule and discipline in Carmel. It really does help to create structure, and a timetable for prayer. (If only I always kept to it!)

      The wedding was lovely. I’ll put up some pictures soon 🙂 Thanks for asking. Hope you are being blessed by your blog break xo

  4. Patricia, I remember a pastor once telling me the enemy is thrilled if you keep busy doing all kinds of works…as long as it keeps you off your knees. I have found this so true and relate to your experience.. Since becoming an oblate it’s helped to have the rule and the office,but it’s always a challenge in some regard.
    So sorry for those headaches…I keep you in prayer.
    Love and Blessings +

    • Oh, thanks so much for your prayers, Caroline. It’s been a headache week, but I was headache free for the wedding 🙂
      That pastor was so on target. I know prayer is vital, but the way the enemy tries to keep us from it indicates that it must be even more precious to God than we can possibly imagine. I know what you mean about having a rule to help. But yes, it is always a challenge. I truly love my Tuesday adoration days. I just wish I could be as faithful at home! Oh well, we keep trying….

      Love and hugs 🙂

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