Not with silver or with gold….

(From archives of April, 2011)

Jesus, Your Blood!  Why am I thinking so much of Your Blood?  Your Blood, so Precious, poured out for me, even from the deepest recesses of Your Divine Heart.  Blood from Your head, Your hands, Your feet, Your Beautiful Face. Was there no part of You that did not bleed for me?

Divine Blood, all for me…. soaking the wood of the cross, spilling down onto the ground.

Your eyes, gazing far into the future, seeing me and my sins. Your cry, “I thirst,” was a cry for my love. As You hung there covered in Your Blood, You hoped I would notice, would care, when the time came.

You would not drink the vinegar and bitter wine offered to You. You were looking down through the centuries, calling to me, as to the Samaritan woman: “Give Me to drink.”

Love alone can quench Your Thirst, this THIRST of Your Entire Being!

Your Blood, O Jesus! It is my Drink. Unbelievably, You nourish me on Your Own Flesh and Blood.  Divine Food, Transforming Food, given that I might partake more and more of Your Divine Nature.

jesus crucify

O Jesus, Buyer of souls! You Who own the universe, could You pay no Price but that of Your Own Divine Blood?  Measure of YOUR LOVE for us!

A King’s Ransom……..


In my thanksgiving after Holy Communion today, I found myself consumed with how completely I am owned by God.

The Price He paid overwhelmed me, as I recalled the Stations of the Cross, His Holy Face pressed into the dust and rock as the Cross fell heavily upon His scourged Body. More blows from the soldiers as He struggled first to His knees, and then to His feet….for me.

Before me was the Crucifix where I could see the nails, the nakedness, the agony, the forsakenness. Heart racing, lungs burning, muscles cramping, Blood spilling, cold sweat….Tears.

Within me, the Sacred Host. Jesus dwelling in nothingness, wretchedness, yet robing me in the Grace He had purchased with so much suffering.

I am motionless. How does one move when they contain within their dust not the universe, but the One Who made the universe? Not a pure and sacred thing, but Holiness Itself? Not a king, but a God Who is King of all kings?

How do I breathe? Why am I not annihilated by such Glory, such Majesty, such burning Purity?

“You are Mine,” Jesus said. “I paid the price. I paid more than the cost. I gave Everything. I gave All. Now no one or nothing else can ever claim you, for I gave my last drop of Blood….for you.

No one can pay more. But you can refuse my Love. You are free to love me…or not.”

I am lost in the Love I cannot comprehend, in what He chose to give in exchange for me — not an ocean of precious jewels or a mountain of gold or even a thousand universes! But His Own Blood, His Own Life is what He chose to give.

I am confused by the extravagance of my worth.

Where do I go?

What do I do?

How can I love enough?

The Host rests within me.

We are one.

And Jesus says:

“Do not fear.

My Love has made you worth

everything to Me.

And I will live in you,

And I will love in you,

And together we will go,

When the time comes…

Always together,

For you are Mine.”