The “almost” mother-in-law…..

Dear Friends,

I am leaving this afternoon for a few days, as my son is getting married in another town on Saturday.

So, I am sharing with you a few reblogged posts…

I ask your prayers for my son and his bride, for a long and happy marriage and the blessing of children. Also, if you can spare a few prayers for this “almost” mother-in-law, I would be most grateful. 🙂

Wishing everyone a most blessed weekend.


4 thoughts on “The “almost” mother-in-law…..

  1. Hi Patricia, offering up prayers for your son, soon to be wife and you “the almost mother in law”! I’ve no doubt that you’ll be awesome and a treasure to your soon to be daughter in law! May God rain down His graces and blessings for the happy couple and their families!

    • Noreen, how kind of you to offer prayers for my family and me! Thank you! I’m sorry to be so late in responding, but this now “official” mother-in-law has been trying to get caught up on a ton of things I let slip during the weeks before the wedding.

      The wedding was lovely, and I didn’t even cry. I was just too happy for them : ) I’m praying for guidance in my new role…would love a really close relationship with my son’s wife. A happy surprise happened yesterday when they called my husband and me, just to share how much they are enjoying their CA honeymoon, and how kind everyone is being to them because of their “newlywed status.”

      Yes, may God truly bless them. Thank you again, Noreen!

  2. Prayers. (I was an “almost” grandmother once – to the son of my daughter-in-law’s sister. Come to think of it, even though he is now a teenager, he still comes me that!)

    • Elizabeth, welcome! And thank you so much for your prayers. Sounds like you are still an “almost” grandmother….or maybe even an adopted grandmother 🙂 My son is adopted, and as a dear friend told me at the time: Love is the only thing which really makes people belong to one another. I’m sure your “grandson” feels that way about you!


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