Would I have met you today?


(This map represents states which have a combined population of  57 million, the number of babies aborted in the United States since 1973. Will the map someday all be blacked out?)

I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to meet them…the 57 million who were slaughtered before they were even born. No doubt they would have been much like all of us….some brilliant and gifted, bringing wonders to the world:  another Louis Pasteur or Steve Jobs (almost aborted) or Albert Einstein for example.. I’m sure there were Saints among them too…maybe like Blessed Mother Teresa, or perhaps St. Augustine or our beloved St John Paul.

Surely there were priests as well…priests who will never offer the Holy Mass or raise their hands in blessing, priests called by God from all eternity and yet, never ordained.

Probably, most of the 57 million were destined for ordinary lives like me, and maybe you…but called to holiness all the same. Called to become God’s dream of them, invested with talents, and a mission which no one else can ever fulfill.  Called to leave a unique footprint upon the earth which no one else can match.

But we will never know. We will never know if heart disease could now be prevented, or if cancer would have been cured in our lifetime. There are so many beautiful faces we will never see….so many smiles, so much laughter never heard. And, we have lost not only the 57 million, but the countless millions who would have been their descendants…denied to us and the ages to come
What wonders had God planned for us….He Who only desires our good?  Who was He sending that we threw back into His face?  And who are we to play God? Adam and Eve tried that, and we know what happened to them, and to us.

I am haunted by the immense impact of destroying 57 million lives before they could even draw a breath. I am missing friends, neighbors, maybe even family members, for all I know. I would like to have met them, known them, seen their gifts and talents flourish, rejoice as they learned about God and His Love for them, prayed with them, held them….my fellow human beings, my sisters and brothers of our Heavenly Father.

Dear ones whom we remember on this dreadful anniversary,  I am so sorry that you are lost to us….so tearful that this earth is soaked with your blood.   We are so much poorer for your absence, for all the gifts God intended for you to spread in our pathways….for your brightness, your inspiration, your genius which we will never know.

But there is one thing you can still do:



This world needs…a heart of gold


I talked to my son today….my son who has kept every greeting card he ever received, and hauled them from dorms to apartments, and finally to his home.  His young wife smiles over such sentiment.

I chatted warmly with him… my son whose best man at his wedding last summer ended his toast by saying, “…and we all know Chris has a heart of gold.”

Yes, he does, this son of mine who also caused my husband and me many sleepless nights and not a few gray hairs during his teenage years and early adulthood.

My son was magic on the saxophone and a master of math.  But we are most proud of him for working so hard to put his life back together after those years of poor judgment and bad choices.  He has just begun a new curriculum in engineering, while working about 50 hours/week in  a restaurant.

But the most important thing I want to tell you about my son is that his life is a miracle. 

You see, my son is adopted, and he was born a few years after Roe vs Wade said that he wasn’t a child, but a “choice”  His birth mother was a teenager, in the middle of her first year in college.  How easy it would have been for her to make the “choice” —to extinguish that heart of gold, that ear for music, that little baby who filled the hearts and arms and lives of my husband and me with so much love and joy and purpose.

But this young woman chose life.  And it wasn’t easy.  I know her story.  I’ve even met her. She gave up nine months of her plans and dreams so that my son…her son…could live the life God gave him.

And when the time came, and he was born, she almost changed her mind, because giving him up was so hard.  But she wanted a family for him; she wanted stability and support that she was unable to give.  And so she made the ultimate sacrifice.

I can’t imagine how much God loves this woman who chose life for my son.  But I am sure there is a great reward waiting in heaven for her, and all those like her who so unselfishly bore pregnancy and endured childbirth for a child they would entrust to someone else.

When we brought our son home from the adoption agency, I asked if I could write his birth mother a letter to try in some small way to thank her.  (How do you thank someone for giving you their child…to be your child?)  As I placed my letter in the envelope, my husband handed me a sheet of blue paper.  On it, he had written a poem, the first line of which read:  Thank you for caring and letting him live.  And each stanza contained that same refrain.

O Dear God, I thought!  What if she had not let him live?  What if she had taken his life…snuffed it out before anyone even knew?

It could have ended that way….my son’s life.  It ended that way for over 55 million other unborn babies.

Thank you M, for your courage, your sacrifice, you love, your willingness to put your child first.

Because of you, there is a young man poring over his calculus and physics books, with his new bride cheering him on.  And oh, did I mention his stash of greeting cards…no doubt some from you in there.

And his heart of gold?  Surely that came from you too, along with his brown eyes.

M, you are my hero!

Thank you for caring and letting him live!


” …for to such belongs the kingdom of Heaven.”

 In loving memory 

 of the 55 million precious unborn babies who have been slaughtered in the United States since January 22, 1973…precious and innocent, newly infused with the very Breath of God, Who sent them into our world with unique and unrepeatable gifts to use for His Glory and our Good.  And when each life was snuffed out, so were the countless generations who would have followed that child…..

We shall never know these little ones in this life, and we, our country and our world have lost Saints, geniuses, healers, peacemakers, priests, nuns, scientists, mothers, fathers, friends, and yes, people we wouldn’t have liked, but who would have helped us to become holy through their presence.  We have tossed God’s priceless gifts back into His Face and wreaked gruesome horror on His plans for us.

We are all guilty because Roe vs. Wade is still law in this country.  After almost 40 years, this crime is still legal.  How can this be?  Is there any issue more important in our government today than overturning this law which has made killing the most innocent among us a “right?”

God help us.  And God help me, for I have done so little to right this unspeakable horror.

The video below has been played often on EWTN, but if you have never seen it, please take a moment to watch.  It is beautifully done, and based on the Truth of Christ giving His Body for us, in response to the pro-abortion claim, “It’s my body.”   The video is in no way offensive.