The Hidden Face of Love


 O Jesus hidden in the Host,
You cannot hide Your Love!
Though Your Divine Beauty may be veiled,
Your Love will tolerate no limits.
No disguise can contain Its Burning Thirst.
Hide, If You will, Your Glorious Face.
But Your Love, You cannot hide.
I have felt Its Flames dancing in my being,
A Divine Rhapsody.
It calls to me from Your Sacred Presence,
An Irresistible Song.
I am caught up in the Melody that will never end,
Eternity’s Chorus: GOD IS LOVE!

Lord, let Your Face shine upon us and we shall be saved. Psalm 80: 3


O Most Beautiful Face
Of my Savior,
I adore Your Divine Beauty,
Hidden from me now,
Yet known somehow
In the depths of my soul.
I sit before You,
Beneath Your Loving Gaze.
I gaze back,
Only the Sacred Host,
Yet knowing
That it is into the
Eyes of my Beloved Savior that
I see,