Prayer Intentions

Please leave your name or a prayer intention below, and I will bring them to Jesus during my Tuesday Eucharistic Adoration hours (4:00 – 6:00pm)

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    • Isaac, thank you for leaving another prayer request. Please feel free to leave as many as you like. I will pray for all intentions listed on my prayer request page until the end of this year. I felt blest to pray for your family members at adoration yesterday. Would you please say a prayer for my son? He has been away from the Sacraments since college, and he is 32 years old now. He may be getting married
      next year, and I would be so sad if he married outside the Church. Perhaps you can recommend him to Our Lady. Thank you!

  1. May God bless your dad as he begins a new job. Know that all your intentions are being remembered in all my prayers and holy hours.

    So far, you and I seem to be prayer partners!

  2. for the new youth ministry at St. Joe’s Bread of Life Parish. that God may bless their efforts to evangelize and spread his word to the world. (they are also on twitter @stjoesbol)

    God Bless

    • Amen! Dearest Jesus, please place into Your Eucharistic Heart all the intentions listed here on this page, and all others entrusted to me. Most Loving Jesus, hear the cries of Your people and pour out Graces and Mercy upon us all. Teach us to love You, and to give You thanks and praise for Your amazing Goodness. Please grant all these petitions through the Immaculate Heart of Mary and in Your Most Holy Name, Jesus.

  3. Bonjour,
    Je vous remercie de prier le Seigneur pour bénir ma famille et me donner du travail.

    Thank you to pray the Lord to bless my family and give me work.

    • Bonjour Niry,

      I will certainly pray for your family, and especially that Our Lord will give you work. My husband has been out of work sometimes over the years, and God has always taken care of us. I know He will provide for you and your family too. God bless you.


      • Bonjour à tous;
        Merci à vous ,Merci Seigneur pour ces gens que Tu places sur notre chemin.Amen!

        Hello everyone;
        Thank you, Thank you Lord for these people that you place on our chemin.Amen!

        • Bonjour Niry,

          Welcome back. I have been praying for you and your family. I’m sure others who read your prayer request are praying for you too. God is so good to bring us together from all parts of the world.
          Will you pray for my son? His name is Christopher. I would be very grateful. God bless you always. You are welcome to leave all the prayer requests you like. I am so happy to pray for you.


    • Oh, I am so sorry. I can relate. I lost my dear parents three years ago. Your mom and dad are certainly in my prayers. I will especially remember them at my Tuesday holy hours. I am so sorry that both of your parents are ill at the same time. May God comfort you, and give strength to them. Thank you for leaving a prayer request. It helps me to be faithful to prayer, when I remember that I have promised to pray for others. God bless you!

  4. Bonjour à tous ,bonjour Patricia!
    Merci pour vos prières,que Dieu vous bénisse tous, je prie pour Christopher pour que la volonté de Dieu s’accomplisse pour lui, pour que son âme brûle de plus en plus d’amour pour son Créateur et aussi pour sa famille.
    Que Dieu vous bénisse!

    Hello, Hello Patricia!
    Thank you for your prayers, God bless you all, I pray for Christopher to the will of God be done for him, that his soul is burning more and more love for his Creator and also for his family.
    God bless you!

    • Bonjour my friend!

      I am most grateful for your prayers for my son. He needs them very much, as he doesn’t go to church anymore. But I trust God will answer our prayers in His time.

      I hope you are doing well, and that you will soon find work. God bless you and your family!

      Would you mind telling me which country you are from? It would be so nice to know. Thank you, Niry!

    • Hi angelemc. I am praying for your intentions just as you asked, and will continue to pray for them until the end of the year. Then I will clear the prayer intentions page and start feel free to come back then and list them for next year.

      Thank you so much for your prayers for my son! I am so very grateful.
      I’m so glad you stopped by, and hope that you will come again. May God bless you always!
      In Christ,

  5. please pray for my son joseph chrissan to get well soon and to my daughter michelle to be pregnant as she wishes. to jason to be a good boy now to leave his friends and have more faith to God and Bless our family ….

    • Welcome friend. I will certainly pray for all of your intentions. I suffered with infertility myself, so I know how your daughter feels. May God soon send her the baby she longs for. Your sons too will be in my prayers. If you read this, please pray for my son to return to God and the Church. Thank you.

      I’m so glad you stopped by and left your intentions. God bless you always.

  6. Please pray our oldest daughter, who is so very loving, will return to her faith and use her gifts for God and His kingdom. Thank you and bless you in your ministry.

    • I will gladly pray for your intentions concerning your daughter. I know how you feel. My son has been away from the Faith for many years, and it breaks my heart. Let’s join our hearts together in prayer for our children. I’m praying with other friends for this same intention. It is so prevalent today.

      May God bless you, my friend, and may your prayers soon be answered. I will remember your daughter in all my prayers during the coming year.


  7. First off all pray for the people in this whole world who all are suffering from dangerous diseases.May Lords of King forgive their sins,Pray for my dad who is suffering from paralysis disease,Pray for my family to, Praise the Lord-Amen

    • Joseph, all of your intentions will be remembered in my prayers…especially your dad’s health, and your family. Yes, let us pray together for
      the salvation of the world…that Jesus may be Lord and King of all. Forever be He praised!

    • May God bless you with that peace. Please be assured of my continuing prayers for your intentions…especially at Eucharistic adoration.
      You will be remembered for the rest of this year in all my prayers. May you feel the comfort of Our Lord Jesus in the situation you are dealing with.

      Many blessings,

  8. First of all, in thanksgiving that I found this blog; you and I have a lot of similarities and I am grateful to have found a spiritual sister to whom I can relate so well! (And I have only read a handful of entries!)

    Secondly, I ask for prayers for strength and patience as my husband and I struggle with infertility. As I type this, a close friend of mine is in labor and knowing that she will have a bundle of joy to treasure while my arms remain empty is a cross that is becoming increasingly too heavy for me to bear alone. I, too, am distracted at Mass with others’ children and know the cry of Rachel all too well. My tears could fill the Grand Canyon and flood the surrounding area! My husband is as supportive as he can be, but he does not understand the unfathomable depth of the need in a woman’s heart to be a bearer of life. Please pray for us!

    And if you would, a special prayer on this Tuesday, our second wedding anniversary. I thought that was too ironic, that you attend adoration on Tuesdays! What a God-cidence!

    • Nicole, welcome! Thank you so much for your beautiful and heartfelt comment. You know it went straight to my own heart, which has such a special love and tenderness for those battling infertility. I will absolutely pray for you…especially this Tuesday, since it is your second wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary! I will dedicate my 4-5pm holy hour for your intentions. And, I will certainly be thinking of you, and recommending you to Our Eucharistic Jesus, from Whom I ask to claim special favors for my “sisters” battling infertility, since I have carried this crushingly heavy cross throughout my marriage.

      My husband is an usher at Sunday Mass, so we sit in the back..with all the babies. I love seeing big families coming to Church again. I still cry sometimes, but I am overwhelmingly filled with joy at the sight of all these children. I am in a different place than you are…having had the dream of giving life ended by surgery many years ago.

      Please feel free to email me anytime at I would welcome a chance to listen and to offer any encouragement…or at least genuine empathy, that I can. I have been there. I know the pain. I have been known to call it a “martyrdom” of sorts, for it is a type of death to be unable to give life.

      Have you investigated available resources? I list some at the end of the comments on my main post on this subject, which I think you have read. Also, are you familiar with Dr. Thomas Hilgers…wonderful Catholic OB/GYN who specializes in treating infertility though naprotechnology? He has a tremendous success rate.

      You might want to check out the truly beautiful support group at yahoo health groups. It’s called catholic fertility. I think I posted a link at the above mentioned post.
      Most of the ladies are exactly where you seem to be; they understand; they are faithful to Church teaching; they pray for each other. Just wonderful!

      I am so grateful that you trusted me with your pain and sorrow through your comment. Be assured of my prayers. I will be thinking of you this Tuesday. May God bless you and your husband with a beautiful anniversary, and soon….a child of your love.

      Blessings and prayers,

      PS It is so natural that you feel the weight of your cross even more with the approaching birth of your friend’s baby. Allow yourself to feel the pain, but pray to share also in her joy. Jesus will reward you with peace, if you thank and bless Him for giving to another what you yourself so desire. It is such an act of Trust and Love toward Him, and even heroic charity, goodness and generosity toward your friend.

  9. Dear sweet and holy friend, will you uphold me in prayer, please?
    I have been quite ill lately and have to have some lung tests next week.
    Sorry to be so slack in getting around the blogworld recently!
    I value your love and prayers deeply!
    your aussie sister..Trish xoxox

    • Trish, I am so sorry to hear that you have been ill. I have missed seeing you commenting on the blogs, but hoped you were just busy or on vacation. I will absolutely pray for you, and am posting your comment hoping your other friends will see it and pray for you too.

      Please let me know how you are doing. May Our Dear Lord soon restore you to health. You are such a beautiful person, and your recent posts on Simple Grace are amazing.
      Many hugs to you my dear friend…and a nice warm cup of tea 🙂 Feel better soon!

      Much love and many prayers,
      Patricia xoxoxo

  10. For my nephew Andres, that he be releived from his sufferings and be open to Jesus’s love toward him.
    For my sister Adriana, that all her hurt can be healed so that she can be free to love and forgive her son Andres.

    I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

    • Dear Friend in Christ,

      Please know that your intentions for your loved ones will be remembered in all of my prayers until the end of this year. After that, you may post them again for next year, if you wish. May Our Blessed Lord Jesus comfort you and bring healing to your family. He loves you so much. It is my joy to pray for you.

  11. The Lord eliminate the worries in my life, give me joy and keep expecting in You, help me get a better job hopefully I can finish the college .God I hope this year I can meet my soulmate and married with him next year.

    • Shinoj, please know that I will pray for you, and will especially remember you during Eucharistic adoration, which I have on Tuesdays. May God bless you, and help you as you change jobs and build your new home. Thank you for leaving a prayer request. God bless you!

  12. I am requesting prayer to find a job that is God’s will for me. I am fighting depression over this and other issues. Thank you

  13. PRAYER REQUEST– PLEASE HEAL MY BODY OF A HERNIA, CONSTANT GAS PRODUCTION EVER SINCE PILLS 6 YEARS AGO AND EXCESSIVE INTESTINAL GAS AND FLATUENCE, HEAL THE CAUSE OF GAS AND PLEASE ask him to give me a miracle healing for the root cause of gas, and flatuence that is ruining my life, pray he restores my whole body to health and heals my mental illness, and brain and gives me a great life with tons of blessings , prosperity, long life, enjoyment, activities, healing of lonliness, and depression

    • Oh Michelle, I am so sorry to hear that you have been suffering so much. Yes, of course I will pray for you and all of your intentions. Have you tried reading any books or articles on the Internet about digestive problems? There are lots of natural remedies out there which can be very beneficial for some people…like digestive enzymes, probiotics, changing your diet. Sometimes too much fiber can cause a lot of intestinal gas, or not digesting your foods well enough. I just know there is help for you. If you have a good local health food store, someone there may be able to assist you. Don’t give up! Meanwhile, I’ll be praying for you. God bless you, and may He help you to find the best solution for your problems.

    • Hi Therese…love your name! I have actually had a post on Hannah’s Tears. Theresa asked to copy it from this blog. It’s titled She who was called barren is in her sixth month. Obviously, I have shed tears along with Hannah…and all of you. It’s a beautiful and much needed ministry. I read many of the posts at Hannah’s Tears, and discovered Sue Elvis’ beautiful writing there. Her grief posts just grab my heart. I will have to visit backinhisarmsagain. Thank you for visiting and commenting…and for your wonderful ministries. God bless you always!

  14. PLEASE PRAY GOD RESTORES MY health in my physical body healing my hernia, body producing gas/flatuence AND ITCHY FACE/SKIN. since pills for 8 years. pray he makes me gas /hernia free. and repairs my digestive system of damage and heals my gallbladder. name michelle marie triska. pray god heals my loose stools also

  15. For my family; my aging solo mother Tupe, my younger sister Tala-Maria suffering from mental illness and her daughter Hope growing up too fast. For the soul of my friend Malia who took her own life in February and her family left to pick up the pieces. May God’s great mercy, love and guidance lead us all to everlasting peace in this life and the next. Thank you and God bless.

  16. Dear Patricia ,
    please pray for my marriage, if God wills, that my husband and I can live our marriage vows with grace and unity , and thereby be a living witness to Christ.
    God bless.

    • Patricia, you are in my prayers. God blessed my marriage with a miracle years ago….after some very difficult times. He loves to heal marriages. I ‘ll be praying with you. May Jesus be your strength…He loves you so much.

  17. I would love your help in a prayer intention I have been praying for for a year. I am wearing the green scapular for someone’s conversion. I also have a special intention for my marriage and another one for a financial situation. Thank you so much!

    • Marie, please know that your intentions will be remembered in all my prayers, and most especially at my Tuesday holy hours. I am praying for conversions as well. Let’s pray together. May God assist you in all of your needs. He is so good that we can be sure if we pray, He will do what is best. I am so happy you visited, and left your prayer intentions. God bless you,Marie.

  18. I would love your prayer intention for my son who is in remission from Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma. He is 23 years old and has his scans tomorrow to see if it has returned or not. He finished his last chemo treatment in April and will be having these scans every 3 mos for the next year and a half. Please pray for his continued health. Our Lord is so amazing and has carried us through this nothing short of miraculous healing and difficult time. His name is Casey and he would have graduated from Franciscan University in May but had to withdraw his last semester. He is back at college to finish up now. Your prayer intentions are beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will pray for you…. God Bless you, Patricia.

    • Cynthia, of course I will pray for Casey. I’ll definitely be keepiing him in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I pray he is still in remission. I too am a cancer survivor. I had endometrial cancer when I was 27, so I understand how difficult those follow-up scans can be. I always feel very close to other people who have battled cancer. Please know that Casey will always be in my prayers. I never delete anyone from the list 🙂 No need to do that, as God is so generous. How wonderful that Casey is at Francican University. I hear only good things… Imagine having Scott Hahn as one of your professors…sigh. Cynthia, thank you so very much for your prayers as well. Please pray for my son Christopher, who was a bit of a rebel when he was supposed to be in college. Now, he’s married and going back to school part-time. He has a full-time job and some other challenges to deal with. Your prayers would be much appreciated. Where two or three or gathered…I’m glad we have joined in prayer for our sons. God love you! xo

      • Thank you so much for your prayers dear friend. My heart is so heavy to learn of your cancer at 27 years old and your cross you bear as a result. I cannot imagine. I cried reading your story. We will know someday why these heart breaking mysteries. It is difficult to carry our crosses and when I feel I can no longer carry it the Lord is there lifting it with me. He does bring good out of our suffering if we allow it. Your writing is an amazing testimony to this, to the depth and beauty of your soul and the courage of your spirit; you did not turn bitter but kept loving our Lord and expressing your love so eloquently to others. I am so grateful to get to know you and your generous and compassionate heart. This place for prayer intentions is so beautiful, thank you again. I will begin to pray for Christopher tonight and will keep him in my prayers. I am glad to know he is back in school. I can so relate to rebels as I was a rebel’s rebel in my youth many many years ago. I continue to pray for you and thank you for sharing your pain and loss and incredible witness…God Bless you! (Franciscan is an amazing place filled with the Holy Spirit….so thankful)

        • Cynthia, I prayed much for Casey. The Lord kept him on my heart last night and today. I hope and pray that his test results will be perfect! I will continue praying for him, and put his name on various prayer lists. There is one with the “live” rosary which I like to pray at Nancy’s chapel blog. I have this theory 🙂 that when we have suffered particular crosses, Our Lord especially entrusts others with similar crosses to our prayers. He may even listen a little more closely, since we truly pray from our hearts…having been there. God bless your son!

          Thank you for reading my story, and for your beautiful compassion. As you said, suffering is such a mystery. It can be so painful, yet, there is the sweetness of drawing closer to Jesus, if we permit Him. You mentioned how the Lord lifts the cross with you, when it gets too heavy. I love the scenes in The Passion of the Christ when Simon helps Jesus and they carry the Cross together. Jesus looks over at him several times, with such gratitude..even joy. It makes me thhink that He wants us to look at Him like that…so close, so close, our very hearts entwined with His as we walk our Calvary.

          Cynthia, what joy if my son would ever become the kind of former “rebel’s rebel” that you are! 🙂 I have great hope for him. I think “rebels” often make the greatest Saints. Thank you so much for your prayers for Christopher…maybe God will listen a little more closely 😉

    • Joanne,I am so behind in responding because of such a difficult month. I know you understand. Please be assured of my prayers for your intentions. May God heal that friendship and bring joy and peace, according to His Holy Will. Meanwhile, I’m glad you are my friend. 😉 Blessings always……

  19. Prayer Requests:

    Those in my prayer lists: Protections, resources, happiness, safety, quench storms, remove thorns, bless in our daily lives, families, relationships, resources, works, foods, water, shelters. Grant us final perseverance.
    Health: of Mind, Body, resources, careers, finances, families, relationships, future, shelter, foods, water, air, emotions, heart, soul, studies, careers, businesses.

    Those in most need of Gods Mercy:
    Yahweh our God. We commit this world and everything into your hands forever. With all souls, sinners, our families, bloodline, hopes, works, relationships and future. Have mercy on us always through the blood, wounds, face , heart & works of Jesus our Lord. Bless our ways, Grant us protection ,safety and final perseverance always. Unite all prayers with those of the Rosary Confraternity of the Dominican & Our Lady of Fatima always. In Jesus Name. Amen.

  20. Joseph, I prayed your beautiful prayer above with you. Thank you for asking for so much from Our Lord’s loving desire to give to us all that we need. Your intentions are included in all of my prayers, and especially at Adoration. May the Divine Mercy of Jesus be poured out upon the whole world!
    Blessings always……Patricia

  21. I’m praying for Gods healing grace for a friend in the hospital, his name is Jim Hool. I’m also praying for conversion of my husband Saeed, my child Michelle and my child Neisha.

    • Sherry, please know that I am praying with you, and will include your intentions in my Tuesday holy hours of Adoration. My God soon grant your petitions, and if the waiting must be prolonged, may He fill you with His Peace. God bless you!

  22. Bonjour and hello for your lovely website!

    Please pray for my aged father who had Parkinson’s and my mother who is his primary caregiver. For my sister that she invites them to stay in her good sized home as she has always said, if and when they can no longer maintain their own residence rather than shuffling them off to assisted living, as she is now trying to have them tour such places.

    For myself, for much needed gainful employment.

    God bless you and all your family.
    Thank you so much for your prayers and this lovely website.

    • Bonjour Eve!

      Thank you for stopping by to say hello. Yes, of course I will pray for all of your intentions, especially tomorrow at Eucharistic Adoration. But, I will continue to remember you and your family in prayer for a long time to come.

      God bless your dear parents. I know how that feels, as my parents were in similar circumstances. We did not want to put them in assisted living either. Thanks be to God, we were able to employ fulltime caregivers to stay in their home and take care of them and do household chores, etc. My sister and I took them to all their doctor appointments, bought the groceries and other items they needed, took care of their medication, etc. It was a very blessed time in our lives….to care for them in so many ways.

      Your intention is so close to my heart. I will certainly pray for them. Please let me know how things work out.

      I will also pray that you find a wonderful job. God will surely bless your concern for your parents.

      May He grant your needs and fill your heart with peace and joy!

      Hugs and prayers to you, dear Eve.

      In Christ,

  23. I am requesting prayers for the soul of my beautiful husband Bruce who died on Christmas Day and for my broken heart, which has been inconsolable since then. I’m also in need of prayers of blessings and deliverance in my life, which has been filled with misfortune.

    • Audra, I am so sorry. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling upon the recent loss of your dear husband. Please be assured of my prayers for all of your intentions. I hope you will stop by again and let me know how you are doing. I am so sorry for your loss. May you find comfort in the arms of Jesus Who is so filled with compassion for you.
      God bless you Audra.


      • Audra, I just wanted to say that I am still praying for you, and remembered you on my recent retreat. I am so sorry for your loss. There is a book for widows written by Ronda Chervin called, Walk with me Jesus. Perhaps you might like to read it sometime. May you be at peace in your grieving. God bless you.

        • Thank you so much Patricia, for thinking of and praying for me. This is indeed a difficult journey for me. When I was young, I also lost a boyfriend to murder so this is happening all over again- but worse because this was my husband. I can’t believe that it’s happened again… I am feeling very unloved. I will try to read the book you recommended when I’m a little less sad.

          • Audra, you come to mind so often. I know it takes a long time to grieve before healing begins. I had no idea that your husband’s death was a violent one. I assumed it was from natural causes. How much harder this must be for you…epescially having endured it before with your boyfriend. I am so very sorry. My heart goes out to you. I know we can sometimes feel unloved by others, but it’s so comforting to know that God’s love for us never diminishes and is unconditional. He is so very close to the broken-hearted, and in Scripture speaks of His special care for widows and orphans. Seek refuge in His Sacred Heart. I always find such peace when I just sit before Him in the Blessed Sacrament. Please feel free to request more prayers. I’m sure others on this page will pray for you too. I am praying for the respose of your husband’s soul. I know, from experience, that when we are suffering greatly, it is sometimes hard to pray, and so the prayers of others can help to sustain us. May the Love of Jesus for you and your family be your comfort during this difficult time. Sending you a big hug, dear Audra. God bless you! xoxo

  24. Please pray for my soul,that I can go to confession and feel alive again,I also need prayers for my little grandaughter who is six weeks old,that the parents will let us see her more my heart is breaking

    • Praying for you, dear Joanne. I’m so sorry about your granddaughter’s parents limiting visits. Have they given a reason? Hopefully they will soon realize that the more family around to love their little one, the better for her. I feel so bad for you. I know I would be heartbroken as well. Let’s keep praying. ❤

    • Joanne, I’m so sorry to be behind in responding. I spent last week getting ready to leave for several days on retreat. I did remember to pray for you there, as always.

      I know you can go to confession. I’m going this Saturday. Why don’t we go together? Let’s pray for each other to make good confessions. Ask Our Lady to hold your hand. Just think how much better you will feel after receiving absolution. It’s also First Saturday, another good reason to do this in honor of Our Lady. Dear Joanne, your peace will return with the graces of the Sacrament. I know it can be hard sometimes. Remember, you don’t have to give details. Just be simple about it. You’ll do fine. I’m keeping you in my rosary all week for that courage I know you have to surface and the love you bear Our Lord to carry you the rest of the way, where He is waiting to forgive you everything. He loves you so much.
      Love and prayers and a big hug, Patricia xoxo

    • I will pray for you also! Just remember “alter Christus” “other Christ” it is really the all-loving, all-forgiving, all-understanding, Lord Jesus who is hearing your Confession. He already knows everything you’re going to say and waits with open arms. (Luke chapter 15)

  25. Dear friends, I have a prayer request too. I am having sinus surgery in a few weeks. I am hoping that it will provide some relief from the daily, often disabling headaches I have suffered for many years. The CT scan showed a lot of problems with my right sinuses, so there is hope for improvement when the corrections are made. I would be a new person with relief from these constant headaches! Please pray that Our Lord will provide healing, if it is His Will, and that the surgery and recovery go smoothly. Thank you so much! Love, Patricia

    • Prayers going out for you and the success of your surgery. I keep you in my prayers dear, beautiful friend in Christ. You are such a blessing to all in need of prayer. What a loving and gracious offering here on your site. I will never forget your kind support and prayers during a very dark time in my life when my son was gravely ill. The power of prayer and love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and depths of my soul. May God Bless you and keep you in his healing grace….

      • Oh my goodness, Cynthia, I need to check comments more often. I am so late in thanking you for your dear prayers. I am very grateful, because as the date approches, I become more apprehensive. At least
        it will be Lent and a good penance 🙂 I still think of your son, and hope he is doung well. It’s such a joy to pray for one another, and very pleasing to Our Lord, iit seems. Your son is still in my prayers as I never delete any intentions posted. I love you, Cynthia! You are always like a big smile and hug waiting in my comment box 😊❤️

      • Thank you for your prayers! How is your deacon doing? I am hoping it will help prevent at least some of the severe headaches I get so often,,,,and others which occur daily. God bless you!

        • He’s doing well. Had a bad sinus infection that wouldn’t go away, and the surgery cleaned that up. I hope your surgery is just as successful! St. Teresa of Avila is patron of headaches.

          • Oh, wonderful news! I hope i will do well also…have infection, plus structural stuff to be fixed. My surgery will be on March 3, so please remember me then. You sound like a real prayer warrior….so grateful for that 🙂 Yes, I know St. Teresa of Avila is the headache parton, and I’m a secular Carmelite. Maybe this is her answer. (I was hoping she would just obtain a miracle or something really easy…lol) St. Gemma Galgani is also a patron for migraine sufferers. I had the privilege of visiting her shrine in Lucca, Italy recently and brought back a couple of third class relics. Maybe she and St. Teresa have joined forces on my case…as I really need lots of help after decades of these headaches. Counting on your prayers, amoiesu! Have a great weekend!!! ❤

          • A great Valentine weekend to you too, Patricia! Pretty neat that you’re a Carmelite! Awesome Order! I come from an amazing Cathedral parish and actually am part of a really cool prayer force known as the Little Flowers of St. Therese (See my post: HOW BEING A LITTLE FLOWER HAS CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER). I will forward them your prayer request. God bless!

          • I just read about your Little Flowers and Adoration. I think St. Therese brought us together 🙂 I would LOVE If these precious ladies prayed for my surgery. Thank you so very much! I love all that God has done in your life, and I think He is just getting started 🙂 Your parish does sound awesome. I know that Phoenix has a great bishop. Are you near the nuns who came from Mother Angelica’s original foundation in Alabama? Beautiful vocation…to adore Jesus! No wonder those nuns are so radiant! So grateful for your prayers for me, and also for those on my prayer page. Stay in touch, dear amoiesu. (Do you share your first name?) Blessings, Patricia

          • I think so too! 🙂 Yes, Bishop Olmsted is the best and our rector also. Yes the Poor Clares I mentioned are from Mother Angelica’s monastery. Their blog and website is I will indeed stay in touch. “Holy Spirit Friends” (as I refer to the dear people I meet rather supernaturally like this) are a very precious treasure! My name is on my blog, though not in plain sight: Grace Noelle Jezek.

    • Hi Kathy, I will certainly pray for your daughter-in-law. I suffer from chronic migraines as well. They are often incapacitating, so I definitely empathize with your daughter-in-law. I am having sinus surgery on March 3 to see if that will help. I had a CT scan of my sinuses which showed some structural problems. I will pray that your daughter-in-law can get to the bottom of what is causing her headaches. There are natural remedies which have helped many people. You might check out Migrelief….my neurologist is familiar with this product. I will especially remember your daughter-in-law during recovery from my surgery. St. Gemma Galgani and St. Teresa of Avila are the patrons of migraine sufferers. May your daughter-in-law soon find some answers and some relief. My heart goes out to her. God bless you.

  26. A woman named Emily plans to have an abortion at 9am PST, tomorrow the 18th. Her boyfriend Bobby doesn’t want her to do this. Please pray that she’ll choose life and that Christine at the crisis pregnancy center will be given the words she needs to say.

    • Oh no! When is she going to the crisis pregnancy center? I wish she could read the blogs of women who are suffering the terrible trauma of making such a tragic decision years ago. They suffer all of their lives. Poor little baby, so safe and warm inside mommy today, not knowing what she is about to do. God help him/her! I will certainly pray, dear Grace, and will ask others to pray. Please let me know what happens. May Our Lady protect this precious little life, and save this young woman from a lifetime of heartache.

    • OH Grace, I just noticed the time, and I saw this too late. I pray she did not go through with it, and I am going to say a rosary now, because I know God isn’t bound by time.

      • THANK YOU! Our priest is so wonderful. He had us all pray a Rosary together for her after our Teaching Tuesday class. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

  27. Asking For prayers for my pain in my lower back have been in terrible pain in the last month seeing dr again on tuesday😪

    • Joanne, I have been praying for you a great deal over the past few days. In fact, whenever I wake up in the middle of the night with some pain of my own, I think of you, and offer up my pain that you may find some relief. I suffer from chronic migraines, and so my heart is with anyone who must endure a great deal of pain. It is so exhausting and really ‘hijacks” your life. I will continue to pray with you that the doctors will be able to find a solution and help you to be much better, if not completely pain free. It’s so lovely how you meditate on Our Lord’s Passion when you are suffering. How pleased He must be, and what a comfort you surely are to Him. Have a most blessed Holy Week! Let me know how you are doing. xoxoxo

      • Thank you Patricia,just taking one day at a time and know that God is looking after me and I just have to put all my trust in him the course without him I don’t think I could get through all this pain.

        Today we went down to see your little granddaughter Evie,she feel my heart with such joy and so what a beautiful little possum she is she’s got the sweetest little nature and the most beautiful smile it did me good to see her as it took my mind off this horrible pain.

        Next week been Easter will be a time in prayer and meditation, I pray that the Lord will help mewith this pain as he goes on his journey I also will be walking with him on his journey.

        I pray you have a blessed Easter Patricia, and I’ll be in touch

        Thank you for your prayers and support God bless you this Easter,


  28. I long to see God…I know people have who have claimed to have seen Him. Am I wrong to want this SO? I also want assurance that with HIM is where I will reside for eternity. I am not peaceful and I long long for peace. I prayed sinners prayer , got baptized. Am I not doing this right? Please do pray for me. My health is poor but I’m more concerned for my soul. I want God so badly that nothing else matters.

    • Hello Candida. I’m so happy that you left your lovely comment. The last sentence you wrote was: “I want God so badly that nothing else matters.” What a beautiful thing to say, and how pleasing to God Who wants YOU even more than you could ever dream or long for.

      Those of us who love Him surely long to “see” God. But, although a few people may have had the blessing of seeing Jesus, in His Sacred Humanity, here on earth, we cannot truly see God until we are with Him in Heaven.

      To see His Glory and His Beauty, Love and Goodness all dwelling in the Most Holy Trinity is beyond what our mortal bodies could bear. We would simply die of love if we saw God as He is while we were still alive. That vision, known as the Beatific Vision, is the greatest joy of Heaven and is reserved for those who will one day enter there.

      It is NOT wrong to desire to see God. In fact, it is very RIGHT and pleasing to God. He desires our love so much, and when we long for Him, He is delighted and draws even closer to us.

      I suspect you are not feeling peaceful because you are not sure that you have done what you need to spend eternity with God.

      You have been baptized, and that makes you a child of God and an heir to Heaven. Hopefully, you were baptized in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spririt. Jesus gave us this formula in the gospels, and it is the valid one. We can never simply earn Heaven. Jesus did that for us on the Cross. But, we must read the gospels and do as much good as we are able. Very important is to love others, and to forgive anyone who offends us. Of course, if we love God, we will pray to Him often and read the bible, especially the New Testament. Each night, think of what sins you may have committed, and ask God pardon for them. Thank Him for His Grace and ask Him for Peace. If you are Catholic, you can go to confession regularly and receive the beautiful absolution given by the priest who is representing Jesus (John 20).

      If your health is poor, you can offer up your sufferings in union with the sufferings of Jesus, and He will accept your pain as a prayer. You can help others in this way.

      If you cannot get out to do much because of your poor health, you can pray for others, and this is a great way of loving your neighbor as Jesus taught us.

      It sounds to me that you love and desire God very much. I believe He is quite pleased with you. Keep asking Him for His Peace, and trust in His Mercy. He is so Merciful, and He wants us to be with Him in Heaven infinitely more than we desire it ourselves.

      I would like to recommend two books which you may find comfort in reading. One is He and I by Gabrielle Bossis, someone who had conversations with Jesus while she lived on earth in the 20th century. The other is Divine Mercy in My Soul, the Diary of St. Faustina, who also lived in the 20th century, and who received many revelations from Jesus about His Mercy.

      I wish you much joy this Easter. Give thanks and praise to our Beloved Savior Jesus Christ for all He has done for us. Praise will lift your spirit. Give thanks to Him for He is so good.

      Candida, He loves you as though you were the only person on earth, and He would have died for you alone. Do not be afraid, but trust in your Savior.

      Please feel free to write me anytime, and yes, I will pray for you to find peace, and one day, you will see God face to face. This life passes so quickly and soon we will meet our Beloved God in eternity, in unendng love. God bless you, dear daughter of God. ❤

      • “sinners prayer” is a Protestant term referring to a prayer they say to “accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior”. They believe this is all you have to do to be saved.

    • Dear Candida,
      I used to be a Protestant like you. Like you I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. Then I found the Catholic Church. Here I get to see my Lord and God Jesus Christ, truly and substantially present in the Blessed Sacrament. Here I not only have the hope of dwelling in Heaven one day, but also of becoming a great Saint for God. Here I am filled with more peace and joy than I ever dreamed possible, even in hardship. Here I have a relationship with Jesus so personal and tender, that I honestly can’t think of anything as more beautiful than the Christian life. I encourage you to look into the Catholic Church also, and if you feel the Holy Spirit calling you here, to get in touch your local RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults). You have my prayers!
      Helpful links:
      You can e-mail me at if you have any questions or want recommendations for books on the Church or something like that.

      • Convert, thank you so much for your beautiful response to Candida, and for the wonderful links as well. I hope she sees it and follows up. God bless you!


  29. For my future fiance and I…that we would have a blessed marriage, and that we will both find work that we can take joy in. Thank you so much for your blog! It’s been a source of comfort and consolation for me 🙂

    • Hi Christina. Congratulations on your “almost’ fiance. I will add your intentions into my holy hours and rosaries. Yes, a blessed marriage is such a gift. May God grant you this great grace, and also the work you seek. Thank you for the kind words about my blog. I haven’t had much time to write lately, but I’m so happy you have found some words of encouragement here. Prayers and blessings, Patricia

    • Hi Joanne. I am so sorry you are still having problems with those things. Our spiritual lives can be quite challenging at times….especially with the aridity etc. I hope you are better with your physical pain….and I know little Evie must be a great comfort to you! God bless you….sorry I’ve been out of touch. Have been out of town a good bit, sick along the way, babysitting my little granddaughter, etc. But, I’m always around to check on prayer requests. xoxoxo Feel better soon!

  30. Please prayer for my daughter Kathryn who has been suffering serious migraines. She is pregnant and not able to take any meds. I recently gave her a St. Gemma medal which she wears. We have also been praying to St. Gemma for her intercession.
    Thanks and God bless you.

    • Bill, my heart goes out to kathryn, as I too suffer from terrible migraines many times each month. She might check with her doctor about taking extra magnesium, which helps many people. Has she tried a gluten free diet? Head and neck massage help me, and I also use creams and oils scented with pepperment topically. Amazon has a gadget calked ting ting which is harmless, and helps some headache sufferers. An ice pack is a great help to me. Again, I am so sorry, and pray that her headaches will improve as her pregnancy progresses. Please know that she is in my prayers. St Teresa of Avila is also a patron for headache sufferers. God bless you and your daughter.

  31. Asking for prayers for my Daughter who is living with us at present, for her to find work, in sydney and for her to be settled down, for my self, for openness to God to hear his voice and to be content spiritually(if that is possible)

  32. Hi! Peace be with You.. Please, help me to come to Jesus, again.. to be worthy with GOD, to be able to pray constantly/ daily as I am doing before because nowadays I’m so busy and get tired during night time so I always fall asleep while I’m doing my prayers… I feel sorry for myself because it’s my first time to do that to GOD.. I do feel guilty about it.. Please help me to be more efficient and be strong in faith..Thank You for your loving heart to pray for me.. God bless you for always.

    • Hi Jasmine, peace be with you also. We all go through periods of time when life gets extra busy, or schedules change or we move, change jobs, etc. Our prayer life can be affected by such things, as well as normal periods of spiritual dryness which God allows.
      It is a very good sign that you are concerned about your prayer life and worry about neglecting God. He is very pleased that you want to pray more.
      Keep your heart fixed on Him, even when you are busy. Stop for a moment to “look” at Him and tell Him you love Him. Include Him in everything you do throughout the day, and you will be praying always. Of course we still need our formal prayer times, so keep working on trying to find a good prayer schedule.

      A holy priest once told me something comforting. I was going through a difficult time with my prayer life because of extra demands on my time. Father reminded me that God doesn’t look at us from day to day, so to speak. Rather He sees our entire life in one glance. He sees all the times we are faithful and devoted to prayer along with the times we struggle. So, when you have a ‘bad” day now and then, remember that God is also seeing all of the times you were faithful.

      He loves you so much. Your desire to please Him is His great joy. Keep trying, but know that God is a most tender and loving Father. I feel quite sure that God is smiling at you for caring enough to share your concerns about pleasing Him. I will pray for you, Jasmine. Please pray for me too. ❤️

  33. I don’t want to see my sister and brother in law that I pray coronavirus ends soon that I pray to get job in Vancouver bc California do take care alright bye

  34. I have a bad time with my family they don’t allow me to go outside pray in August coronavirus ends soon take care alright bye

  35. I pray for my father to be in good health I pray he should not go to any hospital I pray all his appointments should be cancelled do take care alright bye

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