Jesus thirsts for you….


There is no one who thirsts for love more than Jesus.

There is no one who is more rejected than Jesus.

There is no one who is more hated than Jesus.

He told us so from the Cross: “I thirst.” And it was not for water that He burned with thirst, but for the love of those He was dying for….you and me

But, how loved is Jesus? Out of seven billion people in the world, how many of us utter His Name with love, reverence or affection on a typical day?

Recalling the crowds which followed Him while He was on earth, we know that only a handful were there at the Cross. The rest seemingly abandoned Him, including most of His apostles. Can we imagine that His followers are more faithful today?

But when the Son of Man comes again, will He find any faith on earth?  Luke 18:8 (NJB)

What can we do for Jesus this week? We can be with Him. We can be His companions on the road to Calvary and at the foot of the Cross. We can pause to tell Him that we love Him throughout the day. Let us not forget Him, especially this week…this holiest of weeks.

St Therese wrote: “Since the age of three, I have never gone more than three minutes without thinking of God.”

Can you imagine if we all strived for such a precious goal in life…to immerse ourselves in God minute by minute? We have only to look at Him, to smile at Him; words are unnecessary. We need not interrupt our duties to whisper, “I love You.”

I will be trying harder this week to do better, to be a true companion to Jesus. Please pray for me, and I will pray for you, that Jesus will be more loved this Holy Week than ever before.

Imagine His Joy!

“I thirst, and with a thirst so ardent to be loved by men in the Blessed Sacrament that this thirst consumes me, and I find no one who, in accordance with my desire, strives to quench it, by giving some return of my love.” (Words of Jesus to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque)

Heart on Fire….


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Gazing at Jesus in the quiet of the Adoration Chapel, I try to comprehend the Love which keeps Him there, a virtual Prisoner…yet, a willing One. I try to grasp a Love which has nothing to gain, and yet gives away all.

My child, you will never comprehend My Love. Take all of the heat and fire from the countless trillions of stars I have fixed in the sky, combine every spark of it, and it will not even amount to the light from one tiny match when compared to the Divine and Infinite Love of My Sacred Heart for each one of you, my precious children.

I am God, and if you could see Me now, you would see neither sun, nor moon and stars, for the white hot intensity of My Love would eclipse them all. And THIS LOVE burns for you, as though for you alone… an unquenchable Fire.

Love gives everything away, My child. From all eternity, I have said: I will be their Father, and they shall be my children. Even though I knew that mankind would fall into sin, and commit all manner of atrocities against Me, I never take back My Love. It leaps from My Heart in endless Flames.

I always knew that I Myself would ransom the souls of My children. If it were possible for Me to wait for anything, how eagerly I would have awaited that day when I would assume your very nature and thus forever raise you to unspeakable heights of glory.

I came to live among My children to teach them the way of holiness. I even gave them My Own Eternal Father to be their Father too, and I poured out My Spirit upon them to comfort and sanctify them. I chose their souls to be My dwelling place…My Heaven. You are My Heaven when you love Me.

The insatiable Love of My Sacred Heart devised a way to nourish you with My Very Own Flesh and Blood, Divine Sustenance transforming you through Grace to more closely resemble My Image.

Then I said: I will lay down My Life to save them from their sins. I will suffer betrayal by My friends, and torture from My enemies. I will endure the heights of pain and suffering which My perfect human nature can tolerate before death.

From the Cross, I will give them My Own Immaculate Mother to be their Mother always.

Then, I will pour out My last drops of Blood for My beloved ones.

And, when I rise in My glorified Body, it will be a promise that they too shall one day rise in glory.

As I live forever, so they too shall live forever. I shall give them My Kingdom and a share in My Own Divine Life, and they shall reign with Me forever and ever.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the uncreated and Almighty God, and I have given away everything, for My Name is Merciful Love.

See how I love you?

Will you accept My Gift?

Can you understand?

I do not know how to limit Love, for I AM LOVE.

Tuesday adoration….give Me every moment


Jesus is real.  He’s not a nice idea, or someone who lived long ago.  He’s real now.

I was driving to my Tuesday adoration hours this afternoon when a very joyful young woman on the radio emphatically stated the above words.  Coincidentally, she was sharing her own experiences with Our Blessed Lord in Eucharistic Adoration.

“We cannot conceive how much our visits mean to Him,” she went on.  Then she shared this little story:

I had promised to make a holy hour each day during Lent.  But one night, I got home really late, and I decided to go to bed instead.  But, the Lord was relentless.  My conscience kept bothering me and so I got up and got dressed and went to the chapel.

I tried to stay awake, and after checking my watch, I saw that 50 minutes had passed.  Is it okay if I leave now, Jesus?  It’s almost an hour.  Then I heard in my heart these words, “Before you go, open the bible.”  So, I did, and it opened to Matthew 26:40, “Could you not watch one hour with Me?”  Oh no!  I’m so sorry, Jesus.  I’ll stay.

And then she went on to talk about how crazy in love with each of us Jesus is.  How it matters; it really matters that we spend time with Him.

Funny….earlier today I was going through a box of old books, and thumbed through one about some private revelations concerning the Eucharist from Jesus to a nun in Kenya. ” I count your very breaths, your every heartbeat.  You cannot imagine My Love for you….and I am abandoned here in My tabernacle.”  I put that book in the save pile.

Listening to that joyful young woman on the radio this afternoon gave me much to ponder when I reached the chapel….three minutes late.  My prayer partner is always on time, so it never occurred to me that being one to five minutes late, as I often am, mattered that much.  But today I realized that it matters very much to Jesus.  

When you love someone deeply, you cannot wait to see them again.  When my son and his wife came for dinner Sunday, I was so excited when I heard their car in the driveway.

But Jesus!  Who can measure His Love for us?  He sold Himself for me, for you.  I know He thought about us while He hung on that Cross.  And because He is God, He could think of each and every one of us by name.  I think He did that.  I think His Love, not His Power, was the strength that kept Him on that Cross.

What did He see, looking down through the ages?  Who would return His Love?  Is that why He cried out, “I thirst!”  Did He see the paltry return most of us would make for His entire gift of Himself?

Did He see me, taking a break, between my 4pm and 5pm holy hours?  While it’s true that because I am the only adorer at 5pm, I often need to grab a little snack before my 4pm prayer partner leaves…because I tend to get low blood sugar symptoms at the 6pm Mass, if I don’t.

But, how many times have I checked phone messages while in the car getting my snack? Or even texted a quick reply to someone?  Or put on some lipstick?  And yet, Jesus was counting the minutes.  Jesus, was in the chapel waiting, while I wasted time that I had promised to Him.

Jesus is real!  But, He is so much more than that.  He is God, and He loves us beyond anything that we could desire or dream of or hope for.  The Saints tell us that we would literally die if we could for a moment experience that Love in Its Fullness.

St. Therese experienced a few moments of only a touch of this Divine Love a few days after she had made her Act of Oblation to Merciful Love, and she declared that she would have been dead, had It lasted a second longer.  She was on fire!

I thank Jesus that I heard that young woman on the radio today.  It was like He was saying to me:

Remember a long time ago, when you first began to come?  Remember when spending hours with me was so new to you?

You brought Me flowers, and you knelt the whole time just gazing at Me.  You were so careful to bow reverently, and you hated so much to leave Me when our time was over.

Let it be like that again.  I so long for your love, and every moment is precious to Me.  Don’t  waste even one when you are here.  

Most of all, fall in love with Me again…and again.   Just as I am forever and eternally in love with you, My precious child.

The lost hour of Gethsemane…

 “Could you not watch one hour with me?”  (MT 26:40)

It was Thursday night.  I wrote Father’s words down on the crisp white page of my new journal: The Church is still trying to recover the lost holy hour of Gethsemane.

I had never thought about that before….the “lost holy hour.”

Jesus did not receive the comfort of this first holy hour from His closest apostles, who fell asleep when He needed them most. But was it to them alone that He implored, “Could you not watch one hour with me?”

Was His voice not resounding throughout the centuries, imploring the heart of each man and woman…

Watch with me…Oh please watch with me!
Care that I love you so much
Care that My Blood poured out as sweat upon the ground.
Care that I pressed My Face into the dirt,
unable to bear that so many would reject My Love.
It was not the physical suffering which tore at My Heart,
but the sight of all who would refuse My Love, even hate Me.
This was the chalice I begged My Father to remove from Me..
The chalice of rejection…Love would not be loved!
I would lose forever, so many precious souls  
Whom I gladly paid for with My Blood.

You at least, watch with Me!



Jesus is condemned to die.

“His cheek still burned with the kiss of betrayal.”               

O my God! I too have left You such burning kisses, betraying You by my sins
after You have given me Your Very Life.

My Jesus, grant that I may now cover You with sweet and tender kisses of love.
Time grows short…this could be my last moment on earth….to love You.

Jesus, You burn; You thirst; You die for those tender kisses.
You gave Your Life for them.
You gave Your Life for Love…our love.
“I THIRST.”  You cried out.
“Give Me to drink.”  You begged.

Must you always be so parched, my beloved Jesus?
Oh, give me the Grace to comfort You, for without You, I can do nothing.

My Jesus, quivering in your suffering,
I will put my arms around You.
I will try to cool your burning cheek with grateful kisses.
I will watch with You.