Better than the Oscars…much better!

I heard the Oscar nominations came out last week.  Yawn!  😉

How can I have time for Hollywood when the blogosphere is all abuzz with bestowing its own awards….and guess what?  A few have actually landed on my own blog!

sunshineaward         best-moment-award    semper-fidelis-award

I’m taking a bow:  “Thank you very much!”  And, blowing kisses to the talented and exceedingly kind bloggers who have chosen my blog for three separate awards.


To Karin at Reflections on the Sacred, Nancy at The Cloistered Heart and The Breadbox Letters,  Caroline at Bell of the Wanderer, and Anna at Bent Bow, I am indebted for the gift of The Sunshine Award.  Thank you ladies, who all bring sunshine into my life by your friendship, including my new friend Anna who super surprised me, as I didn’t even know she read my blog. Warmest hugs to all of you!

To Nancy and Anna, I additionally owe my gratitude for The Big Moment Award.

And my new friend Anna even gave me a third honor, The Semper Fidelis Award.

Now that I have thanked, and linked back to all of these wonderful bloggers who so graciously thought of me, I am supposed to tell ten things about myself that you probably don’t know yet, and then pass along these awards to blogs of my choice. I have to leave a comment telling each blogger of their award, and they have to do all of the above, plus use the award badge in their acceptance post.

Choosing worthy blogs is the easy part; ten things about me…not so easy.  But, here goes:

My first grandchild is due in May!  She’s a girl, and I am so delighted!  I saw her on 3-D ultrasound at 22 weeks, and of course, she is beautiful!

After much thought, I have settled on “gram” or “grammie” as the official moniker for my new vocation in life:  spoiling my son and daughter-in-law’s child like crazy, and bestowing copious amounts of affection on said child.  Yeah, I’m excited!

I can say the alphabet backwards, fast or slow, however you like it.  I’ve been doing this since I was eight years old, and of course, it’s not difficult, but for some unknown reason, people are impressed. Go figure!

I love animals.  I really love them, as in being totally traumatized by “Old Yeller.”  I could not watch it with my son when he wanted to see it 25 years later.  My husband started turning off the tv when I was reduced to tears on Sunday nights because Lassie got into trouble each week.  On a more positive note, I have fed, sheltered, rescued and found homes for a considerable number of cats/kittens in my lifetime.  (I love dogs too, but I’m convinced that the guardian angel of stray cats directs them straight to my house). I have mercy on all bugs except for flies and roaches, and I leave snakes in peace, if they aren’t poisonous.

I am a political junkie. Yes, I am one of those people who watch the talking heads on tv. I have to get my fix of one or two of those shows each night. My husband hates them, so they go on the DVR and I watch after he goes to bed, which brings me to my next revelation.

I am a serious night owl. I have tried all kinds of cures, but I keep reverting back to a bedtime in the range of 1:00 to 2:00 am…occasionally later.  Even when I worked or drove carpool early in the morning, I was still up until at least midnight. I think it’s genetic. My parents were the same way. One of my sisters has me beat. She easily stays up till 3:00 am or 4:00 am regularly. Luckily, (or necessarily!)t she owns her own business.

I am an introvert. I could probably be a recluse. My idea of a great party is four people. I hate small talk, and I’m terrible at it. If you met me, I would ask you tons of questions, because I hate to talk about myself. (Apparently this modesty does not extend to writing about myself…lol!)

I love to travel. The travel bug first bit me when my best friend and I took off a semester of college and worked two jobs so that we could join a summer study program in London. We spent most of our money on clothes before we left and returned home penniless, which necessitated some creative thinking, like sleeping in the playpens available in the airport (no babies seemed to have an 8 hour layover.) We wrote a book about our adventures on that trip, and it was almost published. It had reached the final editor for a decision and was “declined” for lack of sex or violence. I’m not kidding. That’s what was written on our rejection slip. Anyway, God has blessed me with many opportunities to travel to some really wonderful places throughout my life, and I hope to continue to do so for many more years.

When I was 25 and newly converted back to my Catholic faith, God introduced me to St. Therese through her autobiography, The Story of a Soul. I think He must have told her something like: “Don’t let this one out of your sight,” because, she hasn’t. She has been with me for decades now, as I’ve consumed dozens and dozens of books about her. I took her name as my own as a Secular Carmelite. I have been privileged to visit Alencon, France where she was born, and Lisieux, where she spent most of her life. One of the great blessings of my life was to be chosen as lector at a Mass in the chapel of her convent in Lisieux. I received the priceless gift of her first class relic from a man I knew only through correspondence over the Internet. Stan was a secular Franciscan, but had a deep love for Therese.   He was dying of cancer, and to my surprise, he gifted me with his precious relic. I sat on my staircase by her portrait and wept when I opened the box. Therese has been so good to me! I simply cannot wait to meet her one day. I love her so very much.

I have saved the best for last and that is Jesus, Who is my Everything. I don’t always treat Him that way, but I keep trying. How beautiful He is! I fell in love with Him when I was 25, and I don’t know how I lived before opening my poor heart to His Flaming One. All of my life, I have had an attraction to the Most Blessed Sacrament, and about 20 years ago, Jesus called me to committed Eucharistic Adoration. Those are truly the happiest and most cherished hours of my life. Whenever I cannot keep my committed hours, there is an ache in my heart. Wherever we travel, I look for churches to run into and find Jesus, and go to Mass, if possible. Much of my adoration time is spent just smiling at Jesus and thanking Him for so far exceeding all that I could ask or imagine. I truly believe that someday, if I am ever too old or too sick to visit Him again, that He will come to me…because He is that Way. He is Love.

Okay, that was ten things about me. But, I’m adding one more, and this one is something EVERYBODY already knows about me:

I can’t seem to write a short post!!!

Now, enough of me, and onto the bloggers I have chosen for these awards. Because so many of my favorite blogs have already received one or more of these awards, I’m going to whittle down my list a bit…oh so hard! I love all of the blogs I read, but I want to highlight just a few in each category.

The Sunshine Award:

The Beautiful Gate
Sue Elvis Writes
Filling My Prayer Closet
Nancy on Facebook…oops, that’s not a blog, but trust me; it’s pure sunshine!

The Best Moment Award:

The Mad-Eyed Monk
Stories of an Unschooling Family
Imprisoned in My Bones

The Semper Fidelis Award:

Bell of the Wanderer
The Breadbox Letters
Bent Bow

Congratulations, Ladies!

18 thoughts on “Better than the Oscars…much better!

  1. Patricia, You are so sweet to think of me. Thanks for the award! I’m so happy for you regarding your granddaughter on the way! How lovely! I’m sure you’ll be the best gram ever!

    • Anne, you found your award before I had a chance to tell you! Well, congratulations, dear friend. You certainly deserve it. Your blog is filled with so many unique moments in your life and your community. Yes, how about that granddaughter! I love that she is due in Mary’s month 🙂 I might be the best gram ever…until your turn! Actually, Nancy and Caroline, to name a couple, will sure be hard to beat… 😉 Love and blessings always….

  2. Congratulations, Patricia! Wow on the “things about you”! I’m so glad that people make others do this when they get awards because I love reading that kind of stuff. It helps us get to know the people behind the blogs.
    Here I am constantly begging God for books without sex and violence and they get declined 😦
    Crazy world! Maybe a different publishing company?

    Thank you for the Sunshine Award, my friend! I am going to try to get them up soon!

    • Thanks, Mary! I totally agree with you about being able to get a glimpse inside some of our fellow bloggers. It’s so much fun. I died laughing when I read that Caroline (our resident vegetarian) ate a meatball for Christmas. She is such a love. At first I dreaded writing ten things: what would I say??? But once I got started, it was such fun, and things came to mind. Can’t wait to read YOURS! I’m sure I will have to read while sitting on the floor so I don’t fall off of my chair…lol.

      Oh, our book! It was written in the 70’s, so would sound pretty outdated now..heck, we were outdated then too… 🙂 If I can find a copy and rewrite the whole thing, maybe I could submit it as an e-book. When I lived in NC, I helped out with a creative writing class for 7th graders. When I told them about my book, they wanted to read it, so I chose a chapter for one class and had one of the girls read it. They were cracking up. So…maybe it’s a book for adolescents ….which means perfect for you and Nancy….hah!

      Congratulations to you on the award, dear Mary. I’ve have long said that you remind me of Sunshine! And now it’s official…..xoxoxoxo

  3. I now have someone to reach out to in the middle of the night. I never get any sleep and am a total night owl! Thank you for thinking of me and giving me an award anyway! These are way better than the Oscars – and the Grammy’s from what I hear! 🙂

    God bless you always,

    • Cristina, when I’m up late and looking for a friend, I will pop over to your blog and see what you are up to 🙂 Oh, the Grammy’s….heard about THOSE today. How awful! Yep, our blog awards are much more fun and make you smile. I truly think your blog is amazing, and am so inspired by all that you manage to accomplish from day to day. And your voice….. Well, hopefully we will have an award for that around here one of these days. God bless you too, dear Cristina.

  4. Congratulations! And thank YOU! 🙂

    I loved this post. The alphabet BACKWARDS? :O And of course I’m shocked (NOT) that you’re a night owl. We should have gone to convent boarding school together…. we would have been up laaate sneaking around with flashlights (as actually happened in some boarding schools; I’m just saying), troubling some angels. And PLEEEASE would you consider doing something with your book, so we could read it? I mean: sleeping in playpens?! I am genuinely laughing out loud.. cackling at the thought. How could you even get IN a playpen… are you 2 foot 3????

    And of course your last was best. Absolutely. Thanks be to God.

    Sorry for this post length comment. But you are just SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!! “Sunshine” is right…. you light up the blogosphere with rays of HIS light and joy.

    • You are most welcome, Nancy, and thank YOU for my award. Oh my, wouldn’t we have had a blast in a convent boarding school! For sure, I would never have gone to sleep when they turned out the lights, and I know you wouldn’t have either. I am imagining LOTS of giggles 😉

      Actually my friend and I were both 5’5″ and about 110 pounds when we nicely fit in those playpens. We each had our own, of course! I think our book was hysterical, but then I’m prejudiced. It definitely needs a rewrite now, 40 years later. Yes, we were 12 when we wrote it 🙂

      I love post length comments…leave them all the time myself…lol.. Thank you dear friend for making me laugh, and for also invoking a tear or two with your very lovely words. Hugs, dear Nancy!

  5. Patricia, I don’t know where to start with your list..It was like peeking into treasures of a friend you only know from her writings and then she showers you with more surprises! The alphabet backwards …how cute is that? A political junkie…me too, only lately I’m too scared to listen.
    A traveling girl….oh dear. I can’t stand being gone for more than 3 days or eating out for two.
    And a granddaughter!! I am so excited for you. Gramma is what settled on, too– he’s almost six months old already! Can’t wait till you hold her.
    And not enough sex in your book…I almost spit my tea out on my keyboard. What a riot. How like the world. But we all want to read it soooo……
    Thank you for the award Patricia…if theirs any faithfulness on my blog, it’s because, as you said, He is my everything…
    Blessings always and + my friend

    • Caroline, I totally agree with your take on “peeking into treasures of a friend…” Maybe we should hand out more awards that demand lists, so we could learn even more surprises. I still love that you ate a meatball 🙂

      So you are a homebody? You’d think I would be too, with my love of privacy and dislike of crowds, etc. But I just love seeing new places, and oh, the Churches in Europe, especially Rome. History just comes alive to me when I visit places I’ve read about. My poor mother was horrified that all three of her girls have wanderlust. 🙂

      Yes, how about that? NO sex in our book! Lots of guys though. We submitted it in the crazy 70’s, so, I think we were about a decade too late. We included some Catholic high school stuff in there…driving the nuns crazy, etc…lol. Ah, such sweet memories.

      I can’t believe your grandson is already six months old! My goodness! Do you think we could plan an arranged marriage? 😉 Two of my Carmelite friends ended up related that way….when one’s grandson married the other one’s daughter. They love it! And I love you…and yes, your blog is so very faithful, and your love for Jesus simply shines all over it. HUgs dear friend! xo

  6. Patricia,

    Congratulations on all those awards, and thank you for passing two onto my blogs! I have my crown on ready to accept them. I hope to write about them soon.

    I love hearing details of you and your life. Pity about your book. Would you believe my grief book was rejected by the first Catholic publisher I sent it to because it contained too much about God!!

    I am rather glad you are a night owl because this means you are still up while I am awake. Nancy must be a late to bed person too. I often see you both on FB when I expect you to be fast asleep.

    Well, I am off to bed right now, Grammie. btw, I’m excited about your granddaughter too. I can’t wait to share all your stories once she is born.

    God bless!

    • Would you believe my grief book was rejected by the first Catholic publisher I sent it to because it contained too much about God!!

      Sue, that is even more shocking than what happened to my friend’s and my book! Too much God? And at a Catholic publisher? How crazy is THAT?
      Good thing there are now e-books that individuals can publish..but still!

      Oh yes, I’m up when you are up on the other side of the world…more than I should be 🙂 And, I do run into Nancy in the wee hours too…lol!

      That reminds me, I would have responded sooner, but there is this frozen fountain in my yard, you see……

      Anyway, I loved giving you the awards, because your blogs are so delightful…and filled with sunshine and “big moments” too.

      Ah yes, little granddaughter. Can’t wait till May. She has a name…did I tell you?

      Hmm, bet you are up about now, and I shouldn’t be! So…here is grammie, signing off with a big hug xo

      PS Would love to see a picture of you wearing your much deserved crown!

    • Yes Anna! I sprung more shadowing blogs. 🙂 You may actually be my youngest follower….not that there are many older ones either…lol. Quality is what counts, right? And that reminds me to thank you again for the awards,
      and even more so for the joy of knowing that you read my blog. I hope that my friends will pop over to Bent Bow and check out your wonderful blog. And..just to peak their interest, I am going to reveal that there is a picture of a brain in your side bar. That should do it! So good to see you, Anna…and blessings always!!!

  7. I read this on the train the other day and again here tonight. Jesus’s flaming heart is calling us all. Thank you for sharing more about yourself although except for the part about being a recluse . . . Well I would like to read your travel book. I feel tired enough to sleep in a playpen. Good night!

    • Colleen, you read it twice? You are such a good friend! But, you do sound tired enough to sleep in that playpen…and I know you would fit 🙂 Well, I guess I’m not really a recluse, but I don’t like to have a busy calendar of social stuff. And I hate large gatherings. I do love one on one long, in-depth talks with good friends. (Haven’t we had a few via e-mail?)

      Maybe I’ll rewrite that book into e-format so that you can read it on your commute 🙂 Love and hugs, dear Collen! Always enjoy the pics you share from the train……

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