A lullaby for Jesus…


Hello again! I’ve been absent from my blog for several weeks for the loveliest of reasons. My family and I were blessed to spend a few weeks in Italy during the Christmas season. We returned about a week ago, and I’ve been trying to catch up at home, as well as adjust to the time change. I don’t do the latter very well, and suddenly get overwhelmed by sleep at the most inconvenient times. I’m doing better now though.

I had hoped to tell you all about our Christmas in Italy, and to share some of their customs, etc. But, since I was busy sleeping ;), I didn’t get it done in time. Now we are past the Christmas season, so maybe I will share my memories next year.

But, I thought it would be okay to mention one sweet surprise that occurred at midnight Mass in a beautiful little church near the Vatican. Well, actually it was one great gift and then the sweet surprise.

We arrived at the church about 10:45pm, hoping to get seats. Well, it wasn’t crowded at all, so we easily found places across from a statue of Our Lady of Fatima which had the most beautiful smile I have ever seen on a statue of Mary.

As we were getting settled in our pew, I noticed to my surprise and great joy that Eucharistic Adoration was underway. So, in this silent church, in a darkness illuminated only by flickering trays of candles in front of the side chapels lining both sides of the walls, we knelt in adoration of the King of kings whose birth we were preparing to celebrate.

“What a perfect way to welcome Him,” I thought.

At midnight, soft lights were turned on, and as the priest celebrant carried the image of the Infant Jesus down the aisle to lay him in the crΓ¨che, the congregation began to sing…not a Christmas carol, but a lullaby. Softly and sweetly, they sang in Italian. But it was a familiar melody, so I was able to sing along in English, a lullaby I had often sung to my own baby son. Β Surely, Mary had sung lullabies to the newborn Son of God…her Son.

So there is a glimpse of my Christmas. Β I hope that yours was most blessed and beautiful too!

Lullaby and goodnight, go to sleep now and sleep tight, sweet Baby Jesus….

16 thoughts on “A lullaby for Jesus…

  1. How beautiful. How I’ve missed you too! So glad to see you. Happy New Year (it’s not too late for that, is it?). I go to Italy on pilgrimage in May with my parish. You have to give me highlights at least! Pax, Cristina


    • Cristina, Happy New Year! (Nah, it’s not too late πŸ™‚ How wonderful that you are going to Italy in May. The weather is great then. We froze this time! The price to pay for being in Rome for Christmas! I would love to give you highlights. I will have to e-mail you some suggestions. Do you know which cities you will be visiting yet? Oh, you are going to die when you see the churches! They are almost on every corner, and one more beautiful than the next. When you are Catholic, Rome, and especially Vatican City, are like being “home.” OK, here I am getting carried away…lol. And I haven’t even mentioned the food yet!

  2. A lullaby – how perfect. Thank you for sharing your experience, which you did so beautifully. I find this post to be so tender, so gentle. I am left with a kind of “holy hush.”

    • Nancy, I thought the lullaby was perfect too. It was so sweet and gentle, and the church so dimly lit…almost like not wanting to wake the baby πŸ™‚ A “holy hush,” what a beautiful description of Christmas Eve. Hope yours was filled with the joy of Jesus. xo

    • It’s good to be back, Sue, even though I love to travel. But, after three weeks, I’m usually ready to come home. Yes, Nancy’s words are perfect! I was absolutely entranced by the lullaby, because I expected a Christmas carol like we sing at home. It was so charming. In most of the churches, there was an elaborate small-scale nativity with an entire town depicted. But in front ot the main altar, there was usually a manger with an almost life-sized image of the baby Jesus…like in the picture above. So sweet! Thanks so much for visiting, and forgive me for being so late in responding. Love and hugs…..

    • Nancy, you are too kind! A million? You deserve a gadzillion….lol! I read your best moments as well as your sunshine comments. Now, how am I gonna follow THAT? I may get booed πŸ™‚ What I’d love to give you is the funny facebook award! Bet all our buddies on FB would second that nomination. Hugs dear Nancy! I will give my acceptance speech shortly! πŸ˜‰ And seriously, thank you for thinking of me. I am truly honored.

  3. Oh, what a perfectly beautiful experience!
    I felt like I was kneeling right beside you..watching those flickering candles dance to the soft sounds of a lullaby for Jesus.
    So glad you are home, dear friend.
    Hope you are well and rested now πŸ™‚
    love as always..Trish xx

    • Dear Trish, so good to see you here as always! I hope that you had a beautiful Christmas with your family. We originally had hoped to obtain tickets to the Christmas Eve papal Mass, but the demand was so great that we were unable to obtain any. So, we had to choose another church, and this one was nearby. I have attended a papal Easter Mass, and it is unforgettable to be in St. Peter’s with the Holy Father at Mass. Yet, I felt that this time, God sent us to a much more lowly experience, which made me feel so close to the Holy Family. Did I mention that the church was freezing? There was so much that reminded me of that first Christmas night. Thanks for the welcome home. It is good to be back. No place like home, as the saying goes πŸ™‚ Love and hugs to you!

    • Anna, thank you so much! It’s good to know that someone with an awesome blog like yours is “secretly” reading my blog and even “enjoying” it. I’m glad you found me so that now I’ve found you and can share your wonderful blog with my friends. Be forewarned: this could mean you may be receiviing a second round of awards πŸ˜‰ I’m gonna do the “stuff.” I’m sort of behind on everything in my life since returning from a vacation in Italy. I’m always slow to rebound from such things….but then you already know my Myers-Briggs type, so no surprises there πŸ™‚ Thanks again, so very much, Anna.

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful moment of grace with us, Patricia. I would love to visit Italy some day. But for now I’ll have to view it through the eyes of others! Thanks for the peek into your trip!

    • Okay, Mary. When you are as old as I am, you have my permission to go to Italy πŸ™‚ You will love it! Like I mentioned somewhere above, there are churches on every corner. I sort of make a serial holy hour as I walk from one church to another. I wish I could transport all the beauty and peacefulness of these ancient churches over the ocean to us. There is a feeling within them which makes you sense that they have been drenched in prayer throughout so many centuries. And, there are always Masses and confession being offered. So wonderful.

      I do hope you get to go one day, but Mary, remember to bring your own meat! πŸ™‚ Much love, dear friend xoxo

  5. Patricia, To think of the Blessed Mother singing a lullaby to Jesus..and there you were in the Vatican..What a beautiful way to spend Christmas. Did you not want to find a room somewhere to hide in so you’d never have to leave Rome? I’m so glad you’re back. Prayers were going up for you all through the holidays.
    Love and Blessings always +

    • Oh Caroline, whenever I’m in Rome, I want to bring it all home with me. Since the first time I visited there in 2005, I have never really wanted to go anywhere else, because it is the closest place to Heaven I have been. I imagine those who visit the Holy Land may feel the same way. Have you visited Italy? You would get along so well with your fluent Italian. You’d even understand the Holy Father! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for those prayers, because both my husband and I got sick. He was sick in Rome, and then I got sick for a week in Tuscany. I spent the last week of our vacation in a hotel. I was just glad it was us, and not my son or his wife. They were only with us for the first week. I know your Christmas had to be so beautiful with your precious grandson. I’m SO looking forward to Christmas this year. I’m sure there will be a pile of baby girl presents beneath the tree πŸ™‚ Love and hugs always my dear friend!

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