Rejoice O Sweet Mother of God…..



Rejoice, Thou through whom joy will shine forth:

Rejoice, Thou through whom the curse will cease!

Rejoice, recall of fallen Adam:

Rejoice, redemption of the tears of Eve!

Rejoice, height inaccessible to human thoughts:

Rejoice, depth undiscernible even for the eyes of angels!

Rejoice, for Thou art the throne of the King:

Rejoice, for Thou bearest Him Who beareth all!

Rejoice, star that causest the Sun to appear:

Rejoice, womb of the Divine Incarnation!

Rejoice, Thou through whom creation is renewed:

Rejoice, Thou through whom we worship the Creator!

Rejoice, O Bride Unwedded!

14 thoughts on “Rejoice O Sweet Mother of God…..

  1. …thou through whom joy will shine forth and the curse will cease…

    There’s a meditation to keep in your pocket!
    Happy New Year dear Patricia…may He lead us forth this year in His joy and power. +

    • My pocket is already stuffed with that beautiful list from your post : ) I find myself often thinking about how God counts the raindrops…ever since you mentioned that. We have had lots of rain lately, perhaps that’s why it comes to mind. To think He knows the exact number…

      We will need at least an eternity to think on all these things, won’t we? And maybe longer…
      Oh Caroline, I got a kindle for Christmas, and I am dangerous….almost as bad as you with your new “bible” : ) I just surf through Amazon and click a button and the chosen book appears instantly! Actually, I’ve been downloading mostly “samples.” And, there are many spiritual classics for free. Amazing!

      May you continue to have a most happy and holy Christmas season, and the best New Year ever!

      Love and hugs,

      • Patricia, I’m smiling from ear to ear thinking of how ‘dangerous’ you are with that kindle.. ! What fun.
        It will take an eternity to think on all these things. Remember when we said we hoped in heaven we’d have time to read all the great books we never had time for…?
        He knows our hearts…
        Love and hugs, +

        • Caroline, I thought you might smile…… ; ) I know you would behave yourself with a kindle….but Caroline, the entire Summa for $.99! For $20 I can read for years!

          Oh yes, the books in heaven….imagine how beautifully they will be bound…and I won’t even need my reading glasses : ) We’ll be so smart that we will commit each one to memory…..and think how fast we will read! I guess a few centuries spend reading will hardly be a moment in an eternity of LIFE! Meet you there : )

          Love you, my friend,

    • Trish, I’ve missed you! But then I’ve been absent around here myself. I do hope you had a most Blessed Christmas, and I wish you a New Year filled with many answered prayers and closeness to our dear Jesus.

      I’m glad you liked the hymn. There are several more stanzas….each more beautiful than the other. I’ll be back in touch soon.

      Love to you,

    • Hi Theresa! I read about that giveaway, and I have my eye on that scapular made by the nuns : ) I need to run back over and check the deadline for submitting my comment. Hopefully, I can get it in on time!

      So happy to hear from you, and may your New Year be filled with Peace and Joy and lots of sleep! : )

      Love and prayers,

    • Hi Daily Grace! Thank you for stopping by. I wish you a continued blessed Christmas season, and a happy and holy New Year. May Our Lord Jesus draw you ever closer into His Heart, as you walk with Him through another year. I’m so glad we’re friends! : )


  2. Hi patricia, this was a wonderful post as usual.

    I have added you to my Liebster Awards… i had to have six…. i know i broke the ‘official’ rules, but your blog is just so wonderful.

    God Bless

    • Thank you, Isaac! Joyce included me in her Liebster’s as well. I haven’t had time yet to acknowledge it on my blog and choose mine. I’ll have to go over and see who else you selected. So glad you are back with us! Read your mom’s blog post the other day, and enjoyed it very much. Will leave her a comment soon.


  3. Dear Little Sisters,
    How wonderful to find your contemplations.
    Sadly I am a priest whose church has succumbed to Satan’s power.
    As yet I am unsure where my pilgrimage will take me.
    So please pray for me and all, those who find themselves unchurched by the congregationalist developments of the C of E.

    • Dear Father,

      May God grant that you not become discouraged. May Jesus strengthen you in this Year of Faith! I promise to pray for you daily. I am so honored that you stopped by, and took the time to comment. Jesus surely has great plans for one like you who has given your life to Him. Trust and love…..
      May God bless you always. I hope you visit here again.

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