May I have the envelope please….

Two thoughtful blogger friends each chose my blog to receive a Liebster Award. The Liebster is reserved for blogs which have less than 200 followers, and is intended to bring notice to these up and coming bloggers.  It’s always such a blessing when people you love and respect express appreciation for what you are trying to do.

So, I would like to thank Joyce, at The Little Way, for including me in her selection of five blogs to receive this award.

I always imagine Joyce’s blog as being located “next-door” to my blog. I think this is because when I log onto my own blog each morning, I immediately click over to hers to see what’s happening, cause something interesting is always happening at The Little Way.  And then, I click on her blogroll to find another good read.

Joyce was the first person to add my blog to her blogroll, and her kindness brought many more readers my way. She also leaves me frequent comments filled with wisdom and encouragement Thanks Joyce. I love you!

Isaac over at Praeceptorum Deus also included me in his list for the Liebster Awards. Isaac is a young man wise beyond his years, who truly has a heart for Our Lord Jesus and Our Blessed Mother. I am extremely grateful, and honored, that he reads, and often comments on my blog posts. Isaac began his blog as a school project, but he received such a great response, and made so many friends in the blogosphere, that he decided to continue blogging when the project ended. Isaac, thanks again for honoring my blog with your award.

Liebster Award winners are requested to choose five of their favorite qualifying blogs to receive the same award, so here we go!

I hope this isn’t breaking the rules, but I really must include one of the same blogs which Joyce chose, because it is simply such an outstanding one:

Bell of the Wanderer, hosted by Caroline, is a uniquely beautiful blog with an ethereal sophistication and eloquence, graced with humility and gentleness. Caroline is a gifted writer whose blog features classic artwork, and often profound observations based on Scripture.  Sometimes she surprises us with a bit of humor.  Hint: she recently made 2000 ravioli for Christmas dinner!  (You’ll have to read about it here.)

Collen at Inadequate Disciple is a young wife and mother who truly writes from her heart. Her blog shares her passion and love for God, as well as the trials and joys of life with her family. Colleen writes with unmistakable sincerity and honesty..  I don’t think Colleen is an “inadequate disciple” at all.  And I am always consoled when she prays for any of my intentions.  I hope you will check out her blog for yourself.

One day, my stats revealed several hits referred to me from The Beautiful Gate.  So, I had to see what was going on.  I found that Mary, who blogs there, had linked to one of my posts, and encouraged her readers to check it out.  Mary is like that.  I always think of her as a sunny presence in the blogosphere, because she is so warm and welcoming and loves to laugh at herself.  She has been on a blog-break for a few weeks.  But she is usually a prolific blogger.  Her blog is pretty eclectic in content.  During Advent, she wrote a series of excellent articles addressing the seven deadly sins.  But you are just as likely to find pictures of her adorable puppy spilling down the page, one of her beautiful poems, or a side-splitting story.  Be sure to check out the account of her miraculous physical healing when you visit her blog.

I found Karinann’s blog through someone else’s blogroll.  When I saw Daughter of the King,  I had to go check out what a blog with such a beautiful title would be like.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  In my opinion, Karinann has one of the best organized blogs I’ve seen.  In fact, I describe it as “peaceful.”  She posts often, and always has something interesting to say.  Her “reversion” story is beautiful and touching in the way God pursued her with such love and patience, and in her overwhelming response to Him.  It truly is a “Magnificat.” 

My fifth Liebster goes to Daily Grace.  I haven’t found the writer’s name on her blog, so I just think of her as DG or Grace.  One of the purposes of this blog is to remind us of the daily graces in each of our lives.  It  also features many posts dedicated to our Most Blessed Mother Mary, as well as to the messages of Medjugorje. Whenever I long to read about Our Lady, I know I can count on DG.  I  also always look forward to her beautiful, heartfelt comments on my own blog.   

As best I can ascertain, all of the above blogs have fewer than 200 followers.  And each and every one of them deserve many more than that.

Thanks to Joyce and Isaac and my Liebster award winners for being such an inspiration to me.  I truly love all of you…..or y’all if I’m speaking my native tongue  : )

16 thoughts on “May I have the envelope please….

    • Oh Caroline, you are so very welcome! Your blog is just beautiful! But what I love most about it is that in reading it, I met you, and am now privileged to count you as my friend 🙂 I have adoration tomorrow, and will pray with all my heart for our sons. Do you mind if I email you? I want to share something about Christopher.

      Love and hugs to you too!

      • Patricia, I’d love for you to e-mail me…I feel the same way..You can’t force the doors of friendship open..It just happens and it’s wonderful when the Lord gives that gift.

        I’m praying for the boys every day.

        Love to you..+

        • Thank you. I’ll write soon. : )

          My holy hours today were really a time of intercession. There were so many people to pray for….and you and your sons, of course. But there was a man on Catholic radio today who lost both his wife and baby during delivery a few months ago. I just cried. And our friend Bill in NC was back in the hospital. So many others need conversion, and then all my blog friends and their needs.

          I remember thinking how desperately the world needs the contemplative orders who spend their days devoted to prayer. The world needs prayer so much. I need much more prayer in my life….and not so many distractions.

          So happy we are praying together! I can think…when I don’t have time to pray, maybe you are praying at those moments for our intentions : )

          A big hug to you!
          Patricia xo

          • This has been a real struggle for me too Patricia…The call to prayer and the distractions that are not bad in themselves, but take me from time with Him.

            So many to pray for as you say…I’m really asking Him this year to show me how to
            be better at discerning what I need to let go of..

            I’m glad we’re praying together too..

            Love and hugs…+

          • Why don’t we include help with distractions and knowing what to let go of in our prayer intentions? So many times, I’m driving in traffic, rushing here and there, and I wonder if it was easier to become a Saint in past centuries, when life was not so hectic, and the focus was on what was needful…like food and family and taking care of people.

            I lose so much time just commuting places and shopping, etc., because people don’t have just one Sunday best outfit anymore and two or three other daily things to wear. I keep trying to downsize, and seem to never really make headway. I’m not good at that. I hate so much “stuff.” It takes time to deal with it all! My husband is more social than I am, and so I get caught up in that too, as I should because it’s important to him.

            I’m going on retreat in two weeks, and I can’t wait! Silence, simplicity and a no-frills schedule!

            I’m glad we are praying together too. I know I will pray better and more often, because I have entered into this agreement. Thank you, my friend.

            Love and prayers,
            Patricia xo

  1. Thank you so much Patricia for the award. I love your sincerity too, by the way. I very much appreciate you visiting over at ID, where I am forever finding out how much I need my God and his friends, including you. Your comments here were sweet. I will continue to pray for your intentions. Love, Colleen

    • You are most welcome, Colleen. Your blog is a real sharing of your life, both the ups and downs, and that takes courage. You were in my prayers today at Mass and adoration, and will continue to be. And I am most grateful for your prayers. Please pray especially for my son’s conversion.

      For sure, don’t we all need our Great God and His friends in our lives! I truly love the wonderful people I have met through blogging. What a gift they are!

      Thanks for being one of them : )

      Love and prayers,

  2. Thank you for this Patricia. I am glad you have enjoyed what you read on my little blog. The title actually comes from a psalm, but that is not what prompted me to use this title. In one of the first confessions I made upon my return to my faith, the priest told me I was a “daughter of the King” and I never forgot that. Now I just try to live up to what God expects of this princess :).
    I will post about the award in the next day or two. God bless.

    • Hi Princess Karin! : )

      You are most welcome for the Liebster. Your blog is wonderful, and I remember the first post I read was the one about your going away on retreat, and I roamed around your blog and felt like I was on a retreat.

      That’s a beautiful story about your blog title. It does help to remember who we are, doesn’t it? I remember once years ago trying to open a window that was stuck, and starting to feel impatient. Then I said to myself, “That’s not how a daughter of God should act.” Hey, it worked! : )

      I look forward to reading your Liebster selections when you have time to post about them.

      God bless you too!
      Patricia – princess in training

  3. Patrica,

    I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful things you have written, not only about my blog, but of each blogger you have mentioned here. Honestly, what you wrote brought tears to my eyes.

    God be with you and thank you again.

  4. Daily Grace, you are a grace to me. Your comment was a real consolation. After I wrote my post yesterday, which was rather long and detailed, and included comments about not only blogs, but also the bloggers themselves, as you noted, I began to feel a bit uneasy. I noticed that most others had written a brief post and kept to the topic of the blogs, for the most part. So, I began feeling that I had probably said too much and been too personal, etc. (I have this habit of doubting myself.)

    But then today I read your lovely words, and you addressed exactly my concern, but with such a positive response. You made me feel so much better! So thank you, my friend

    I’ve got to be me, and that usually means long posts, long comments, etc. : )

    Thanks for your support and friendship….and you are most welcome for the award.


  5. Hi Patricia! What a nice surprise! Thank you so much for the award and the kind words 🙂 Sending you a great big hug!! I won’t have any internet access for about a week starting Saturday but I hope to be blogging again after that. I hope you have a happy and blessed 2012!

    You know what? I can’t get that Mother Angelica story out of my head 🙂 The words
    “You shall be” rang through my head for weeks after reading it. It was a remarkable story and very beautiful. It pops into my mind all the time!

    • Mary, great to hear from you! You are most welcome for the award! Your blog is so much fun, and everyone who reads it seems to have such a great time : ) You are missed! But I know you’ve had your hands full with the move. We moved for the 6th time 13 years ago, and my husband said that his next move will only be to the cemetery! Very funny!

      I’m delighted that you liked the post based on Mother Angelica’s mystical experience. I found it unforgettable as well. I first read her account more than 20 years ago, and yet the wonder of it has remained with me all this time. That you and I were chosen “to be”! What are the odds? Why us? It certainly gives one pause to ponder how precious we each are to God, and how much He must long for us to love Him in return. Forever be He praised!

      Love to you, Mary!

  6. Patricia, Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! Your blog was the first one that came to my mind when I was thinking about who to pass the award on to, but I saw that you were already nominated twice so I see that I am not alone in my love for you and your words! Thank you so much for your beautiful presence on the internet! You are a blessing to many!

    • Anne, you are so kind! I know that you read my blog, and I am truly honored, because I do think of your blog as one of the “big ones.” Hmmm, so we each have an additional “intended” Liebster. Where are you going to put yours? : ) I think I’ll bring mine to Jesus in the adoration chapel, to thank Him that I have even one reader, because I never thought anyone at all would want to read my little prayers and poems.

      As so many have said, the best part about blogging is the friends you make….with others who truly love the Lord and are striving for holiness. You are certainly one of those people in my life. Thank you, Anne, for sharing your beautiful heart!
      Love and hugs,

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