Let us cover the Face of Jesus with kisses of love and repentance….

This is a re-visit of a poem shared in Lent, 2011. May we all do what we can to console Jesus during His Passion, in a world that has seemingly forgotten Him.


(Picture taken at the entrance to the Holy Steps of Jerusalem, now in Rome, Italy)

Oh my Beloved!
You know the pain,
The pain of rejection —
Of wondrous love refused.
You do not discount my pain,
Though it is nothing beside Your Own.
Ah, this pain, does it not
Make me more like You,
My Jesus?

No heart ever loved like Yours,
Yet you were betrayed by
An intimate friend.
You laid down Your Life
For Your enemies.
Who can measure Your Love?

O my Adored God,
Let me fix my gaze upon you — unceasingly.
In Your Beautiful Face,
I will find strength to bear
My little crosses.
No one could ever betray me
Like You were betrayed.

I come to the Garden,
Running ahead of Judas.
I kiss Your cheek, wet with tears.
My kiss tells You of my love,
My trust, my desire to
Be faithful to You.
When the Betrayer comes,
Remember my poor kiss……