Adoration…Be with Me

I sit among myriads of angels, yet it is lowly me upon whom His eyes rest…those eyes too beautiful to see while I am yet in the flesh.

Saints and martyrs surround the monstrance, yet it is my poor heart to which He listens. Every word matters. Every thought captivates Him. Every movement of love enchants Him.

The Saints and the angels are safe. I am the wandering sheep, roaming this valley of tears, still in danger. I have not yet finished the fight. He could still lose me. He cannot bear to lose even one of us, for whom He shed every drop of His Most Precious Blood.

Divine Love pours out in waves of infinite tenderness upon each child of God. We are many; yet each of us is the only one…or so it seems.

Being here is my heaven. I smile in wonder at how completely I believe, how deeply I know, without a doubt, that He is here. He is real. I know Him Whom I have never seen or heard with my senses. Yet, He has revealed and continues to reveal Himself to me. I could not live without Him. How alone I would feel if His Presence, unfelt yet known, were to leave me.

I sit here in wonder amongst all of heaven, which I do not see. The chapel is silent, dim, empty to my senses. Yet there is a voice, unheard, but somehow known: “ Be with Me”.  It is what He always says.

I am here, but also in you and in each person you meetBe with Me at every moment of your life, and come here often to gaze upon Me and keep me company.

In Heaven you will see me face to face in an enraptured, uninterrupted gaze. Here, you see me only with the eyes of faith. How this pleases Me! Cherish this time on earth when I allow Myself to be consoled by your visits. How little you appear kneeling among My angels and Saints. But it is the littleness and helplessness of My children on earth which attracts the tenderness of My Heart.

Make use of these precious years which will pass quickly before your entrance into eternity.

Come now while there is still time.  Be with Me.”

7 thoughts on “Adoration…Be with Me

    • Anna Marie, thank you! Your kind words give me courage. I wrote this today during adoration and felt Jesus wanted me to post it, but I wasn’t sure. You are a blessing. ❤️

  1. You posted! Yay! And what a gorgeous post it is, Patricia. I look forward to that day when we will see Our Beloved face to face. (Well, I will probably fall on my face first…)

  2. Oh, this is so beautiful! He is so beautiful! Yes, in a way we are the only one. I like how you wrote that. To infinite, unlimited Love, each can be the one, each His unique beloved, with whom no other views for His attention and lavish blessings and love. Unfelt but known! I like that way of expressing it. “We have known & have believed the love God has for us. “I know Him whom I have never seen nor heard with my senses.” Yes! “You believe in Him whom you have not seen and you trust in Him whom you do not see now, as you are receiving the goal of your faith, the salvation of your souls.”

    Yes, He shed His blood for each one of us. He loves us all soo much.

    And this, I like this: “those eyes too beautiful to see while I am still in the flesh.”

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