Your first day in Heaven…

My love lifts up his voice,
he says to me,
“Come then, my beloved, my lovely one, come….”  (Song of Songs 2:10)


I love when God surprises me!

On the way home from running errands, I stopped by a church to visit Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.  I was alone except for the organist, and a vocalist who were seated at the organ and whispering.

Kneeling, I rested my head on my arms, hoping not to be distracted by the musicians. Suddenly, the organist launched into the the majestic tones of Felix Mendelssohn’s Wedding March.  How grand it sounded, as music poured out of the huge pipe organ, filling every nook and cranny of the empty church.

I looked up toward the aisle and imagined a bride, in her beautiful wedding gown, beginning her walk on her father’s arm.  What a glorious celebration a wedding is, and the bride plays the starring role.  Everyone stands to look at her as she appears in back of the church.  Every eye follows her walk toward her waiting groom.

But then…another thought flooded my consciousness.  If a wedding on on earth can be so beautiful, so magical and magnificent, what must the eternal espousals, celebrated in heaven, between God and the soul be like?

Surely no soul arrives in Heaven as though it were just an ordinary day.  God is no ordinary Lover.  Here comes His beloved, for whom He laid down His Life to purchase her freedom. Here approaches a priceless soul, fed on His Own Body and Blood.  Here she is at last, forgiven, cleansed, purified, clothed in His Grace, and ready for that for which she was created — everlasting union with the Most Blessed Trinity.  She will never be lost to Him again.   Sin is no longer possible.  She is His forever.  My love is mine and I am His.  (Song of Songs 2:16)

I shall betroth you to myself for ever,
I shall betroth you in uprightness and justice,
and faithful love and tenderness.  (Hosea 2:21)

Yes, all of heaven rejoices as she approaches the King of kings.  No one is unaware of her presence.  She will even have a new name known only to her and her beloved.

“…to those who prove victorious  I will give some hidden manna and a white stone, with a new name written on it, known only to the person who receives it.” (Revelation 2:17)

I am grateful that the organist continues to play the beautiful Wedding March.  But my heart is caught up with awe and wonderment at what must be the celebration of a soul’s entrance into heaven.   It is a new thought for me.  I had never before considered it.

Yet, God has written of this unending day all over the Scriptures– His “foolishness of Love” as St. Catherine of Siena once described Divine Love.  We cannot hope for too much.  We cannot dream too big.  Nothing we can imagine could even come close to the reality.  God is so in love with each of us.

If we desire it, if we accept His Love, and truly love Him in return, someday the Creator of the Universe shall say to us:

You ravish my heart,
my sister, my promised bride,
you ravish my heart with a single one of your glances
with a single link of your necklace.
What spells lie in your love,
my sister, my promised bride! (Song of Songs 4:9-10)

46 thoughts on “Your first day in Heaven…

    • Lisa, hi ❤ Thanks for the reblog. I have been so busy with my two granddaughters…new one arrived in August, and the almost 3 year old loves to visit….which we LOVE also. Also adjusting to some changes in my life. Really miss blogging. Have to check out what you have been up to. Hope to be posting more regularly in the future. God bless you always. I am closing my yahoo account soon, so will let you know when I set up a new e-mail address. Hope all is going well with you. xoxo

      • Hi Sis! yes, please keep me updated! Our Lord definitely is pleased with your time spent with the grandchildren.. I think that is where He wants you right now.. to be in their lives ♥ He’ll provide you more blogging material on His timing ! He just gave me something the other day to add up on the “Jesus King in Exile” blog and I will be doing that this weekend! hugs, lisa

        • Lisa, I will definitely be checking out your blog. Please say a prayer for my 6 month old granddaughter. She is having surgery Wednesday. It’s pretty minor, but putting an infant to sleep etc., is always worrisome. Thanks in advance! God bless you. I know you bring such joy to His Heart ❤

          • how is she doing , Patricia? I havnt been online that much this week due to a heavy workload at my job.. so I missed this.. praying for her!

          • She did fine, Lisa. She was back to crawling around and being her happy little self again the very next day. Thank you so much for your prayers! ❤

      • Beautiful 💖💞💝 I miss my 17 year old daughter Theresa Marie Delaney. She’s been texting me for the past year but chose not to be around me because I had a relapse with my recovery. I’m happy to say I am now 8 months sober with a beautiful network of friends I have supporting me. I in turn help others as well. Besides my “ virtual meetings “ I attend because of this awful corona virus, we have various get together online in AA and our spiritual meetings 2x a week on son is sober 17 years and is quite supportive. Please pray for a reunion of mother and child with my Theresa. Sad to say she’s chose not to be close to Jesus. I told her I will always love her. She was named after St. Theresa the Flower child of Jesus. She’s done well in school and dance. Please pray for us. The highest for of action ever taken is prayer and I cherish it. God Bless you all whomever reads this and thank you so very much.

        • Carol, thank you for commenting on my blog. How wonderful that the Lord has given you such a great victory in maintaining sobriety. He loves you so very much!
          Your daughter has a beautiful name and a powerful patron Saint. St Therese is my absolute favorite. I have many posts about her on this blog. You can type her name in the search box above if you would like to read them.
          Please know that I will pray to St Therese for your daughter to reconcile with you.
          I suggest praying the rosary and the Divine Mercy chaplet for her.
          Please be assured of my prayers for both of you. Have a beautiful Easter during this time of no public Masses. But Jesus is always with us and His Love never fails. May you be greatly blessed on this holy day.

          Love, Patricia

      • Yes! I’m always excited to read what you post, and I’m always filled with peace when I do so. God bless ❤ You're a beautiful soul

        • Christina, how kind you are. I am at a place in my life when affirmation is a most welcome gift. May God bless you for your heart-warming words. Thank you for visiting me here ❤

  1. Such a beautiful reflection! Yes Jesus doesn’t love us in an ordinary way.. what must be His plans for the first moment that we meet Him? Just as we might have hopes and dreams for meeting Jesus face to face, I’m thinking that He must have hopes too… from all eternity, He planned this moment. What would it be like? thank you for this post 🙂

    • Peggy, I am sorry, but I don’t. It’s lovely, isn’t it? I found it on Pinterest and it just spoke to my heart. No one can imagine what that actual face to face encounter will be like, but I loved the eagerness of the bride in this picture. Thanks for visiting me here. God bless you. Patricia

    • Hi Stephen,
      I wish I knew. Please see my reply to Tammy below. There must be a way to contact the artist….perhaps through Pinterest where she has several similar pictures which seem to be her personal creations. Please let me lnow if you find out if she sells her work.
      Thank you,

    • Hi Tammy…I wish I knew 🙂 The artist is apparently “Silvia”as noted on the picture. She has several similar ones on Pinterest, but I have not been able to locate any info about how to purchase. I found this on Pinterest and fell in love with it. I am happy you like it too.

  2. Reading your beautiful words rang within my spirit – the words of a song sung when I was young come to mind:

    “Oh, to be like Him
    Oh, to be like Him
    Precious Redeemer,
    Pure as Thou art.
    Come in Thy fullness,
    Come in Thy sweetness,
    Stamp Your own Image,
    Deep in my heart!”

    What a privilege it is to know that, no matter what church you belong to, when Jesus is your Saviour, Redeemer and Friend, we are all joined as one in the Bride of Christ! What joy we have, together, to look forward to when, one day, He calls us Home, and we can run into His loving embrace – there for Eternity – to rest in His Perfect Love!

    • Thank you Heather for shating that beautiful little song, and your lovely comment. Yes, won’t that be glorious…the day we behold His Face. May Heaven be filled with unending praise from all who love and adore our most precious Jesus!
      God bless you, Heather.

  3. God bless my beloved three children scholars MICHAEL CLAIRE AND MAXIMILIAN after two years after my beloved one passed away.

    • So many have asked. So far, no one has located it. There are several similar ones. Someone suggested it may be photoshopped. If I ever find it being sold, I will post that info here. Peace +++

  4. Is there anyway to get a copy of this photo? My cousin’s wife died in a horrible head on collision, and they were expecting their first child together. She and baby did not make it. Her hair is this exact same color and these trees are just like some of the photos of her she had while living

    • Hi Brittany. I apologize for being so late in responding. We were out of the country for a month.
      I have received many inquiries about this lovely picture. I found it on Pinterest, but there was no information anout its source.

      Perhaps you could download it and print it as a photo and frame it for your cousin.

      I am so sorry to hear that your cousin lost his wife and baby. What a tragedy. May God who comforts the brokenhesrted give your cousin strength and peace. My prayers for all of you.

    • Marsha…not that I know of. I have seen several versions of it. Perhaps it can be enlarged….depending on the resolution. It would make a lovely framed print. If I ever find one, I will add that info at the bottom of the post. Blessings, Patricia

  5. it was inspiring to wonder the great love of our beloved God whom we all belong to. thank you so much for sharing such a lovely inspiration. god bless u

    • Hi Clarissa, this picture is from Pinterest. Someone told me it is probably photoshopped. I have never been able to find a source for it. Many people have asked about it in the comments. I am sorry I can’t help you. Perhaps you can download it off my blog and try to enlarge it by having a print made from the digital copy.

  6. Wow!! That’s so lovely! Thank you for painting such a beautiful picture for me 💗 Your words alone are glorious, did you attach the picture of the bride running toward Jesus too? My daughter will be getting married next year & I’d really love to buy that picture for her. Do you know where I can get one?
    Thank you & God bless you & keep you & cause His face to shine on you 🌸
    Patricia S.

    • Patricia, we share first names 😊 Thank you for your kind comment. Everyone wants to buy that picture, including me…lol. There are several like it on Pinterest, which is where I found it. Many of them seem to be photoshopped. Perhaps you could find a way to print one and have it enlarged to be framed. They don’t seem to be copyrighted.
      I hope you will visit here again. I hope to start writing new posts soon.
      Thank you again for the lovely comment. Patricia

  7. I would love to speak to the person who experienced this and talk to her and ask her how this picture came to be. Did she paint it? Have it painted?
    Peace and blessings


    • Hi Nicole. The painting is a popular one which can be found on Pinterest. There are several versions of it. Many have asked if I knew who painted it and I have not been able to find a name. It is lovely though and a reminder that we cannot imagine the joy and love we will experience with the God Who created and redeemed us, as well as all the companionship with the angels and Saints. Hope to meet you there. 😉😊🙏

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