1 thought on “Love defined

  1. Wow, sister that is a POWERFUL statement Jesus gave Sis. Faustina.. so true!!! I was reading lately on the forensic details of what Jesus suffered on just a physical basis at Golgotha.. it was horrendous. From what I just learned, the word, “excruciating ” is derived from the word, “Crucifixion’. Crucifixion was created by the Persians and perfected by the Romans.. one of the most painful ways to die.. where it was intentionally invented to keep the victim alive so that they could suffer longer before dying. Also, when He was scourged, He was scourged more than the normal amount of times, so that Pilate would be able to hopefully satisfy the blood thirsty Pharisees that Jesus was punished enough .. Pilate wanted them off of his back so he could get onto his usual business. It didn’t work; seeing Jesus covered in blood, a mass of scourge wounds and barely able to stand, they still wanted Him crucified, nevertheless.

    The guards were more than happy to have their way with Him because the Romans despised the Jews to begin with, and here we have a Jewish man on trial who claims to be the KING of the Jews.. that’s all that was needed to incite their “over the top” aggressive ridicule and treatment with Him. Before being nailed to the cross, they tore off His garment, that was already adhering to His clotted scourge wounds, which caused fresh pain.. like tearing off a bandage from raw skin.

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