And the Light shines in the darkness…


O Holy Night….words so precious, so sublime that it seems they must be whispered.  Jesus has come!  The Light has come into the world.  The Son of God has been born, and nothing will ever be the same.

I give thanks to the Lord with all of my heart that I was chosen to live after the coming of Jesus.  I cannot imagine a world without Jesus; a life without the sweet and consoling Presence of His Love.

He is truly the Light of the world.  How dark those places are where He is shut out, where His Beauty, Truth and Love are unknown or rejected.

Imagine….living in the era before the birth of Jesus.  How hopeless life must have seemed, for Jesus is our Hope, our Joy, our Everything!

O Heavenly Father, thank You for the Gift of Your Son, Whose birth we celebrate on this Holy Night.  We are astonished that Your Love would deign to send Him to us, to live among us, to give His Life that we might have eternal life.  Jesus, the inestimable Gift!

In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness grasped it not.

It was the true light that enlightens every man who comes into the world.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.  And we saw his glory…glory as of the only-begotten of the Father..full of grace and of truth.

(John 1: 4, 9, 14)

(from the archives)

4 thoughts on “And the Light shines in the darkness…

  1. Have a very very blessed Christmas, sister, and everyone here too!!

    When I read that scripture verse about how Jesus came and dwelt among us.., I think of how it was no coincidence that Jesus was born in a structure where they kept asses, oxes, and beasts of burden.. He was born amidst beasts and He lived His entire earthly life and mission amongst beast-like man. He, Who is the Father’s Son Who dwelt amongst the Ivory Palaces and streets of gold, where there was only love, harmony, peace, beauty, joy, came to this Earth to give Himself so we would have the hope of being pulled from spiritual ruins and death if we so choose to accept Him and His sacrifice for us.

    I was cleaning the kitty’s litter box this early morning before logging online. I thought, Wow… Jesus came to the “litterbox of this fallen earth” .. A litterbox on many levels.
    To meditate on this reality and even the unknown suffering the Heavenly Father had in having to send His much loved Son for we despicable creatures of sin goes behond my comprehension. He still suffers for His Son to this day because of how so many are stubborn and refuse to receive Him.. What more Gift can we ever ask for!!!
    we love you, dear Creator! Deliver us from ourselves and may we keep on having MORE love to YOU!!!!!

    • Lisa, Merry Christmas! So awesome that what you wrote about Jesus being born among the beasts is one of the themes my pastor spoke on at Christmas Mass this morning. I had never thought of that before. Lisa, you are listening to the Holy Spirit! I’m so happy you commented as I have lost your wonderful blog name and address. Could you please give it to me when you have time, I have to run now as we have a house full of family who are waiting to eat Christmas dinner. Lisa, you are so close to Jesus. Please stay in touch. We have beensick here for over a month which is why my blog has been inactive. Christmas blessings to you! xoxo

      • God bless you dear Patricia! the Lord knows how to get His info out to all of us! Your pastor also listens to the Holy Spirit.. you are blessed to have such a pastor! I’m sure he also loves St. Therese 🙂

        sure, my WordPress blog is Jesus- King in Exile . I hope to be making more blog posts there this weekend.. for now there seems to be more of an emphasis from the Lord to upload more videos on my youtube channel (isainprogress) .. not planned, but I keep getting things that seem to be what the Lord wants me to upload. There’s this wonderful woman, Patricia Owens, who truly DOES hear directly from the Holy Spirit and she’s been sharing things He is telling me indirectly through her. For an example, I hadn’t told Patricia, but I was thinking all day how I am afraid to tell God, “I love You, God” because my love is an inferior love so far.. and I still have to grow more spiritually to the point where I can truly say I love Him with an unselfish agapeo love. Well she posted on my youtube channel that the Lord was compelling her to tell me and everyone there , “I don’t ever hear “I love You ENOUGH from My children!” I was shocked and stunned! so I made a video on it…. now He has me making a video highlighting some of the TLIG messages where He is asking us all to come to Him and not be afraid if we are wretches, because the more wretched we realize we are, the more He embraces us and can mold and shape us.
        I hope all of you in your family gets well. The Lord definitely permits even the physical ailments to strengthen us spiritually. It always seems when I’m sick I feel that much more closer to Him!

        hugs and God bless you!
        love, lisa

  2. O Holy Night is my favourite carol…it never fails to move me to tears and adoration!
    Much love and Christmas blessings to you, my dear the Name of that most precious Holy Child… “Jesus, the inestimable Gift!” xox

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