Musings on Father’s Day……

I love this picture of my son and his one month old daughter on His first Father’s Day one year ago.  He is looking at her with such absolute delight, and she is trying to look back, in spite of her little bobbing head.   But, I see so much more  here…..

FathersDay14 022

This little scene reminds me so much of God’s Love for his children.

My son is obviously delighted with his baby girl, as he gazes upon her with sheer joy.  But why? What has she to give?  She doesn’t even know who he is yet.  She can’t even see him well, in spite of attempts to steady her bobbing little head long enough to see her father’s face.

But one thing she does have is trust.  She knows that firm but tender touch which supports her.  She recognizes the familiar voice, although the words are incomprehensible.  It’s a voice she has come to know, a voice that brings food and dry diapers and soothing back rubs when her tummy hurts.  In her four weeks of life, she has already learned that her dad’s voice means safety and comfort.  Perhaps most of all, it means the warmth of being held close in his strong arms.

One day she will see his face, and comprehend his words and begin to understand how much he loves her.  But for now, she begins with trust.  When he’s there, it’s safe and warm and she falls asleep.

When Jesus spoke of becoming like little children if we wanted to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, maybe He was thinking of helpless infants trusting completely, because they haven’t yet learned how to doubt.

And maybe this is where God wants us to be, resting peacefully in His arms.

iPad2 035

After a year of seeing and knowing and being loved…she is learning to give back, if only in that adorable smile! ❤

What a difference a year makes! Father’s Day 2015


4 thoughts on “Musings on Father’s Day……

    • Thank you Lynn. Having a baby in the family again also reminds me of what that kind of love feels like….so absolutely consuming for the good of the little one. It is so consoling and joyously overwhelming to realize that God loves us infinitely more than we could ever love our children and grandchildren….and delights in us more than we could ask or imagine. ❤

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