O salutaris Hostia


“What great sweetness there is, O Jesus, in Communion! I want to live in Your embrace and die in Your embrace.”

Saint Therese


4 thoughts on “O salutaris Hostia

  1. Wow., sister, this quote from St. Therese confirms what the Lord gave me today from “He and I” after reading Psalms 103: 10-14 about how the Lord’s love stretches from the East to the West.

    I posted it all in my blog earlier..so you could take a look.., but in He and I”, I opened right up to pge., 77, where Jesus says to Gabrielle, “Love itself, holding out My arms to you. Nothing ever makes Me lose sight of My children on earth.. The entire Cosmos is cradled in Me. I am this second of time and I am Eternity. I am the lavishness of love, the One Who calls so that you may come without fear and throw yourself upon My heart..”

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