Tuesday Adoration… embraced by Mercy

Today, I was all alone with Jesus for my entire two hours of Eucharistic Adoration. This is a rare grace for me, although I feel sad when Jesus does not have other visitors.

But, His Love is so great that He is pleased and happy to remain in the monstrance for just one little soul.

When I have Him all to myself, I feel a special kind of joy. I recall St. Jean Marie Vianney’s words, “His eyes are fixed on you alone.” And I know, that if I truly understood that, I would surely die on the spot.

Being alone with Jesus is being like Mary of Bethany, sitting at His feet, fixing a loving gaze upon His Divine Countenance, choosing to do the “one necessary thing.”

I know that wherever Jesus is, all of Heaven dwells, and so I am never truly alone in the chapel. But Jesus doesn’t remain in the Eucharist for the angels and Saints, but for you, and for me…. He waits.

I used to wonder what Jesus does when we visit Him in the Most Blessed Sacrament. How does He greet us?

Once when I was on a women’s retreat, we were kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in a rather large chapel. It was the first night of the retreat, and we were praying the Rosary before dinner.

I was kneeling toward the back praying with the others, when to my great surprise, I saw a beautiful image in my mind. Jesus, clothed in white, was standing in front of the first pew in the chapel. As I watched the scene unfold, I saw Jesus bend over and most lovingly and tenderly caress the face of the lady kneeling nearest to Him. Holding her face in His Sacred Hands, He gently tilted it upward toward His Own. Then He did the same to the lady kneeling beside the first one.

I only saw this for a few moments, but the unforgettable memory of this sweet and tender welcome by Jesus is still with me 20 years later. I know that He greeted each one of us that night with this same most loving and affectionate caress.

And He welcomes you the same way too, whenever you visit Him in any church or chapel where His Eucharistic Presence dwells. Can we ever expect too much from His Love? Just imagine the warmth and the kindness and affection…and the gratitude, pouring out of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ when He beholds us coming into His Presence…longing for Him….loving Him….seeking Him….trusting Him…wanting to spend time with Him. He Who is so often lonely and despised.

You help to quench His Thirst for love, and He gives you His Heart.

We would do Him an injustice if we imagined anything less than the most loving and tender caresses and embraces from the Bridegroom of our souls.

But are we in sin?  Let us come to our Savior.  We know the story of the Prodigal Son. Will Jesus not welcome us back with joy infinite beyond that of the father in that parable? And He will supply much more than a robe and ring and sandals, but rather all the graces needed to confess our sins and be washed in His Most Precious Blood. Then we shall dine not on the fatted calf, but on the Bread of Life.

Today, after telling Jesus everything in my heart, I asked Him what He wanted to talk about. And after a moment, I opened a book and immediately read:  As often as you want to make Me Happy, speak to the world about My great and unfathomable Mercy….

Before I made the world, I loved you with the love your heart is experiencing today and, throughout the centuries, My Love will never change.

Quotations from the book:
Consoling the Heart of Jesus, pp. 263, 275
By Father Michael E. Gaitley, MIC

(First published 11/30/2011)

20 thoughts on “Tuesday Adoration… embraced by Mercy

  1. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts and experiences during Eucharistic Adoration. I do an hour every Sunday at midnight. You would think at that hour I would be alone with Jesus, but that is rarely the case. While it is nice that others give up sleep to come at that hour, there are times I wish I could be alone with Him.
    I love the imagery you described of what you saw of how Jesus greeted the women on the retreat. I have often wondered how he greets me when I enter the chapel to spend my hour with Him. I will remember this image.
    Thanks again and God bless.

    • HI Karin! I hope your Advent is going well. I’m glad you are posting again.

      It sounds like you get all the night owls for adoration : ) Actually, I’m a night owl myself, but we live too far from the chapel for me to feel safe driving back home on the dark lonely road during the wee hours.

      I usually have company too. I don’t know where everyone was yesterday. I understand what you mean about wanting to be alone with Him at least once in awhile. It’s just more intimate than when others are there. I do hope you get the blessing of a “solitary” hour very soon.

      Karin, the picture you use as your gravatar reminds me so much of that welcoming caress of Jesus, and I absolutely LOVE your blog title. You are a daughter of the King. May you bask in the light and warmth of His unique Love for you whenever you come into His Presence. “Let the Light of Your Face shine upon us and we shall be saved.” (Psalm 80)

      Blessings and Peace,

  2. Oh, Daily Grace, that’s so lovely to hear! Thank you. Most of all, thanks be to God for His Wonderful Love!

    You are so right: no greater peace than that given through Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Isn’t it sort of like the best kept secret in the world? Not that God wants it to be a secret, but it seems so few people really know the treasures of spending time with Our Lord in His Real Presence.

    I often think that we will carry these hours to judgment with us, and Jesus will “recognize” us and say: “You came aside and kept watch one hour with Me….” If we have done this out of love, and not for a reward, I think we will be amazed at the welcome we will receive…..He will never be outdone in generosity..

    God bless you too, DG!

  3. I must confess that while I am saddened to find Jesus alone so often, I am also overjoyed to have His undivided attention. I know this is selfish, but it happens so rarely anymore than whenever it does, it is just sweetness and light. I find it so much easier to focus on prayer or to simply sit and talk to the Lord when there is no one else around to distract me. When I’m alone, I can also kneel before the Monstrance and imagine I am casting myself at His feet. What a gift we have Patricia, eh?

    Sometimes, I have a tendency to recount in my mind all the “sacrifices” I make to get to Mass and Adoration. All tolled, they could never even approach the sacrifice that He made for me. And He does not need my “reminders”. I, too, think that these visits we make mean more to Jesus than we’ll ever know, until He can tell us face to face.

    I love how Therese wished she could do things anonymously for Him so that He would not feel bound to repay her.

    Love and prayers, my friend

  4. Dearest Joyce, what a beautiful comment! Don’t you think that the Heart of Jesus is thrilled at our desires to be alone with Him? That is so lovely..how you kneel before the monstrance as though casting yourself at His feet. Oh what joy for Jesus!
    These adoration chapels must be sources of such great solace for Him, when you think of His children, coming to be with Him, and everyone expressing their love in such unique ways. Such mysteries of love passing between Jesus and each soul…so personally.

    “I love how Therese wished she could do things anonymously for Him so that He would not feel bound to repay her.”

    How Therese must have charmed the Heart of God! She is something! : )
    Like you, I love that idea. Sometimes I think we can “sort of” do that…like fighting hard to hold back tears we have a right to cry, or giving our best smile to someone who is really unkind or unfair to us, etc. If we have the desire, surely Jesus is delighted!

    Oh yes, Joyce,” What a gift we have!” Let’s pray that we will come faithfully for the rest of our lives,,,,, Thank you so much for sharing!

    Love you,

  5. Patricia,

    Every time I visit your blog I find such treasures! The title of this post really grabbed my attention today because of your use of the word “embrace.” Every year about this time, I ask Jesus to help me find a focus word for the coming year, something that I can base my spiritual life upon in the year ahead. (It’s a custom I picked up from the blogs.)

    Two years ago my word was “accept” and last year it was “deeper.” With both of these words I wanted to learn to take the love of Jesus which included the joys and the sufferings and know that no matter what happened to me, it was all from the hand of our Father who loves us. Just the other morning when I was driving to work I was listening to a cd and the words of the song caught my heart-“We were born to embrace not accept it.” I knew in that moment that God was speaking to me through that song-telling me through a combination of both of my previous years’ words that now I am finally ready to take all that he gives me and truly embrace it in love.

    I love “Consoling the Heart of Jesus”, it’s one of my favorite books! And, I’m so glad that you’ve ordered “The Reed of God!” You will love it!

    Thanks for this post and God bless you! Anne

    • Anne, you are a treasure! But thank you so much for your encouraging words, which mean so very much.

      I used to have a confessor, now deceased, who was a simple, holy Franciscan. He always liked to say that “there are no coincidences..” Isn’t it amazing how God uses ordinary things like a song on the radio to speak to us?

      What beautiful words you have been given…and now you draw even closer with “embrace.” That is so lovely.

      I was given a word recently…although I didn’t ask for one. : ) But, the word is “order”, and I so much need order in every area of my life. I have been praying for God’s help with doing better with this, and didn’t quite know exactly what I was asking for, and then the word “order” came to me. It’s a perfect one-word description of what I need. God is so smart!

      I am grateful to Colleen for recommending “Consoling the Heart of Jesus,” on her blog. It is truly beautiful, and I like to just open it here and there (possibly a sign of my lack of “order” : )

      Can’t wait to read “The Reed of God” as well!

      Wishing you every blessing and joy during this holy season, dear Anne.

      Love and prayers,

  6. Patricia, the first picture grabbed me, and the visual of Jesus tenderly caressing each that comes to see him is just heart stirring. You are sounding very much like a soul on fire with love for her Lord and serving him by extolling is great, Divine Mercy. I want two hours with him now too!

    This post was just beautiful, and helpful for me to remember again, and again how much he loves us, how great is his Precious Blood. Yes, the Bread of Life, and the Bridegroom of our soul.

    I know I am loved by him, but I don’t have the stillness, the practice of recollection, I think, to just be still and realize his embrace. Sometimes I think he fixes it that soon after I visit him in the Eucharist, he embraces me through someone here. It is as though he condescends once again to help me in the current state of my faith and spiritual life to show me with what I do recognize, yes, here is my embrace.

    • Hi Collen,

      Your comment is very beautiful. And, without a doubt, I know that Jesus wants TWO hours with you infinitely more than you want them with Him. Yes, you are so loved by Him, as you acknowledged. Sometimes the recollection is hard if there are distractions…that’s why I love the adoration chapel where it’s so quiet and peaceful. Actually, for most of us, it really does take some practice, as we are all used to our busy, noisy, crazy world. But it’s worth trying to be with Him in the silence, even if we have to struggle. : )

      When we know that Jesus unites Himself so closely and intimately with us in Holy Communion, it’s not surprising to think that He embraces and kisses us whenever we come into His Presence. He loves us so completely. Remember His Joy with Mary Magdalen who washed and kissed His feet and dried them with her hair? When she was criticized by the host, Jesus told him: Simon,you gavae me no water for my feet..you did not anoint my head with oil…you gave me no kiss.

      The tenderness of the Heart of Jesus! He remembers and cherishes each expression of love and affection, and how He repays…even now! “Her sins are forgiven..she has loved much.”

      Colleen, you have such a beautiful heart: so open, so honest, so sincere in seeking the Lord. Truly you have found Him, and He rejoices in you!

      My you continue to have a Most Blessed Advent!

      Love and joy,

      • That is exactly what I mean. I may have my brain and spirit going to fast and too loud to hear and feel his embrace, but then he meets me where I am through wonderful souls like you. Thank you for commenting on my heart, and nothing makes me happier than thinking that He rejoices in me!

        God Bless you Dear Patricia!

        Love, Colleen

        • Colleen, isn’t it beautiful how we can be Christ to one another? To be Christ to one another, and to see Christ in each other. That is one of the things I love so much about reading the Catholic blogs, and getting to know the other bloggers. Everyone is an inspiration to me, as all seem to be trying to love and serve Our Lord with such purity of intention. Each soul is unique and has a special radiance and light to spread. Also, I am so uplifted and encouraged by the kind comments of people like yourself. They give me the courage to keep writing. I think we all need that encouragement, and everyone on these blogs is so generous in offering it.

          I think Jesus must be so pleased when we praise Him in our writing, and also share and reach out to each other on our journeys.

          Oh Colleen, Jesus does rejoice in you….as He told more than one Saint, “You would die if You knew how much I love you!” We worry about how unworthy we are, forgetting that we can never be worthy of so great a God, but He just can’t help loving us because we are His children, created in His very image and likeness. And of course, Jesus makes us all worthy through His own Precious Body and Blood given for us.

          God bless you too, Colleen. You are in my prayers.

          Love and hugs,

          • Patricia, you cut right to the heart of it! I love that you are so open and honest and speaking the reality of this. There are not many of us, but there is no reason for us not to love and tell each other we love each other. Here we have found other parts of the body of Christ who put love of Christ and each other out there for anyone to stumble on and read with the aid of google or other search. We are driven in our beliefs and our actions by this shared love. Love and hugs to you too, Colleen

          • Colleen, I am so happy that you feel the same way : ) I really think that spiritual friendships can fill a real need in our lives. Many people will share more deeply through writing than they would in speaking to others. And, we can “listen” so much better when we are reading another’s thoughts, than when we are in conversation. At least I think so.

            I’ve had two friendships which were through correspondence only. One was with an atheist gentleman….that was interesting! I will have to post about it sometime. We wrote over the course of six years. Then there was another man I came across in a Catholic forum. He had asked a question about God which had not yet been answered, and he sounded pretty desperate. So, I responded. He had not been to Mass in 30 years, and he was so hungry to learn about the faith. He became a devout Catholic and is so happy now. We only write occasionally now.

            You are so right about our blogs being out there for people to stumble across. We will probably never know in this life whom we may have helped along the way, but it will be so wonderful to find out in Heaven. I think blogging is a form of evangelization for those who are searching, and a beautiful vehicle of friendship among those who share our Faith, and offer love and support to each other. I’m glad you are out there, Colleen.

            I’ll be out of town until December 16 starting tomorrow. I really do miss my blog friends when I am gone. I’ll have lots of reading to catch up on everyone’s blogs when I return. But I enjoy it so much.

            Love you to, Collen. Thank you for understanding what I was trying to say!
            Patricia xo

  7. Hello Patricia……..

    I’ve only just read this post! Such a beautiful image! I don’t know if you’re all still reading, but would like to ask you all to remember me when you visit Jesus in the Eucharist. I’m unable to do this – I haven’t been able to for years for various reasons (illness and the non-existence of Exposition in many places here) and now I live where the Church is a good drive away and the Parish is very small and we don’t even have our own Priest as present. We have one Sunday Mass on Saturday and often one weekday Mass which I can’t get to easily. Exposition is a distant memory. My last parish finally started it after Sunday Mass so I started staying on just for 5 -10 minutes or so (husband always waiting for me in car), but it was impossible to pray. We have lost all reverence in the UK and people just kept on talking in Church – even in the aisle right in front of the Monstrance. (Mass is often little better) I will be quite honest. I felt more infuriated than in a state of grace!

    I have been ill for decades (with many problems) so at one point Mass was also a distant memory! I am able to get there every Saturday now. I have a very good husband, who, although not a believer himself, takes me to Church and never hinders my prayer etc. A few weeks ago I finally retrieved the Crucifix from a box (following a house move which was really difficult). We were trying to decide where to put it. My husband eventually came and said ‘Come and see’. He had put it up over an archway in the hallway. The archway now leads to the bathroom so it didn’t appear the best of places!

    Anyway, I’d just been reading the words “There was no other person there at the time, so I laid prostrate on the floor in front of Our Lord in the Tabernacle.”** and I thought ‘I can do that – in front of the Crucifix.’ and yesterday I did. Our hall is cross-shaped. A bit of a wonky cross, but a definite cross and I only realized it having lain there. I have done so twice today. Surprisingly, I didn’t have too much trouble getting up again.

    It felt wonderful. Over the last few months I’ve looked online a number of times for places of retreat and desperately wanted to bury myself in a old-fashioned abbey for a time, preferably enclosed, so as to spend time with Jesus and have free access to a chapel and the Real Prescence. It is impossible and I knew it, but we can all dream!

    I told you, Patricia, on another thread, that this last Holy Week, I had felt invited to Devotion to the Holy Face. Today I feel that Jesus has answered my pleas for help in an additional way. He has said “You cannot come to me so I will come to you”. I do not kneel at the Foot of the Cross but can lie lengthways on the arms – where I am held in His arms. I cannot wait until He carries me off in His arms permanently!!

    So please remember me when you visit the Real Presence and thank you all for your writing. It is one thing to say ‘Please pray for me” and another to be able to say “Please say hello to Jesus for me when you see Him!”


  8. Francisca, I love your comments. I wish you had a blog. You write so beautifully. If you ever start one, please let me know!

    First, I promise you that when I visit Jesus in the chapel…probably this Saturday, I will tell Him you send your love and greetings and He will be so happy to hear that…even though He already knows everything we will ever do, I am convinced that He rejoices as if He is truly surprised. How good He is! (I will greet Him for you each time I go….if I can remember 🙂

    Have you ever visited live webcam Adoration online? There are a couple of places I know of where the Blessed Sacrament in the monstance is presented in real time from an Adoration chapel, so that we can really be there with Jesus….sort of skyping with Jesus. I don’t think He would mind my putting it that way 🙂 Anyway, it is not quite the same as really being in HIs Presence, but it is special, and I truly believe that He gives so many graces when we do the best we can…..longing to be there with Him, but unable to, as in your situation. I can look up the links if you would like them.

    I have no doubt that when we can’t go to Jesus, He comes to us. I wrote about that somewhere in a post about Adoration. I will go see if I can find it and leave the link here in case you want to read it. There is no way He is going to endure being without our presence, if we can no longer attend Mass or Adoration, etc. He will surely come, since He can do all things. How could we ever expect too much from His Love?!

    That is so beautiful how you laid prostrate before the crucifix, and amazing how your hall is cross-shaped so that you can lie “in His arms.”

    Francisca, you are such an inspiration. Please visit often and leave as many comments as you like. They are so beautiful…..and so are you. I’m off to look for those links.


    • Hello Patricia….

      I have two pieces of news for you (three actually). We had three children make their First Holy Communion at Mass last week. It’s very low-key here which is a terrible shame, but I was seeing your ‘vision’ in my mind of Jesus greeting everyone personally and I was almost in tears. Then tonight I got into Church and glanced over the Newsletter before putting it in my bag and couldn’t believe what I read.

      We are starting Holy Hour and Exposition this coming Wednesday!! One hour every week with the intention to pray for the rebuilding of this Parish. Given our circumstances, I can’t really believe it – it was the last thing I expected to happen, so thank you so much for the link. I’m sure I’ll go later, but will wait till after the ‘Real Presence’. It’s been decades.

      Your comment “I am convinced that He rejoices as if He is truly surprised.” has just taken on a whole new meaning. I’m sure He really will be surprised on Wednesday. With so many churches shutting down, this is a real ‘turning the tide’ moment.

      I think ‘skyping with Jesus’ sounds great. Why wouldn’t he like it? Imagine even every Catholic, then every Christian, then every human doing the same thing. We’d have world peace in no time!

      Third bit of news? I’d just finished writing a letter which included asking for permission to try spreading Devotion to the Holy Face in the Parish. Miracles are already starting here and I’ve no doubt that the Holy Face and Our Lady of Sorrows are responsible, together with all the prayers of other parishioners!! I’ll update you later on that and remember you (all) to Jesus on Wednesday. Bye the way, I love your latest post – will reply later.

      Love in Christ

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