From Retreat…..

imageSomething to think about:

This morning I heard a priest describe a kind of vision he had before Mass one day.
He was praying in the chapel and he saw angels weeping.

They said to one another:
They are going to feast on Him!

And then they cried because they could not.

But there was another reason the angels were crying:
They are going to feast on Him, but are not even aware of it!


5 thoughts on “From Retreat…..

  1. Wow, Sis this is very convicting.. because the angels know that we in the churches tend to take the Holy Supper extremely lightly., when in fact, Jesus IS that bread and wine.. He IS that Eucharist wether it is bread, or the wafer blessed by that priest. And I have found that whenever I take Holy Communion in reverence, I feel His Presence within me, and sometimes I am aware of Him throughout the entire day afterward. Whenever Jesus says He IS , then we can take Him at His Word as His Word creates and He is the Truth. If He says, “Take, eat of this bread, for this bread IS My Body broken for you.. do this in rememberance of Me., ” Then we can be sure that it is not just some “symbolism” but He truly has condescended to enter that bread and become that little lowly wafer or piece of bread to enter into our hearts. I believe for every person who sincerely and reverently takes the Holy Communion, the Holy Spirit then enters within them and when the Holy Spirit enters them, so does Jesus, because He is One with the Holy Spirit and the Father.
    These are mysteries we humans cannot comprehend until all is shown us after we die.
    Please tell that priest that we here were blessed by the vision given to him.
    God bless you sis!
    hugs, lisa

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