What will this Good Friday be like for Jesus?

holy-face3What will this Good Friday be like for Jesus?

We know that on that first Good Friday, He was mocked, beaten, tortured, nailed to a cross, and gave up His Life…after shedding every drop of His Precious Blood for our salvation.

Only a single apostle of the twelve remained with His Mother and the holy women, to witness His agonizing death.

But now, it is 2000 years later.  What will Good Friday be like for Jesus?  Will hundreds of millions of Catholics and other Christians fast and abstain?  Will our churches be crowded to overflowing with loving souls who have come to remember, to express gratitude for His Sacrifice, to receive Him adoringly in Holy Communion?

Was Jesus sustained in His suffering by the awareness that all He did would not be in vain?  When He Who is Love Itself freely handed over His entire Being to the torturers, was He comforted by the anticipation of all the love which would flow back to Him from myriads of souls in the ages to come?

Did He, Who so loved to call Himself the “Son of man,” clasp to His Sacred Heart the Divine dream that all men would accept the Infinite Mercy which flowed from His Wounds?

 What will this Good Friday really be like for Jesus?

On Palm Sunday, our priest told us that extra parking had been arranged with a school down the street for the overflow crowds at the Easter Sunday Masses.  Then he added wistfully, “Please try to attend some of the Easter Triduum services.  The church is always half empty.  Please come…”

Jesus is God.  He knew it would be so….even 2000 years ago.  Even as He suffered as no man has ever suffered, He saw the empty churches, the people celebrating with friends on their “holiday.”  He saw “spring break.”  He saw the indifference, the ingratitude, even the hateful blasphemies.

But He saw you too.  He saw you on your knees, waiting to reverence the wood of the Cross.  He saw you approaching to receive Him in Holy Communion.   You comforted Him.  Your love made all the difference.

And He knows you won’t forget about those who don’t understand yet.  He hasn’t given up on them either.  He won’t force them to accept Him, but He will accept your prayers on their behalf.  In the Divine Economy of Love, He gives us His hands to unbind.  Our love, prayers and sacrifices can merit graces which sweetly and mysteriously move hearts, while free will remains intact.

What will this Good Friday be like for Jesus?

The Savior of the world, burning up with Love, which is constantly rejected and trampled upon, sometimes pierces the veil between Heaven and earth to beg love from his creatures.

“Behold this Heart which has so loved men, but which is loved so little in return.”  He sadly revealed to St. Margaret Mary.

To St. Faustina, He brought extraordinary promises of Divine Mercy to anyone who calls upon Him.  “The flames of Mercy are burning Me….”

The Divine treasuries are empty now, it would seem.   What else do you give, when you have given Your Only Begotten Son, the Beloved Son in Whom You are well pleased?  What else do you do when You have watched Him being tortured to death by creatures who could not draw one breath without You?  What do You do when You have come over and over again to the Saints, begging that they tell the world of Your Love?

What will this Good Friday be like for Jesus?

Let us make it a day of consolation for Him.  Let us join our Blessed Mother at the Cross, and fall on our knees in adoration of her Divine Son.  Let us slake His thirst for Love with grateful remembrance of all that He suffered for our sake.  And let us tell Him what He most longs to hear:  Jesus, I love You!  Let us say it from the depths of our hearts, over and over again.  Jesus, I love You!

And, Jesus gives wondrous gifts to those who come to the Cross!  To His executioners, He gave forgiveness and begged His Father to pardon them.  To the good thief, He promised Paradise.  And to the faithful Apostle John, He entrusted His precious Mother.

He will not forget that we have come.  On our last day, as we lie upon our final cross, He will come to us.  He will hold us close and cover us with Love and Mercy.  He will receive our last breath, our last word of love, and carry us away to His Father’s Kingdom.

What are you (and I) doing this Good Friday?

(First posted March 27, 2013)


7 thoughts on “What will this Good Friday be like for Jesus?

    • Thank you, Grace. YOU are beautiful, and so is your blog….just love visiting there. Happy Easter to you too!
      I’m gonna miss you when you enter the cloister 😦 But will be so very happy for Jesus and you, spending your life in His Presence.
      You remind me so much of St. Therese….and I’ve seen your booklist 😉 I think you two are well acquainted! Easter hugs to you dear friend!

      • You’re welcome! You are very beautiful also, and your blog is always such a joy to visit! I’m gonna miss you too, but St. Therese will keep us together. She will indeed be my Role Model in Religious Life, and I hope to become a good nun under her and St. Philomena’s guidance. Easter hugs to you also! GBY!

        • Grace, today was my Adoration day when I have two hours at the feet of Jesus. I prayed for you much. The Lord seems to have placed you on my heart. I felt such joy for you. Jesus loves you so very much 🙂 Whenever I go on retreat, I love having a room near the chapel, and I think to myself, “I’m in His house!” Soon, you really will be! Praise God for the many graces He has prepared for you. I feel this is only the beginning. I promise to always pray for you. Thank you for promising a farewell post! I will miss your blog so full of love and joy, but will cherish the thought that you are being “unpetalled” for Jesus alone. Hugs and prayers, dear Grace!

          • Thank you for your prayers! That nasty old serpent seems to have placed many obstacles in my path to the monastery, but I’m trying to have faith that they will soon be conquered if I indeed have a vocation. I will miss your blog also. Hugs and prayers to you as well!

          • Hi sweet Grace. I am so sorry to hear about all the obstacles. But, the evil one always tries to discourage us when a great blessing from God is at hand. This can happen before a planned retreat, or even on days of Eucharistic Adoration. I often get my worst migraines on those days….to try to keep me away. Our Blessed Lord will work all out for you. Just keep trusting in Him. You will not be conquered by evil.

            I am leaving for a pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, Avila and Rome with my sister this Divine Mercy Sunday. Our plane leaves at 3PM….how awesome, the Hour of Mercy. I will pray for you in all of these holy places, and ask Our Lady to keep you in Her heart and to protect your vocation. If you would like a rosary or medal, etc., from any of these places, I would be happy to send you one when I return….hopefully blessed by the Holy Father at his audience. So dear Grace, know that you will be lifted up in prayer in a special way over the next two weeks. I may post pictures on my blog if I have time. Please keep my sister and me in your prayers for a safe and healthy trip…she is sick right now, but should be well by Sunday. God is good! He is calling you; I really believe that. Rejoice that you are a chosen soul. Remember how Therese doubted her vocation the night before she was to take her vows? Her superior laughed and reassured her, as this is so typical.

            I will be out of touch except through prayer while I’m away. Have a beautiful Divine Mercy Sunday, and may the clouds be lifted and your joy return. Only a few months until your birthday 🙂

            Blessings and Mercy from the Heart of our Beloved Jesus to you and your family! Love, Patricia

          • Thank you, dear Patricia for such an incredibly sweet offer! If you e-mail me (iluveucharist@juno.com), I will reply with my address. Thank you SO much! I will most certainly pray for the two of you. Pilgrimages are definitely amazing opportunities. It’s not so much doubt and sorrow I’m dealing with as it is temptation to hopelessness over physical obstacles that threaten to further postpone the vocation I’ve already been waiting so long for. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by a wonderfully vocation-supporting parish and many friends to stand by me and cheer me on in leaping the hurdles. A beautiful Divine Mercy Sunday to you also, and thank you so much again for all your prayers and support! May your pilgrimage be a truly blessed one! Love, Grace.

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