Jesus thirsts for you….


There is no one who thirsts for love more than Jesus.

There is no one who is more rejected than Jesus.

There is no one who is more hated than Jesus.

He told us so from the Cross: “I thirst.” And it was not for water that He burned with thirst, but for the love of those He was dying for….you and me

But, how loved is Jesus? Out of seven billion people in the world, how many of us utter His Name with love, reverence or affection on a typical day?

Recalling the crowds which followed Him while He was on earth, we know that only a handful were there at the Cross. The rest seemingly abandoned Him, including most of His apostles. Can we imagine that His followers are more faithful today?

But when the Son of Man comes again, will He find any faith on earth?  Luke 18:8 (NJB)

What can we do for Jesus this week? We can be with Him. We can be His companions on the road to Calvary and at the foot of the Cross. We can pause to tell Him that we love Him throughout the day. Let us not forget Him, especially this week…this holiest of weeks.

St Therese wrote: “Since the age of three, I have never gone more than three minutes without thinking of God.”

Can you imagine if we all strived for such a precious goal in life…to immerse ourselves in God minute by minute? We have only to look at Him, to smile at Him; words are unnecessary. We need not interrupt our duties to whisper, “I love You.”

I will be trying harder this week to do better, to be a true companion to Jesus. Please pray for me, and I will pray for you, that Jesus will be more loved this Holy Week than ever before.

Imagine His Joy!

“I thirst, and with a thirst so ardent to be loved by men in the Blessed Sacrament that this thirst consumes me, and I find no one who, in accordance with my desire, strives to quench it, by giving some return of my love.” (Words of Jesus to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque)


3 thoughts on “Jesus thirsts for you….

  1. This is so beautiful Patricia! I will pray for you and for all of us to “be with Him” in our minutes throughout our days. Thank you for this gift to love Him more and to be present with Him this Holy Week. And in so doing may we be truly present and loving towards others. God Bless you dear friend….with love and His Light XOXOXO!

  2. Hugs to you dear Cynthia! I’m so happy when you visit! I left you a comment on your cat poem (I have a cat who gifts us with moles too 🙂 but when I pressed publish, it disappeared. I think I forgot to fill in the captcha. Thank you so much for your prayers. I do need them! I will pray for you at Adoration tomorrow. Don’t you love Holy Week? Such a beautiful time, and it builds to the grief of Good Friday followed by ecstatic Easter Joy! I hate when it all ends and we have to wait another year. But lots of beautiful feasts inbetween….. May Our Lord grant you so very many precious graces this week, and a heart bursting with His Joy on Easter Sunday! ❤

  3. Sister, this is very beautiful.. and I love St. Therese’s quote of always thinking of God since the age of 3 and never going 3 minutes without thinking of Him. I was not faithful in my life for many years so I can never say that.. but now I will be 52 this May and I want the rest of my life to be like that! Even at my day job I desire to always be in communion with Him during my days, and nights and mornings.. all moments of the day no longer belonging to me any more, but to Him. Doing my job and errands for Him, and with Him. That’s my prayer as by nature it’s very easy for me to lose focus of Him and get caught up in things that would distract me.. Thank God for His grace!

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