Prayer request…please


Hi dear friends….thanks for stopping by. I have a favor to ask. I am having sinus surgery today, and so I would truly appreciate your prayers for a safe and successful procedure and a speedy recovery.

I’ll be back soon. In fact, I had a post ready to go up yesterday, but forgot to hit the “save changes” button and so now I have to go back and do the rewrite again. Oh, the travails of Lent! 😉

I hope all of you are having a very holy Lenten season. I think of you as dear friends, and you are in my prayers.

You might enjoy this post from 2013, written when I was down with the dreaded shingles virus! I especially like the picture.

Blessings to all! Thanks in advance for your prayers! Love, Patricia


21 thoughts on “Prayer request…please

  1. Praying for you dear Patricia! May all go smoothly and your recovery swiftly! You are in my thoughts and heart friend!! XOXOXOXOXO Healing light and love your way……

    • Awww, dear Cynthia, you are so kind. My surgery went very well; had a painful couple of weeks with recovery though. I just started resuming my ‘normal” activities. Guess that pain was penance for Lent 🙂 I needed it! Hugs right back to you, and thanks for the warm and caring words! ❤

    • Thanks so much, dear Anne! I wish I could say I’ve been reading the Summa while recuperating…… 🙂 Bet you are right on schedule. I had to go back to bed after I read how you spring cleaned your whole house, planned and gave a wedding reception, went to the wedding, danced all night and did something else the next day after Mass…..all in one weekend. Oh my, I almost passed out. Care to let me know what vitamins you take 🙂 xoxo

    • Wish you much strength Patriaéén in prayer , and thank you for this wonderful blog ❤

      Walter, thank you so much for your prayers, and for your kind words. Is that my name in Dutch? If so, I love it! Wish I knew how to pronounce it properly. I appreciate your comments so much. Thank you!

    • Thank you, Grace for your prayers, and for posting this on your own blog. Maybe some of your nun friends prayed for me 🙂 I’m doing well. Had to stop taking an antibiotic which was giving me horrible headaches….one of the side effects. Hope all is going well for you, and that you are having a beautiful Lent. I have so much to catch up on, as it was difficult to be online much after the surgery. Hugs, dear friend!

      • You’re welcome! Glad you’re feeling better! It’s always good to finally know the cause of your ailments. Hugs to you too! I’ll have some doctor business myself tomorrow, as I’ve been going through a severe cough and ear pain for more than a week. Happy Lent!

    • Rebecca, I know I can count on those Carmelite prayers! Thank you so much. You are very kind. Everything really went well except for a little glitch of migraines from one of my meds. I’ve been switched to a different one, so hopefully they will clear up and stay away. Blessings, Rebecca! xoxo

    • Cindy, like a true Carmelite, you always come through when I ask for prayers. Thank you so much! I hope you are doing well. You much have been quite snowed in this winter…..we didn’t have a flake, as usual 🙂 I’d love a bit. God bless you and have a most sacred Holy Week and Triduum, and most of all, a truly glorious Easter! Love, Patricia

  2. Blessings,
    My name is Catherine. I wish to ask you to please pray for Kevin whom I have been dating for 2 yrs. God has sent him many personal challenges the past 18 months & in addition to those he also struggles with a methamphetamine addiction. Baptised but not raised in the faith he struggles with truly knowing God. He feels so alone in his struggles & I know nothing but prayer can save him & give him peace. Please pray God blesses him with the gift of faith, that he can let go of the past & see he was made for a purpose. Pray God heals him from his addiction. I would also like to ask you pray for my son Lachlan who is autistic & struggles with learning. Being an only child feels terribly lonely at times please ask the Lord to be his comfort. For my parents Reg & Mary who are both unwell & for my Family.
    For the bottom of my heart thank you
    & God Bless

    • Dear Catherine, please forgive me for the delay in replying to you. I am actually on a pilgrimage at the moment. We have been to Lourdes and Fatima, and are now in Rome. I got rather ill with fever, cough, etc in Lourdes and today was my first day up and about again.

      I will be most happy to pray for all of your intentions here in the Eternal City. I will carry them with me in my heart as I visit the many shrines and holy places here. May God touch your Kevin with His healing Grace, and open Kevin’s heart to receive His Merciful Love. My son had substance abuse problems for a time, so I know how heartbreaking that can be. All I knew was to keep on praying and consecrating him to our Blessed Mother. He too was an only child, and yes, it can be very lonely for them. May your son find great comfort and intimacy with Our Lord and the Saints. Your parents too will be in my prayers. It is so hard to watch those we love suffer. Your family is blessed to have you…your warmth and love and concern for them shine through your words. May Our Precious Jesus soon send all the help you need for these intentions. His timing is always perfect. God bless you dear Catherine. I never delete these prayer requests, so I will continue to include them indefinitely. Please pray for me too ❤

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