A Valentine, and a wish granted by the Divine Bridegroom…

A dear friend posted this picture on Facebook yesterday, and when I saw it, I thought:   Now, this reminds me of the kind of “Valentine” that God sends to us at every moment of our lives.   And, considering all the snow which has fallen in many areas of our country recently, the words on the picture also brought a smile to my face, as I remembered something St. Therese once said.


Therese had completed her postulancy in Carmel, and was about to be clothed in the holy habit of Carmel on January 10, 1889.

In those days, the taking of the habit was a magnificent ceremony in which the postulant was dressed as a bride, just as she would be to marry an earthly spouse.  Only in the case of a religious, it would be the last time she would wear secular clothes.

Therese, barely 16 yeas old, is reported to have been a vision of loveliness as she was escorted to the altar on her father’s arm.  She wore an exquisite velvet dress, with appliques of the Alencon lace which her mother so beautifully made for many years before her death when Therese was four-years-old.

On her head was a veil with a crown of roses and on her feet, white satin shoes.  I have seen these shoes, and Therese did not have small feet. 🙂   She was actually quite tall for her time, measuring five feet, five inches.

Everything was perfect except for one tiny wish Therese cherished in her heart.  She wanted it to snow on her clothing day.  She loved snow, but this had been a warm and balmy January, and snow was not in the forecast.

But now, I’ll let her tell the story of the snow in her own words, from her autobiography, The Story of a Soul:

That January day, the weather was so mild, snow seemed unlikely. However, upon returning to the cloister, the first thing that struck my eye was the statue of ‘the little Jesus’ smiling at me from the midst of flowers and lights. Immediately afterwards my glance was drawn to the snow: the monastery garden was white like me! What thoughtfulness on the part of Jesus! Anticipating the desires of his fiancée, He gave her snow. Snow! What mortal bridegroom, no matter how powerful he may be, could make snow fall from heaven to charm his beloved?”

I love this story.  It reveals the tender charm of our Great God Who did not think it too much to grant His most pure little bride the snow she so longed for.

And, let us remember His Words in the picture above, to St. Teresa of Avila:  I would create the Universe again, just to hear you say you love Me.

We can be sure that He says the same to you and to me.  And I can’t imagine a more beautiful….or romantic Valentine…..can you?

And what will we offer Him in return?

( A post from the archives, but such a perfect Valentine)


22 thoughts on “A Valentine, and a wish granted by the Divine Bridegroom…

    • Thank you, Anne! Our dear friend, Trish, posted that picture on Facebook yesterday, and it seemed like the perfect Valentine from Jesus! I just want to give her credit, and hope everyone links back to her blog…I posted the link where I mention my “friend” in the post.

      I love those words of Jesus to St. Teresa…oh my! And, how could I not think of Therese and her snow…with it seeminly everywhere but HERE at ths time. 🙂 Like Therese, I too love snow…probably because I so seldom see it. Love and blessings….

    • Hi Nancy…you probably didn’t remember because you don’t like snow as much as I do! 🙂 And that could be because you get so much of it! Hey, maybe I should make a novena to Therese for some snow. She just might surprise me! The pictures was posted by Trish on FB yesterday, and I fell in love with it. So glad you enjoyed the “snow story.” Hope you are feeling much better today. xoxo

      • I actually love snow. I mean: really LOVE it. Just thought I’d clarify 😉 ! Love cool weather too (above 70 is too hot for me, and yes, I really do mean that).

        • Nancy, I hate hot weather too…and look where I live 😦 The trees are already budding here and so our short spring followed by a long hot summer will soon be here. I’m so happy you LOVE your snow 🙂 I mostly only see snow in the movies…sigh! Enjoy it for us both….Anna…lol!

  1. Oh what a beautiful picture of Jesus! And you know what, Patricia? After reading this, I think I like the snow a whole lot more 🙂 It really is beautiful and it’s snowing here right now.

    I hope you get your snow, my friend 🙂

    • It IS a beautiful picture, and I so love what He told St. Teresa of Avila, and I immediately thought of little Therese and her snow and how “what mortal bridegroom…….”? She’s so funny 🙂

      I’m glad you like your snow better now. As for MY snow. I think spring is here instead. It will be in the 70’s tomorrow and most of next week 🙂 I may have already told you about the bluebirds checking out the birdhouse by our fountain. Oh well, at least I got some ice this year! God bless you, Mary. Take a picture of your snow for me! xoxo

  2. It IS snowing here right now, Patricia, and I love it. Thank you for the beautiful juxtaposition of thoughts.
    I have a friend who prayed for snow on her Carmelite Profession day. Knowing the story, the other Seculars laughingly asked, “All right, who prayed for snow?”

    • Oh Cindy, I can’t imagine all the snow! I’m so glad you enjoy it. I’ve never lived where it snowed much, but the four years I was in North Carolina, it snowed a couple of times each winter…just 2 or 3 inches. But, I was so delighted! Watching it fall was enchanting for this southern belle.

      That’s funny about your friend who prayed for snow on her Profession Day. It sounds like she got it! 🙂 If anyone in my neck of the woods prayed for snow on their Profession Day, and even one flake fell, well that would be a bona fide miracle!!! 😉

      God bless you, Cindy! So good to hear from you!!!

  3. Patricia,

    I love the little details about St Therese you shared. Her height and foot size makes her into a real person rather than a distant saint, if you know what I mean!

    What will we offer Jesus in return for his love? That is such a timely question. I feel God is speaking to me through your post. Thank you. God bless!

    • Hi Sue! I just found your comment in the spam file! I can’t imagine why “they” put it there. I’m so happy that I happened to check, as I seldom do.

      So good to see you here. I’ve missed you. I haven’t had much time to visit either, since getting back from Italy. And, we were out of town all last week as well.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the little details about St. Therese. I smiled when I saw her shoes in the place where her relics are kept in Lisieux, France. I said, “Therese, you had big feet!” I’m sure she laughed 🙂 They have her hair as well….a mass of beautiful blonde curls. I later read that this wasn’t the hair which was cut at the time of her clothing, but rather hair collected over the years each time her hair was trimmed back. She definitely had gorgeous hair.

      Yes, I have been pondering that question too….about what to offer Jesus in return. I’m so glad Lent is coming. I love having that special time to try to focus more on our faith, and to feel more inclined toward taking spiritual inventory…so to speak.

      Thanks so much for commenting, Sue! I’m so glad I rescued you from the spam folder! Love and hugs…..

  4. Wow! I am looking out my window at snow somewhat differently now. The image of St Therese all in white velvet and satin and lace mixed with the snow is lovely! Even though we have had a lot of snow this winter it is still so beautiful and contemplative– when we are not trying to drive through it!! Thank you for this wonderful reminder how much God loves us. It really is incomprehensible. I send you spiritual snowflakes dear friend! God Bless you always….

    • Oh boy…spiritual snowflakes! Thank you, Cynthia 🙂 I’ll take any snow I can get, and “spiritual” snow sounds especially lovely. Maybe you can write a poem about it! Yes, I imagine having to drive through snow might diminish its charms a bit…lol. I’ve been indoctrinated by Hollywood: snow just floats down at the perfect time, and you are always warmly dressed or else sitting by a fire indoors sipping hot chocolate watching magical snowflakes. Ahh, it’s all so romantic and lovely. Wasn’t that “Valentine” from Jesus amazing?! I can imagine that He would say something like that, and apparently DID to St. Teresa. As you said,
      “incomprehensible.” We are talking about the all-powerful Creator of the Universe, and He is just crazy about US! I love remembering that thought. It never fails to lift my spirits! Sooooo amazing! Love and hugs, dear friend! Enjoy the snow…. 🙂

  5. Patricia, No snow for us in these parts : – ) but, I’m OK with that. What a lovely story about Therese, I’d not heard it before. It’s the story of our lives, isn’t it? What we offer Him in return.
    Love and Blessings +

    • Caroline, I think I have snow envy 🙂 Although, I would only like about 6 inches..not 6 feet! And of course, I would stay inside by the fire, and just enjoy looking at it.

      Isn’t that a great story? Her beautiful wedding gown was made into vestments by the Vatican, which I believe were worn at either her beatification or canonization Mass. So lovely!

      Yes, what will we offer Him in return…we who are so poor. Therese said that she would appear before Him with “empty hands.” She even asked that she might love Him with His Own Love, since hers was so imperfect. I love her simplicity, which enabled her to reach the heights of wisdom.

      Hope you are well, dear Caroline. I have been so busy, as my blog reflects. Hope to be more active here again soon. xoxox

  6. Wow, Patricia I forgot about that incident in St. Therese’s life regarding the snowfall on her Wedding day with Jesus.. she was so right.., only Jesus would be so romantic like that.. what a Bridegroom!!! and Therese let her heart become clothed by His grace just like the snow covering this Earth.. ps.., praying for your continued recovery of sinus surgery dear sister!

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