Would I have met you today?


(This map represents states which have a combined population of  57 million, the number of babies aborted in the United States since 1973. Will the map someday all be blacked out?)

I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to meet them…the 57 million who were slaughtered before they were even born. No doubt they would have been much like all of us….some brilliant and gifted, bringing wonders to the world:  another Louis Pasteur or Steve Jobs (almost aborted) or Albert Einstein for example.. I’m sure there were Saints among them too…maybe like Blessed Mother Teresa, or perhaps St. Augustine or our beloved St John Paul.

Surely there were priests as well…priests who will never offer the Holy Mass or raise their hands in blessing, priests called by God from all eternity and yet, never ordained.

Probably, most of the 57 million were destined for ordinary lives like me, and maybe you…but called to holiness all the same. Called to become God’s dream of them, invested with talents, and a mission which no one else can ever fulfill.  Called to leave a unique footprint upon the earth which no one else can match.

But we will never know. We will never know if heart disease could now be prevented, or if cancer would have been cured in our lifetime. There are so many beautiful faces we will never see….so many smiles, so much laughter never heard. And, we have lost not only the 57 million, but the countless millions who would have been their descendants…denied to us and the ages to come
What wonders had God planned for us….He Who only desires our good?  Who was He sending that we threw back into His face?  And who are we to play God? Adam and Eve tried that, and we know what happened to them, and to us.

I am haunted by the immense impact of destroying 57 million lives before they could even draw a breath. I am missing friends, neighbors, maybe even family members, for all I know. I would like to have met them, known them, seen their gifts and talents flourish, rejoice as they learned about God and His Love for them, prayed with them, held them….my fellow human beings, my sisters and brothers of our Heavenly Father.

Dear ones whom we remember on this dreadful anniversary,  I am so sorry that you are lost to us….so tearful that this earth is soaked with your blood.   We are so much poorer for your absence, for all the gifts God intended for you to spread in our pathways….for your brightness, your inspiration, your genius which we will never know.

But there is one thing you can still do:



10 thoughts on “Would I have met you today?

  1. That map really brings the numbers into focus, doesn’t it? May God have mercy on us, and heal our poor world. Thank you for writing such a striking post.

    • Nancy, I used to think this holocaust would surely end in my lifetime. I thought it was a mistake and would soon be reversed. I cannot believe we are still here 42 years later fighting this battle. Now there is talk of killing children after birth…if they aren’t perfect, etc. Where will it all end! God help us! This has been legal my entire adult life and I doubt I will live to see the victory for Life. There is still so much hardness of heart out there. Imagine…not even passing the pain protection act for babies 20 weeks or older. Torture! God help us!

    • “God I want to see, very beautiful and where described , thank you very much sure Sincerely Walter <3"

      Walter, thank you so much for commenting. I am so happy that you visit my blog. Please always feel free to leave a comment. Yes, to see God one day will be so glorious. I will say a pray for you today in Eucharisitc Adoration…where I see Jesus in the Sacred Host.

      God bless you, Walter!

  2. Yes, the genocide that has been and is taking place is abhorrent and harrowing. May God forgive us and have mercy on us. Your post reminds us to keep up the good fight to protect the dignity of life for all, especially the voiceless and vulnerable. Thank you for your wise and revealing post. God Bless….

    • Hi Cynthia! So good to hear from you 🙂 But yes, what sadness…what horror that such unspeakable cruelty should be legal in our once great country. I do wonder how different our world might be…had they lived. Many would have children by now. Almost 60 million babies in the U.S. alone. It’s mind boggling to realize what that means, and impossible to comprehend all that we have lost. God bless the babies and their mothers. Meanwhile, we continue to pray and do whatever we can to save just one more…..

  3. Oh my heavens..Patricia, those numbers are just so unimaginable! Seeing them displayed in that map format makes you weep when you see what a wicked and tragic Holocaust it all is..! Jesus have mercy on us.. and on the whole world…

  4. Trish, it truly is unimaginable! It is so heartbreaking. I look at my precious granddaughter and think of all the other beautiful, precious and irreplaceable babies who didn’t make it to birth. While I was searching for pictures of Jesus with children, I came across a photograph of a late term aborted baby. The baby was intact, but I couldn’t see his/her head. What I saw was that tiny perfect little body from the rear, stretched out on the table. Little legs pulled straight, naked little body. I thought of the indignity of the nakedness and the cruel disposal to come, without even a proper burial. These little ones have never known a moment of love. How can anyone not love a baby? I was haunted by that sweet angel’s little body for days. God have mercy on us, indeed! I just pray He surrounds these babies with angels so that they never feel the pain or know that they are treated like trash.

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