Ouija, the movie…why you shouldn’t see it

Tomorrow is Halloween, and there is a horror movie being released called Ouija.  I’ve read reviews of it and throughout the movie, the young people “playing” with this extremely dangerous tool of the occult keep saying, “It’s only a game.”

But it isn’t.  I am re-posting today my own terrifying experience resulting from involvement with this so-called “game.”

Sadly, ouija boards are sold in the toy departments of many popular stores.  Tragically, sales will probably increase after the release of this movie.

I hope you will read my story below, which is also an account of God’s Grace and Mercy.

If my story doesn’t convince you, please at least listen to Catholic exorcists who warn about ouija boards being one of the portals though which the devil and his demons can enter into your life in powerful ways.

Praised be Jesus Christ Whose Holy Name makes all of hell tremble!

St.Michael(St. Michael the Archangel, protect us from evil.)

As I reached the top of the staircase, intense hatred rushed upon me, almost smothering me with its rage.  I gagged as though I were being choked, and the unseen evil fled as swiftly as it had come.

It all started a few months before with that ouija board.  My husband was away on business, and I had gone to spend two weeks with my former college roommate.  We were working on a writing project together.

I arrived on a Sunday evening, which also happened to be March 25, Feast of the Annunciation….but I hadn’t even been to Mass.  I was a confused Catholic, steeped in my sins, ashamed to go to confession, and who with an arrogance which now horrifies me, had decided I would “fix” everything when I was “old”….like maybe  60 or so.

My friend, Anne, brought out some entertainment after dinner….a homemade ouija board.  I laughed.  My mother had one when I was a child, and none of use had ever been able to make it “work.”

But Anne explained that her husband’s cousin had visited recently and that she had the “gift,”  and now Anne had it too.  I was completely skeptical until I touched the base of the delicate sherry glass we were using as a pointer, and it literally flew across the table in search of a letter.

I was astounded.  There was no doubt that something unworldly was happening.  We spent hours at the table, asking questions and getting answers from “deceased relatives,”  all of whom claimed to be in Purgatory.

Thus began my entry into the world of the occult– months of deception and confusion, and contact with evil, the potential danger of which I will only fully understand when God reveals it to me in eternity.

God, O God!  How can I ever praise Him enough for His Grace and Mercy!   Never can I doubt that He can bring great good out of evil…no matter how dark that evil is.  He literally brought me to conversion and a return to my faith at the same time that I was caught up in this dangerous foray into the occult.

Anne and I had no intentions of doing anything evil. Neither of us thought that what we were doing was sinful.  Anne had placed a rosary on the table and we had prayed a Hail Mary before we touched the sherry glass.  But, praying before one enters into sinful activity, especially when it involves opening oneself up to the power of evil spirits is an abuse of prayer.

Why God protected us from worse harm, and even brought great good out of this situation remains another mystery for now.  But He did, and briefly, this is how it came about.

As Anne and I continued to “converse” with spirits on the ouija board for several days, we soon became aware that we could also “hear” them in our thoughts.  This began slowly, with our “hearing” the words before they were actually spelled out on the board.  In our ignorance and foolishness, we were delighted.  We could now “talk” with our deceased loved ones without the slow and cumbersome ouija board.

One afternoon, about mid-week, I was working alone on our writing project when suddenly, unexpected words broke into my consciousness.  As stated above, I had become used to this by now.  But, I was not expecting the message I was given.

“You must go to confession.”  I froze.  Confession?  We had been going to Mass all week.  I was talking to souls in Purgatory.  I thought things were “cool” between God and me.  I thought He had waived the confession thing.  Wasn’t I special….even allowed to talk to “holy souls?”

“You must go to confession, or God will be so sad.”  This second command cut through my resistance and went straight to my heart.  “….God will be so sad.”  How could I refuse now?  I had longed for Him ever since I could remember….ever since I had committed what my seven-year-old conscience deemed a mortal sin.  (Please see https://theholyfaceofjesus.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/on-my-way-to-hell-at-seven/ for a helpful introduction to this current post.)

As it dawned upon me that yes, I would have to obey, I heard a comforting promise, “Don’t worry.  We will be with you and give you strength.”

Over the many years since this happened at age 25, I have pondered the above message.  At first I thought it was the evil spirits putting me to a test they thought I would fail, and thus enable them to have even more access to me.  But, as I have grown in faith and knowledge, and hopefully in God’s Grace throughout the years, I have come to think that it was perhaps my guardian angel……permitted by God to offer an invitation to me.  To offer it in such a way that it would be so very hard to refuse. To phrase it almost as though he were speaking to that seven-year-old.  The tone of this voice was kind and encouraging……something the other voices seemed unable to imitate.

I immediately told Anne, crying in her arms in terror.  She was very supportive and encouraging.  She even suggested that we talk to her pastor after I went to confession, and ask him what he thought about what we had been doing with the ouija board, and how we now had voices in our heads.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Anne drove me to her parish church, and I did what I had avoided for the past 18  years.  I entered the dark confessional and knelt down, my heart pounding out of my chest.  But, I wasn’t alone.  Just like the voice had said, there was a presence with me, a warm and loving and strong presence.  The priest slid open the little window and I felt surreal, as I somehow stammered out an honest confession.  Although my body was in a panic, my mind and spirit were clear, and strangely calm.

The priest was most kind.  Hearing my situation, he gently led me through the Ten Commandments, listening carefully, but asking only a few questions.  It was all over in what seemed a brief moment, and then I heard the most beautiful words in the world, “I absolve you from your sins, in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

But, I hadn’t confessed playing with the ouija board.  I didn’t think it was a sin.  However, shortly after Father finished hearing confessions, Anne and I entered the sacristy to tell him all about it, and to ask his advice.  Although well-intentioned, he did not send us away with the wise counsel we needed.  And we were led further into the darkness.

(click here for part II)

To those who will not return to read the next installment, please know this:  never, ever, dabble in the occult.  Do not even read horoscopes for fun.  All of these “fun” things have the capacity to open the door to the powers of evil  (fallen angels) which are very real, and which hate you beyond anything you can imagine.  As I will explain next time, even a soul in the state of grace can still suffer from the effects of past involvement in the occult.

But God is so faithful, so merciful and loving that there is nothing to fear, if one asks His forgiveness and places themselves in His care, determined to never, ever again go near ouija, boards, tarot cards, crystals, fortune tellers, mediums, etc.  Avoid like poison anything even remotely associated with the occult.  Please!


15 thoughts on “Ouija, the movie…why you shouldn’t see it

    • Anne, thanks so much for reading it. Actually, it’s a re-post from 18 months ago, and you can find parts 2 & 3 by clicking the link right above the last two paragraphs in the post. PS That link wasn’t there when you read it; I added it after reading your comment 🙂 Thanks…and God bless!

  1. Wow. What a powerful story. I want to read the rest of it. I can’t believe how many people, especially young people, who will be messing around with ouija boards after that movie. It is frightening to think about the influence and dire results of this. I am captivated by your story and am reminded of various times during my young years I messed around with these tools of the occult at different friends’ houses. It did seem like innocent fun at the time but now I see how dangerous and close I came to this demon portal. Thank God I was okay. I have really stressed with my kids not to EVER mess with these occult practices. And now the movie industry, once again, is holding up these things to our society. I am hoping, since the movie shows the terror and hellish results the characters encounter from messing with the board, that it will actually deter people from trying it but I don’t know….I think there will be an increase in sales anyways. The lure of evil. Thank you for posting your story and for the honesty in which you write. I am so grateful we are blessed with amazing angels and the loving mercy of our Lord God. And that you listened to your angel and survived, on so many levels, to tell the tale. Thanks be to God. I have missed you dear friend and send you a gigantic hug, love and light.

    • Oh, I love gigantic hugs, dear Cynthia! Thanks…and right back atcha! ❤

      I hope you are right about the movie scaring people away from ouija boards. Sadly, it had a huge opening weekend. 😦

      I've heard some talk about ouija boards on Catholic radio/TV this past week. Really scary! I learned that the child, on whom the movie The Exorcist (never seen by me!) was based, actually became possessed through using a ouija board. Then, I heard a mental health consultant who works with priest exorcists remark that people who have come under demonic influence through ouija boards are particularly difficult to deliver.

      I am so grateful to our great and merciful God for saving me from what could have been a much worse fate. May He be forever praised!

      I miss you too! It's been a crazy year for me…lots of changes, and I'm still trying to work out a new schedule. I miss blogging and reading my favorite blogs..the mad-eyed monk 😉 I'm sure I'll be back on a more frequent basis soon…as the Lord wills.

      So happy you are writing your exquisite poetry again! I'm going to make a cup of tea soon, and do some catching up at your place.

      Always a joy to see you hear, dear friend!

      Love and hugs xoxo

      PS Cynthia, you can find parts 2 & 3 by clicking on the link near the end of the above post. I added it after Anne mentioned she was waiting for the next installment.

  2. Wow Patricia! What a story…my eyes were glued to every word.

    I was surprised when I discovered the evils of the Ouija board…one being in my house growing up. It wasn’t until several years ago that I read about it. I have talked to my children about the dangers too in case one of their friends have one.

    Yes…evil is let loose in this world but we will not give up the battle. Put on the armor of God!

    • Theresa, my mom had one too! It seemed to be an adult party “game” at one time.

      I’m so glad you read up on the dangers of this thing. I mentioned to Cynthia above that I heard even more dangerous reports about ouija boards this past week. I just hope that people don’t run out and buy them after seeing the movie.

      Yes! The armor of God! We are so safe in His care. The exorcists who are sometimes guests on Catholic Answers always say we are safe if we remain in the state of Grace and frequent the Sacraments. We have all of our wonderful sacramentals as well. The main thing is, of course, to avoid any contact with the occult…..a lesson I will never forget!

      So happy you stopped by and commented. ❤

  3. Thanks so much for making a post on this! I used to dabble with the oiujja board too when younger, and also experience demonic activity afterward. That was also the beginning of my sleep paralysis attacks after using that thing.

    I ended up burning it in our burn barrel in our back yard. My mother bought it in a flea market for us and I felt it was better to destroy it than let someone else naïve dabble with it.

    The Oujja Board was actually devised centuries ago by witches to summon entities. It was later called a “Witches Board”. It was bad from the very beginning and demons used it to gain a foothold and “open door” to any who used it. I’m so tired of hearing many people give excuses for these demonic things as well as pagan practices, saying that “well this even predates Christianity, so it can’t be bad” YES, it can still be VERY bad, and there was much evil in the very beginning of mankind. Demons played around with humanity from the very beginning. Why these people use that as an excuse for their occult practices and paganism , I can’t understand.

    • Oh Lisa, I’m so glad you are okay! It is so dangerous to fool around with this stuff…as you know. How good Our Lord was to keep us from getting more deeply into trouble! Good for you for burning the thing! I burned everything I had that was associated with my occult experiences. It was just instinctive to throw it in the fire. Praise God for His Mercy!

      It is so sad that people seek this stuff. God help them! I try to warn people, but they usually don’t believe me. They think horoscopes, mediums (that Long Island woman), etc., are all in fun. All of this occult stuff is a sin against the first Commandment.

      I didn’t know the history of the ouija board. Really creepy!

      All I can say is Praised be Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Lord and Savior!
      Forever be He praised!

      So good to hear from you, Lisa! I have to check up on your blog. I love your videos! Hugs, dear friend! xoxo

  4. Mary, to my great surprise, since I first wrote them last year, they are in the top 5 or so of all of my posts when it comes to hits. There must be a ton of people out there searching on this stuff. When I heard about the Ouija movie 😦 I wanted to at least try to discourage some people.

    Evil is so seductive! Most people, and I was one of them, think this stuff is all a joke and a game and can’t hurt you, etc. Then, you think it’s good cause you contact “people” and you have this “power.” The devil is so deceptive!

    To God be the Glory! He is so Merciful! I am still astounded at His great Goodness in delivering me from all this mess. May He show Mercy to all others who have been as foolish and sinful as I!

    Jesus, we trust in You! We love You. We were made for You. Help us to seek You alone!

    God bless you, dear Mary! ❤

  5. Oh good for you posting this before Halloween, Patricia. You know this has to be something coming to the forefront in many young people’s lives especially with shows like ‘Medium’ running mainstream. It’s an old story isn’t it? Blessings always +

    • Caroline, it got tons of hits. People are so curious about this dangerous yet enticing stuff. That medium show seems to keep getting renewed..unfortunately. It’s dreadful that so many are deceived by this stuff. They are really seraching for God, but don’t realize it. I hope I helped steer a few people at least away from that awful movie. I think it’s gone now from theaters anyway, but of course will pop up on TV and DVD etc. Yes, it is defnintely an “old story.”
      Love and hugs to you, dear friend. I’m still trying to catch up and e-mail you soon. When you read this, please pray for a special intention. Thank you so much!

  6. I did’t knew about the ouija board, i have researched about it.
    Can i watch online videos of the ouija board?
    Is it safe or not?

    • Hi Ajay. Thanks for visiting my blog. I would advise you to stay away from anything having to do with ouija boards…even watching videos on the Internet. There is diabolical power surrounding these occult objects. Priests who are exorcists mention Ouija boards near the top of the list of things which attract demonic activity into a person’s life. Please do stay away. It’s not worth the risk.

      I don’t know if you read my three part story on my own experience with the occult via a ouija board, but it is posted on my blog and you might find it helpful. Here is a link to the first part.

      God bless you.

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