Tuesday Adoration…Delight of the Father

Today during Eucharistic Adoration, in preparation for the Feast of St. Teresa of Avila, (a Solemnity for Carmelites),  I was reading some of her Spiritual Testimonies and received, from the Saint, a beautiful new insight into what transpires during Holy Communion.  Perhaps what St. Teresa reveals will be a blessing to you as well.



Once after receiving Communion I was given understanding of how the Father receives within our soul the most holy Body of Christ, and of how I know and have seen that these divine Persons are present, and of how pleasing to the Father this offering of His Son is, because He delights and rejoices with Him here–let us say–on earth.  For His humanity is not present with us in the soul, but His divinity is.  Thus the humanity is so welcome and pleasing to the Father and bestows on us so many favors.  I understood that He also receives this sacrifice from the priest who is in sin, except that He doesn’t grant to his soul the favors He grants to those who are in the state of grace.  But the reason for this isn’t because these influences proceeding from this communication, by which the Father receives this sacrifice, lose their force, but because of a lack on the part of the one receiving it; just as the lack is not on the part of the sun when it fails to shine on a piece of pitch as it does on crystal, but on the part of the pitch.  If I could now describe this, I would give a better explanation, for there are deep interior secrets revealed when one receives Communion.  It is a pity that these bodies of ours do not let us enjoy them.

The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, Volume I
Spiritual Testimonies, No. 52, Deep secrets revealed in Communion
ICS Publications,
Washington, D.C.
(Italics by me)

14 thoughts on “Tuesday Adoration…Delight of the Father

  1. “..the Father receives within our soul the most holy Body of Christ”
    This thought is so wonderful ….it fills me with absolute awe! Thank you for sharing what you received at Adoration today..you have really blessed me, my dear friend!

  2. Trish, I am in awe as well! It never occurred to me that the Father receives the humanity of Jesus with us! There is so much love within the Trinity, and within us being inhabited by the Three Divine Persons that it is beyond my poor little imagination. What a gift from the Holy Spirit, through St. Teresa, to realize that the humanity of Jesus, so precious to the Father, would delight Him so when received by us in the Eucharist. So many mysteries of Love hidden within our Triune God that we shall always be….. just beginning. Love to you, dear friend!

      • Hi. Hope your keeping well ? I am well am a nanny now,Evie Rose was Born on the 8th December a beautiful it baby we don’t see much of them,

        I hope we can stay on touch in 2015
        With love Joanne xx

        • Joanne, congratulations! Yay…a precious new baby! So you have a girl too? Beautiul name 🙂 I just love being a grandmother…or whatever she will end up calling me. Our little Adelynn is almost 8 months old now and crawling all around, pulling herself up and saying momma and dadda. So cute! How exciting that Evie was born on the Feast of the Immaculate Conceptionn! Yes Joanne, I would love to keep in touch in 2015. This has been an exhausting year for me for many reasons….just one of those difficult times. But, I hope to get back to writing, and to reading my favorite blogs. I’ll be over soon to visit. God bless you! Love and a big hug, Patricia. Blessed New Year to you as well 🙂

          • Thank you So much, have lots to share with you Patricia,so much is happening, even to the point we have to make an appointment to see Evie ,it hurts so much! We will keep in touch in 2015 love and hugs 💕

          • Joanne, do you really have to make an appointment? I’m thinking this is your son’s baby? Are his wife’s parents allowed to visit more freely? Is there some way you can find out why they are limiting your visits, without actually accusing them or making them defensive? One thing I try to do is give very little advice 🙂 I’m sure you are wise enough to steer clear of that. Have you tried calling and saying you have a gift for the baby…a little dress or something? Hmm, let’s keep praying and ask the Holy Spirit for light and wisdom in this difficult situation.
            I’m so sorry. Surely it will get better with time. Please keep me posted. ❤

          • Yes we do have to make an appointment, I even texted Shannon and said he and Kirsty and Evie were welcome to call in any time, he came back and said, they would have to be invited over if we wanted to see them,how crazy, is it, the hurt and pain I am going through, to the extent, it’s making me sick, I am in constant pain ,have been to the dr and have to have blood tests which I had this morning,to dee if the Polymyalgia is back.

            Life is difficult at the moment,and I am really struggling

            Please keep praying for me


    • Oh, I’m so glad, Mary. And many thanks to your birthday patron Saint who passed along such a beautiful truth to us. It’s so beautfiul how God wants to llive in us and with us…..oh how He loves us! xoxo

  3. This is wonderful! What a gift to receive from such a Saint and from our Lord in the Eucharist. Yes, so much incomprehensible love. I am so thankful for this beautiful insight: ” For His humanity is not present with us in the soul, but His divinity is. Thus the humanity is so welcome and pleasing to the Father…”. We are so loved. Thank you Patricia for your always inspiring posts and love for our Lord and God. You see and comprehend such beauty and truth and share it with others in tangible and amazing ways….God Bless you dear friend in Christ.

  4. Cynthia, what a joyful comment! So good to see you here. I think I have a few of your poems to catch up on, but that is always a delight to look forward to! Don’t you love the insights of the Saints? I’m always amazed….gee, why didn’t I think of that 🙂 It’s lovely that God gives us these great Saints to inspire our hearts!

    As always, thank you for your kind words. Hugs and blessings, dear Cynthia! xo

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