From the palette of God….

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”   Psalm 14:1

 Lilac breasted Roller in South Africa.

Lilac breasted Roller in South Africa

There is no God? But who could believe such a thing? See the masterpiece I present to you above? A reproduction of a tiny, simple creature whose magnificence puts to shame even the greatest art created by man. For, in nature, this beauteous bird has a beating heart and downy feathers, and his little wings lift him aloft to fly above the treetops. Yet, he knows not where he came from, or even what he is. He simply hatched from an egg and shook out his little body into a cascade of breathtaking colors. See his design? How carefully each grouping of feathers is “painted,” with highlights shimmering in all the perfect places?

If you saw this bird — a splash of painted perfection across a canvas in a museum, you would surely look for the artist’s name….for of necessity, there would be an artist.  Such wonders do not occur when a palette of paints accidentally tumbles onto a canvas.

But if this bird with heart beating, song singing, wings fluttering….if this living, breathing, warm fluff ball of rainbowed loveliness alighted on a branch near you, and cocked its little head, if you are a fool, then you might say, “There is no God.”

And indeed, you would have proved yourself a fool
…………to consider the imitation more needful of a creator than the vibrant reality before you.

God is Beauty, and He has strewn wonders across our world in a super abundant feast to attract us, to fascinate us and to give us enticing glimpses of what awaits us when we at last behold the One Who is all Beauty.

Be a fool no longer!  Seek your Creator, the God of the Universe, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, your Beloved, the Beautiful One.

He longs for you, desires you, above all the beauty of His creation.

He calls to you?  Will you not answer….will you not seek Him and the delights He has prepared for you alone?

You ravish my heart,
my sister, my promised bride,
you ravish my heart
with a single one of your glances,
with a single link of your necklace.
What spells lie in your love,
my sister, my promised bride! 
Song of Songs 4:9-10 (NJB)

(first posted in January 2013)

7 thoughts on “From the palette of God….

  1. Good morning Patricia…I just had to pin that beautiful creation of God. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful, reflective post. Many blessings~Theresa

    • Hi Theresa, can you imagine that bird showing up in your yard? How exquisite, and he isn’t vain in his beauty…although I’m not sure about those peacocks 😉 I don’t know how anyone can behold the beauty of creation, and not long to see the Creator! Have a great week!

  2. Wow, what a stunning bird! Our Lord is a Master Artist and every one of His Creations expresses some aspect of His great Personality 🙂 Some things He made are so soft and gentle, some are whimsical , some are strong and Awesome.. He waits for man to have eyes to see and ears to hear Him in all He created. He signs His name at the bottom of His Masterpieces hoping we will take notice Who the Artist is.

    My mother and I were just talking about how He made our human bodies. The very fact that we even have minds that think invisible thoughts is proof enough that a Creator created us. Scientists are still trying to figure out the human brain. Our Invisible God knows what He is doing 🙂

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