I broke His Heart….


My Jesus, how often I forget that it was I who condemned You to death. If everyone else who has ever lived could somehow vanish, as though they had never been, you still would have been condemned to death, by me….and my sins. Not by Pilate, but by me. Your Love for me alone would have brought You to the Cross.

Jesus, as I look upon Your Suffering, with compassion and sorrow, let me remember that my sins cause you immeasurably more pain than the scourging and the thorns and the nails. Those were physical sufferings, but I broke Your Heart.

Grant that I may remember always that the slightest deliberate venial sin wounds Your Heart so deeply, and brings tears to Your Beautiful Eyes. Jesus, I tremble to think that it was I in the crowd screaming “Crucify Him,” when Pilate asked what to do with You.

Yes my Jesus, I condemned You to die by my sins.  Forgive me……….


17 thoughts on “I broke His Heart….

  1. Beautiful reflection today. We forget how much He is wounded by our venial sins and petty worldly habits and attachments.

    Wishing you a grace filled day.

    • Theresa, exactly! I have been a bit careless in one area lately, and when I came across that post from 2012, those words about venial sin just jumped out at me…a gentle reprimand from Our Lord. I remember that He told a Saint (was it St. Teresa?) that He is more hurt by slights from those He considers friends, than from more serious offenses from those who do not love Him. Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Beautifully written, it tears at my heart to think I did this to him. My sins, so terrible, cause him suffering. Forgive me Jesus.

    • Me too, Sherry. And like Theresa said, we (I) so easily forget about those “little” things which He should never have to endure from those of us who profess to love Him. So happy you stopped by and left you beautiful comment! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Patricia, your words must console Jesus ‘ heart very much. The other morning the Gospel reading of the day was the one where Jesus tells the disciples He loves them like the Father loves Him. It is easy to rush over those words, but if we stop and think… wow! That much? How can He? But He does!

    Have a happy weekend!

    • Sue, I have often pondered that passage as well. It’s astounding that Jesus could love us as much as the Father loves Him. The only way I can fathom it is to realize that His Love is always infinite…never limited. So, we are loved infinitely, and the more we love Him back, the greater our capacity to receive His Love. Does that make any sense 🙂 ? What a great mystery! I love in some of the private revelations to Saints where Jesus tells them that if they could know how much He loves them, they would literally die of joy! Now that is something to look forward to! xoxo
      Happy Sunday (I think!) to you!

      • It’s true about the Lord’s incredible love for each of us. We have no idea. I found myself questioning this early this morning that maybe the Love I was feeling coming from Him was all in my imagination. After all…why would God care about some average bland person on this Earth like me.. and He is the Creator of all universes and King of Kings. Surely I must be deceiving myself to think that there is even a God let along some Higher Power that really loves each of us individually. These doubts crept in after I experienced His loving presence with me all last night. I don’t normally get to enjoy His presence and when I do, I end up questioning if maybe it’s some delusion of my mind.

        Well I asked the Lord to take away my doubts and confirm to me that He really is there and He really DOES love each of us individually. I opened up the devotion book titled, “He and I” – of His messages to Gabriel Bossis and my eyes fell on His words: “….My yearning is born of My Love, do you at last believe? Do you acknowledge My power to love? And if Mine is a love beyond all others, then how could you fail to go beyond your usual ways of loving to make your home in the Higher Realms– the realms where all is simplicity in our Oneness.”…Above all when it is There that I Am waiting for you and that great is My need to meet you.” Meditate on this need of Mine..”

        Woww.. does our Lord ever have such a way with words! ♥♥♥

  4. I feel this so deeply. What truth you so beautifully express. We wield our hammer and stakes so wildly and thoughtlessly. Thank you for this look into my darkness. God Bless…

    • Cynthia, so good to hear from you! I’ve been checking your blog from time to time and noticed you were taking a break. I’ve had a few breaks myself 🙂 Anyway, so glad you are back! I know what you mean about looking into “my darkness”. I have been the same way lately. I have pulled out some of my books which detail various faults and the faults which underlie those faults, etc. I feel the Lord is calling me to clean house, which I wasn’t able to do as planned during Lent because I was focused on the death of my sister. On a brighter note, I became a grammmy on May 15. Ah yes, precious three week old little girl is lighting up my life these days 🙂 I predict more blog breaks in my near future…lol. But, I’ll always be checking out your exquisite poetry. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxoxo

  5. A powerful although not easy reminder so prayerfully and beautifully put, Patricia. I am often so humbled when I read Jesus’ words to many of the saints about how wounded His Heart is by the slightest of sins. And yet He is still so loving and merciful to and with us. He pours out His love and mercy in the sacraments giving us every chance to return to Him and console Him. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Karin, can you imagine being one of those Saints to whom Jesus confides those wounds caused by those who claim to love Him? I’m sure that in their humility, they were all accusing themselves. I really believe that I love Him, but I can just be so careless sometimes. And worse yet, sometimes I can even be deliberate. Like you said, Jesus is so Merciful, but I feel awful when I take advantage of that precious Mercy. May He help us all to be faithful in even the smallest of things. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  6. I’m taken by the eloquence and aptness of the prayer. This is very much a reminder for me to be more aware of the little things, the little sins, the unintended slights that occur in the day, the pettiness that our thoughts can evoke and encourage. I pray for the grace to be more aware of even the least of my thoughts and the slightest intent of my actions that they not be offensive to God. (Made a copy of this prayer you wrote for my Prayer Book.)
    Thanks and God bless you.

  7. David, thank you for your beautiful comment, and for listing so many examples which I know that I can relate to. Sometimes I think Our Lord shines HIs Light on these imperfections which taint our good deeds and even lead to venial sin when not reigned in. How good God is not to show us everything at once! We might despair. I often wonder how the great Saints could still think of themselves as great sinners. I suppose that even at the heights of holiness, perhaps even MORE so there, one is aware of how imperfect and unworthy they are in the Presence of Infinite Holiness.

    Your comments are always a blessing, dear brother in Carmel. Have a lovely weekend! Trinity Sunday marks 13 years since my Definitive Promise in 2001!

  8. Zechariah 13:16 so perfectly prophesies of the sufferings Jesus still experiences to this day in His Soul. Dear God, please deliver us so that we will no longer break your heart but be a consolation to You!

    “And one shall say unto him, ‘What are these wounds in thine hands?’ Then he shall answer, ‘Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends

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