I delight to be Your child, O Mary


Domenico Corvi: María y el Niño.

Domenico Corvi: María y el Niño

O Queen and Beauty of Carmel,
I rejoice to be
in Your Motherly care.
No harm shall come to me
beneath Your watchful eye

I love Your tender smile
and the assurance of
my tiny hand in Yours.
O Mary, Fragrance of Holiness!
Purity beyond comprehension!
I delight to be Your child.

O Full of Grace,
draw me close to You
and let Your Motherly touch
leave traces of Your Sanctity
in my poor soul,
like a lingering perfume.

I thank God that
You are my Mother
for always.
O lovely and incomparable
Virgin Mary!


6 thoughts on “I delight to be Your child, O Mary

  1. Amen. How it must surely delight our Blessed Mother to read these most loving words!
    So beautiful…so fitting!
    love and blessings as always, my dear friend…xoxox

    • Thank you, Trish! What a beautiful Mother she is! We are so blessed to have her love and care. Hope you had a very Happy Mother’s Day! I will soon be having my first “Gram day” 🙂 Hooray for that! Hope it falls on one of the lovely feasts coming up this month. Hugs to you dear friend!

    • Thanks, Mary! Do you think Our Lady puts our little verses about her on a big refrigerator up in heaven? 😉 You know, I think she probably has a very special place where she keeps all the “flowers” we offer to her. Won’t it be fun to see?

      Thanks so much for the congrats! I wish the house next door to my son was for sale 🙂 I imagine my DIL is glad it is not…lol! We live 45 minutes away, and it’s TERRIBLE!

    • God be praised, indeed! Thank you, Nancy! You are so kind to think of me. I’ve already posted the badge in my sidebar 🙂 And, I will pass on this award to a couple of bloggers who inspire me….and you are certainly among that group! Thanks again! xoxo

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