Mother of Sorrows…..


Mary, Mother of Sorrows, after all your had witnessed, after all the torture you had seen inflicted upon your Precious Son, they were not yet finished with Him.

Standing beneath His dead Body, you must have hoped that He would soon be taken down and laid in your arms so that you could tenderly wipe His Face and cover it with kisses mixed with tears.

But no, your agony had not yet ended. Even with His death, they were not finished ravaging His Sacred Body. A soldier thrust a lance into the very Heart of Your Son. Oh Mary, surely your whole body quivered in horror and how deeply you must have experienced those long ago words of the prophet Simeon, and a sword shall pierce your own heart…



2 thoughts on “Mother of Sorrows…..

    • Happy Easter, lovely Cristina! I was thinking of you on Good Friday when a young woman with a beautiful soprano voice sung the Via Dolorosa. I remembered your Ave Maria that you shared. I’m guessing you’ve been singing your heart out the past couple of days. And..I’m loving your A-Z challenge. You are so gifted at sharing the truth in such a welcoming and affirming way to those who may have different beliefs. Hope you and your family had a most beautiful Easter, my awesome friend! xoxo

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