The Dream……

(Because I am in the midst of a storm, and need to snuggle close to Jesus on the rough waters of life, I share this post from 2011.)

Then it began to blow a great gale and the waves were breaking into the boat so that it was almost swamped. But He was in the stern, His head on the cushion, asleep. Mark 4:37-39

I especially love Mark’s account of the calming of the storm on the lake, because it includes the lovely little detail of Jesus resting His head on the cushion

O Son of God, asleep in the boat, Your Sacred Head resting upon a cushion — like us, You sought a bit of comfort. 

O how beautiful You are, Divine Jesus.  I love to sit and contemplate Your Holy Countenance at rest.  Sweet and Innocent Lamb of God, You are breathtaking, and I cannot turn my eyes away.

Gently, I reach out to brush back your damp hair so that I may drink in all the Beauty of Your Face.

I find myself wondering what You are dreaming about.  You look so peaceful.  O, I hope it is a lovely dream.  Perhaps You are dreaming of all who will one day love You and sing Your praises forever.

Are you dreaming of the great Saints and Martyrs who will live lives of heroic virtue, and even die for love of you?  Are you dreaming of Your Home in Heaven?

My Jesus, do I dare hope that You are dreaming of me?

The wind has picked up and a huge storm is moving into my life, but I must not wake You.   I recall Your words to Your disciples:  “Why are you frightened?  Have you still no faith?”

Increase my faith, O dearest Jesus!

“I sleep, but My Heart is awake.” (Song of Songs 5:2)  Your Heart hears my unspoken prayers.

Our boat is tossed about.  I can scarcely hold on.  I come closer, and snuggle next to You, resting my head upon Your Heart.  I close my eyes.  The waves wash over us.  I feel Your Closeness.  “I will not wake Him,”  I whisper to myself.  And I too drift off to peaceful sleep…….

“His left arm is under my head,
His right embraces me.” (Song of Songs 2:6)

 ………Some years ago, I often liked to ask Jesus what He dreamed about while on earth.  I never expected an answer, of course.  But one weekend, I went to a huge Marian Conference in New Orleans.  There were thousands of people there praising and worshiping God.  The Masses were beautiful.  There was an adoration chapel set up, and Our Blessed Lady was honored with beautiful words, prayers and an abundance of flowers.

I felt I had died and gone to Heaven, but the best was yet to come.  On Sunday evening, suddenly I heard the steady ringing of bells from a distance while the choir began to exquisitely sing “Crown Him with many Crowns.”  Then I saw the procession of white vested priests start down the aisle, amidst clouds of incense, and as the bells grew louder, I saw Him.  He was being carried in a ciborium swaddled in white, surrounded by candles.

But what took my breath away were His people.  As the procession passed each row in this immense conference center, all of the people bowed to the ground.  Row after row fell on their faces before Him.  As I watched with tears filling my eyes, awaiting His approach, I thought, “Oh, this must be what Heaven is like.”

And, unexpectedly, astonishingly, I heard a clear and tender voice whisper to my heart,

THIS is one of My Dreams! 

10 thoughts on “The Dream……

  1. Beautiful! There were times in my life that I’ve felt the calming of the storms that were about me. O such a spiritually rich ceremony to have all fully bow with their heads touchy the ground! I’ve seen that in only a few occasions and participated as such as He passed by, and when I did, it didn’t so much as move me, it removed all that was unsettled and in turmoil within my heart and left me with a lasting impression of great awe and joy.

    • Hi David! Thank you so much for stopping by, and for commenting. It sounds like you received special graces of healiing when Jesus passed by you on that occasion you mentioned. On retreat once, the priest read from the gospel that “Jesus was passing by….” Then he (the priest) said, “Oh, how wonderful when Jesus passes by!” How very true that is! It is always a blessing and a grace to be in His Presence. I think in situations where there is much prayer and adoration from many present, that the blessings can flow in even greater abundance. God so loves to be adored and glorified by His children. Peace and joy to you, David.

  2. I’ve been to several conferences like the one you describe, Patricia. It never really occurred to me that Jesus would dream and long for adoration from such large crowds. Somehow, I always thought of the conferences as a means of increasing our love for Him, not His desire for us. Makes perfect sense! Having organized many processions myself, this thought makes me very happy. Have you ever read “He and I”? This post, and how you heard Jesus tell you it was His dream, reminds me of that beautiful book. God bless you!

    • Anne, you are always so kind to stop and leave encouraging words! Thank you! Yes, I have read He and I…quite some time ago, and I loved it! It is such a beautiful book. Jesus, as He speaks to Gabrielle, sounds so much like I always imagine Him to be. What a precious relationship they had!

      I often like to think about what Jesus felt/feels. He speaks to so many mystics of His longing to be loved. And, I am touched by the places in the gospels where He responds to those who take time for Him…like Mary who anointed Him, and the leper who returned to give thanks, etc. He singles out these people who showed Him some love, gratitude, etc.

      At that place where I was, where so much love and adoration was being poured out upon Our Lord, I can imagine His Heart overflowing with great Joy. How wonderful that He allows Himself to desire our love…even “thirst” for it.

      God bless you, dear Anne, source of much consolation for Jesus!

  3. Patricia,
    The poem is beautiful. I never really thought about what Jesus may have dreamed while on earth, but that is a lovely thought. The conference you attended sounded like a powerful experience. It was, I imagine a visual of the Scripture passage: … and every knee shall bend…
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Hi Karin! I hope you are feeling much better today. Too much snow maybe? 🙂
      “and every knee shall bend..” That is a perfect description of that beautiful Marian conference. I have seldom been in the midst of thousands of people who all loved Jesus and Mary so much. Joy just filled the air we breathed. How I wish I lived somewhere where such happenings were not so rare as here. But, the memory of it is still so precious.

      One day, we will all be there, and it will never, ever end!
      God bless you, dear Karin! And, get well soon. xoxo

  4. This post takes my breath away, Patricia. My first thought as I read this was: “She loves Jesus with all her being.”

    A beautiful love song to the King of Kings. Thank you 🙂

    • Dearest Mary, I only wish that your very kind words were true. Let us pray that we will grow moment by moment in our love for our Most Loving Lord Jesus!
      He is indeed the King of Kings! I love in the “valentine” post above where He is so moved by just one, “I love You.” We can do that! Hugs to you, dear Mary.

    • Nancy, I hope you will never be speechless, for I would miss all that you share so very much! But, I am most grateful for your kind words, and so happy you enjoyed the post…again. Sometimes an old post speaks to my heart again, and I like to share. Hopefully, there are a few new readers out there! 🙂

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