Tuesday adoration….what is love?

Federico Barocci, Insitution of the Eucharist, Rome, S. Maria sopra Minerva, 1608

Federico Barocci, Insitution of the
Eucharist, Rome, S. Maria sopra Minerva,

What is another Name for God?
It is Love.

And what is love?
It is desiring the good of the beloved.
And what does that mean?
We give all that we can
to insure the well-being of our loved one.

And what does God do?
He gives Everything:
His Very Self
His Divine Life
His Human Life, sacrificed for us.
His Precious Body and Blood to be our Food.

As a baby receives milk from its mother,
Can we doubt that God would nourish us too,
would give His entire Self?
Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity,
pouring Himself into us
in a union so profound
that the angels are in awe.

If only we could see,
could realize what is happening:
feel His Sacred Heart
beating within us–
His very Blood
mingling with ours–
His Divinity
filling us–
preparing us to share one day
in His Own Divine Life.

Love so great
Stooping to lowliness–
It is what His Love does
Giving to the least
That He is.

O God of Majesty and Glory, we bow before the Mystery of Your Infinite Love for us…we  who are but mere creatures of Your hand, and yet, children of Your Heart!

9 thoughts on “Tuesday adoration….what is love?

  1. Just spoke about this with my Deacon on Monday night. He asked me to stay behind. He knows I’ve been struggling a bit with the stark differences in faith understanding with my husband (atheist). He told me, God is love. You want him to see God? Be love. Amen!

    • Cristina, I can’t imagine that your husband doesn’t see love just pouring out of you! You seem to be such a very loving person. I think your husband’s conversion is just a matter of time…and prayer. I will remember him in my prayers too. I once corresponded with an atheist for six years. I never met him, even though we lived in the same city. He was much older, and died six years after we began corresponding. I used to pray my heart out for this stranger. He died in the hour of Mercy, (saw his obit.), and I’ve always had a sense of peace that he was saved. Isn’t it wonderful that God is Love?!

    • Thank you, Colleen. So good to “see” you! I hope all is well with you and your family. Have I missed any recent pictures of the commute 🙂 Maybe some snow covered ones? xo

  2. “creatures of Your hand, and yet, children of Your heart!”
    How awesome is that!
    A very beautiful prayer, Patricia. Thanks for always sharing your heart for God so freely with us 🙂
    Much love and blessings..Trish xx

    • Hi Trish! I hope we get a chance to catch up one of these days. I always smile when I visit your blog and everthing is new again. You are so creative.
      “How awesome is that!” Totally awesome! 🙂 Having God as our Father makes Him so approachable, because we know how much we love our own children, sinners that we are, and finite beings.
      Much love to you and your family too! I hope that Advent is going well, and that in not much more than a week, you will celebrate a Most Blessed Christmas! May it be the best ever! Love and hugs always!

  3. “As a baby receives milk from its mother, Can we doubt that God would nourish us too ?”
    I love this Patricia..because I kind of have a front seat to this truth right now! And you will too soon enough. :- ) So much of God’s love is revealed in the trust of a child with his mother.

    Love and blessings always +

    • You do have a front row seat, don’t you? I really think God has given us all of these images so that we can find little glimpses of Him in them. I’ve always thought the incredible bond between a mother and her child is such a sacred mystery. I’ve thought about this even more now that my DIL is expecting. From the moment the little one implants, it is truly nourished by mom, and then if she breast feeds later… She and her child are really so much a part of one another. Holy Communion is so breathtaking…who could imagine?! Jesus, in the Fullness of His Presence, dwelling within us…woulnd’t we die on the spot if we really understood? I think ther is a little Saint..maybe Blessed Imelda, who did just that.
      May can’t come soon enough for me, Caroline! We will find out the baby’s sex January 9. Yay! I will, of course, tell everyone! 🙂
      Much love, dear friend!

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