Have you seen this?

This is so beautiful, so touching, so Christ-like that I had to post it, in case anyone has not yet seen it.  Pope Francis reminds me so much of Jesus, in his tenderness toward the poor and the handicapped and those who suffer from disfigurement.

I wonder what this young man must have felt as he was embraced and kissed by our Holy Father.  I imagine he felt love and acceptance…two things no child of God should ever be deprived of.  God bless you, Holy Father, Francis!  Thank you for showing us how to be Christ to one another.


4 thoughts on “Have you seen this?

  1. Oh my! This is so very moving.
    He was kissing the face of Christ..marred beyond recognition..for our sakes.
    …tears…and admiration for this Holy Father!
    Trish xx

    • Trish, I felt the same way. I must have watched this at least a half dozen times. I immediately thought of St. Francis kissing the leper. This poor man must have suffered so much ridicule, teasing, rejection, etc., in his life. It is beautiful to see his face buried in the arms of Pope Francis, who so tenderly embraced and kissed him. How beautiful all of the children of God are, and yet how much some suffer being treated indignantly because of disfigurement, handicaps, etc. I certainly hope this man experienced the love of Christ for him through our Holy Father, and that the memory of it will remain with him forever. Such crosses some have to bear! Much love, my friend.

  2. Patricia, I have watched this video a number of times and cried every time. I have been praying for this man. Like you, I kept thinking of what his life must have been like carrying such a heavy cross.

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