Jesus is coming to your house…today!

When he reached the place, Jesus looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, come down quickly, for today I must stay at your house.”  Luke 19:5 (NAB)


Can you imagine?  What if Jesus stopped along the way and told you that He was going to stay at your house today?  What would you do?

Would you run home and frantically begin cleaning?  Would you get out the best china and silver and crystal…the best table linens?  And what would you serve?   Oh my!

I love the story of Zacchaeus.  Here is this little man up in a tree trying to get a glimpse of Jesus.  And, his effort did not go unrewarded.  He received ever so much more than he had hoped for…not just a glimpse of Jesus, but Jesus as a guest in his home.

How kind Jesus was, and His kindness moved Zacchaeus to repent of his greed on the spot.

I’m sure that Zacchaeus did offer Jesus a table laden with all of the very best he had to give.  But, I wonder if that is what Jesus would desire if He came to visit you or me today.

I doubt it.  I think He would be very easy to please when it came to table settings and the food that was served.   But what He would really be looking at is our heart.  Do we love Him…really love Him?  Are we genuinely happy that He came, and do we want Him to stay forever?  Could we show Him all around the house, or would there be some things we might have to “put away” first?

What are we wearing?  Would we be embarrassed?  Oh, and would we try to keep Him all to ourselves, or would we invite over our friends and neighbors and allow them to share in the joy of Jesus’ Presence?

Actually, the most wonderful, beautiful truth is that Jesus is coming to your house today, and mine too.  He comes everyday, if we invite Him.  He wants to spend every moment with us, to share in all that we do and say.  He is never weary of us.  He longs for us to welcome Him like Mary of Bethany and sit at His feet and listen to His wisdom.

He wants to bless our food when we reverently say grace.  He lovingly watches us go about our chores, His eyes never leaving us for a moment.  How He longs for us to pause, and gaze back at Him, in the secret chamber of our heart.

If friends come over, He listens to hear if His Name is mentioned, and what we might say about Him.  He measures our words.  Are they kind and compassionate, patient and forgiving?

Everyday with Jesus is different, as we move through our lives.  How blessed we are that He is always with us!  “I will not leave you orphans.  I will come to you.”

Some of my favorite characters in the gospels are those individuals whom Jesus sought out…like Zacchaeus, but also like the man born blind, whom Jesus looked for in the Temple, and the poor woman who touched the hem of His tunic and the woman at the well whom He engaged in a lengthy conversation.

How wonderful to be sought out by Jesus!  Yet, we are!  We all are!  To each one of us, Jesus looks tenderly and says, “Today I must stay at your house.”

A beloved, holy priest, who is now deceased used to tell me:  Make your heart a Bethany for Jesus.  Let it be a place of refuge where He can come and rest and be loved.

Jesus said in His earthly life that “the Son of man has nowhere to lay His head.”  Is this still not true in our own day?  Maybe even more so?  So many doors are closed to Jesus.  So many do not believe in His Love…others do not even care.  Like Martha and Mary, let us be His beloved friends.

Jesus, yes, stay with me today!  I will try to dust off the tabernacle of my heart…the only cleaning you ask of me.  I pray that you will find countless little Bethany’s in this world, where You will be welcomed and embraced and loved, where You can rest Your head and Your Heart, where You will be in the company of friends who adore You and desire Your Sweet Presence forever!

“Stay with us, for it is nearly evening and the day is almost over.”  (Luke 24:29) NAB

14 thoughts on “Jesus is coming to your house…today!

  1. There is so much I love about this post Patricia! You have such a gift to bring to life, in very tangible ways, the truths of our Lord! I love the details of how we would host Jesus if He came to our home? What state of heart would He find and have we made them a Bethany and place of refuge for Him? It is good to begin my day with your beautiful meditation on our Lord watching our intimate details in our lives, listening and longing for us to be with Him. I desire my heart to be with those where He can lay His head: how many times I have not been a refuge! Thank you for the gift of your amazing words. I am still waiting for your book of prayers and
    contemplation/meditations. God Bless you…xoxoxo.

    • HI Cynthia! Forgive me for answering comments in reverse order! Not sure how I managed that 🙂 As always, thank you for your kind words. Truly, they give me much needed encouragement. I am truly touched that anyone would really want a booklet like you mentioned, but I will try to get around to it…just the experience of doing something new should be pretty interesting! And..let’s not forget your poetry..volume I, please. 🙂

      I know what you mean about not being a refuge for Jesus. I have been pressed for time lately, and so, poor Jesus….here I come when I’m about to fall asleep. Each night I promise that the next day will be better. How patient He is not to leave me and go stay somewhere else! I cherish a priest’s words to me: “Jesus sees all of your prayers and your love at the same time. He isn’t focused on this day or week or month in your life when you are struggling. He also sees all the times you have truly been faithful….” I found such comfort in hearing that Jesus looks at the “big picture.” That makes me hope there will be improvement in the future!!!

      God bless you, Cynthia! It’s always a joy when you visit. xoxoxo Hugs!

  2. This is wonderful for meditation. Very inspiring. I’m particularly struck thinking of Zacchaeus just trying to get a glimpse of Jesus… and winding up with Jesus as a Guest in his home!

    • Nancy, don’t you love these precious characters from the gospels, and the way Jesus interacts with them. I”d love to have seen Zacchaeus’ face when Jesus looked at him and said that He would be staying at his house “today.” It’s a wonder that Zacchaeus didn’t fall out of the tree 🙂 Sometimes, I like to wonder about all the stories about Jesus which weren’t included in the gospels. There must have been so very many more of these kinds of encounters, which we will have to wait till Heaven to enjoy. I’d love to hear them from Jesus Himself!

  3. When I heard the reading Sunday, I immediately zoned in on the ‘must’ in “I must stay at your house…”! For Jesus to say ‘must’! To a known sinner – wow! It’s like He was telling Zacchaeus that now is the time, you don’t know how desparate the situation of your soul is. How many times has He said that to me and I ignored Him!

    Wonderful reflection today – I have the Sacred Heart of Jesus enthroned in my home and regularly talk to Him as if He’s here – of course He is!

    • Caye, what a great observation! I hadn’t thought about the “must” before. How rich is Scripture…even one word, such food for thought! Zacchaeus certainly responded generously. Imagine the impact just that glance of Jesus must have had on people. Bet there was great celebrating and rejoicing at the Zacchaeus household that day!

      Awesome that you have the Sacred Heart enthroned in your home. I’ve often thought about doing that. Do you know Father Walsh? He has great devotion to the Sacred Heart, and was recently assigned to Sacred Heart parish. What a consolation for him!

  4. I love the story of Zacchaeus too, Patricia. I sometimes wonder if he went up that tree just so he could see Jesus, or if he went up so he could see Jesus without being noticed. In my early reversion days, I remember feeling a bit like that; I want to see Jesus, but from a distance.
    I do believe Jesus wants to visit us in our homes, especially in the homes of our souls.
    Thanks for posting about this most amusing character from Scripture 🙂

    • Good point, Karin. I hadn’t thought about that before…about Zacchaeus maybe hiding in the tree. Imagine his shock when Jesus stopped right by him and “looked up” and said He had to stay at Zacchaeus’ house that day. I love to imagine the smile of Jesus. I’m sure He had a great sense of humor…always with the utmost kindness, of course. I imagine He may have had a twinkle in His beautiful eyes when He surprised Zacchaeus.

      I have been both busy and tired today, and haven’t made much time to “entertain” Jesus in my heart-home. But even as I type this He seems to say: Then come and rest on My Heart for awhile… I think I’d like to do just that! Blessings and hugs, dear Karin! xo

      PS Another amusing character is the woman at the well. I love her too! Jesus singled out these poor sinners, and offered such grace and blessings to them. We can never hope for too much from His Love!

      • I once had a friend who told me he thought Jesus was grumpy. I strongly disagreed with that! Like you, I think Jesus has an amazing sense of humor. He would have to in order to deal with those 12 crazy Apostles, not to mention all of us. I sometimes kid that the real reason Jesus went to the desert and mountains to pray was to get away from those 12 crazy guys every once in awhile 🙂
        I love the Woman at the Well too. I love her overflowing joy at learning that she had just met and conversed with the Messiah.
        Hugs & blessings, my friend.

        • Grumpy?! I can’t imagine anyone thinking such a thing! Jesus, Who called all the little children around Him when the maybe grumpy 🙂 apostles tried to shoo them away?

          I’m sure you have seen the epic Jesus of Nazareth. One of the things I love about that production is that Jesus is allowed to express humor at times. He smiles often…sort of shakes His head at His apostles from time to time. Yep, what a crazy group He had…always arguing among themselves. One of the mothers trying to secure the top spots in Heaven for her boys…Peter wanting to walk on water…the whole lot of them falling asleep and then running away when He most needed them. Yet, He loved them so much, so dearly.

          Hmmm, I like to look around creation. Can God have possibly made monkeys, giraffes, pandas, kittens and puppies and on and on without having a sense of humor? What about us? I think it’s in the book of Wisdom where Jesus says, …and my delight is to play with the children of men. (my paraphrase) Anyway, I love that verse.

          I’m with you, Karin. I think Jesus was filled with joy, laughter, charm, wit, and the most beautiful smile we will ONE DAY SEE!
          Love and hugs to you too! xoxo

  5. Thank you for these beautiful words. Again you touch my heart, no Jesus touches my heart through your words. That is the key, I think, to be able to give Jesus that special gaze even when we are in the midst of things, and to keep Him in our minds and hearts in the same way that we do with the one we love the most. After all, no matter our vocation, that one we love the most should always be Jesus. May Jesus love and bless you.

  6. Anna Marie, you write so beautifully that I’m wondering if you have a blog stashed somewhere! 😉 I know you will let me know if you do??? Yes, truly it can only be Jesus whenever anyone’s heart is touched. How kind He is to allow His light to shine through our own poor little hearts! Oh how true: the one we love most should always be Jesus. It breaks my heart to think about how often I keep Him waiting, while I am wasting time. He is so patient. Thank you for taking the time to leave your always beautiful comments. I appreciate them so much. Blessings always…..

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