Not silver or gold…

This was such an early post, over two years ago, that I thought that I would share it again, since it had only a few views. 

It has been a busy two weeks.  Hope to be back with a new post soon.  God bless all of you!

      Jesus, Your Blood!  Why am I thinking so much of Your Blood?  Your Blood, so precious, poured out for me, even from the deepest recesses of Your Divine Heart.   Blood from Your head, Your hands, Your feet, Your Beautiful Face.  Was there no part of You that did not bleed for me?

     Divine Blood, all for me — soaking the wood of the cross, spilling down onto the ground.

     Your eyes, gazing far into the future, seeing me and my sins.  Your cry, “I thirst,” was a cry for my love.  As You hung there covered in Your Blood, You hoped I would notice, would care, when the time came.

     You would not drink the vinegar and bitter wine offered to You.  You were looking down through the centuries, calling to me, as to the Samaritan woman:  “Give Me to drink.”

     Love alone can quench Your thirst, this THIRST of Your Entire Being!

     Your Blood, O Jesus!  It is my Drink.  Unbelievably, You nourish me on Your Own Flesh and Blood.  Divine Food, Transforming Food, given that I might partake more and more of Your Divine Nature.          

jesus crucify

     O Jesus, Buyer of souls!  You Who own the universe, could You pay no Price but that of Your Own Blood?  Measure of YOUR LOVE for us!


12 thoughts on “Not silver or gold…

  1. Beautiful Patricia! As always your post touches my heart and brings me closer to Him. Thank you for sharing the Love of Jesus with us. God bless you and shower you with many blessings.

    • Anna Marie, thank you for such beautiful and kind words. I cannot thank Jesus enough, if anything I manage to write helps someone feel closer to HIM! May He be forever praised! He is so generous with His Grace…and may you too be showered with grace and blessings! So happy and grateful you are here…reading my re-posts 🙂 Thanks, Anna Marie!

  2. Patricia, I try to pray the Litany to the Precious Blood as often as I can, and this is a beautiful reflection to pray along with it. Whenever I see Father lift the Chalice at consecration, I think’Lord, Your Body on the cross.. was the Chalice.’ How can we ever thank Him for “soaking the wood of the cross” and willingly– even if it were just for me or you–..What a Blessed Savior..
    Thanks for re posting this.
    Love and Blessings +

    • Caroline, what a beautiful Image…the Body of Christ as the Chalice! I will remember that at my next Mass. I’ve been listening to some CD’s a friend lent me, and the wonderful priest talked about how Jesus died of a (literally) broken Heart, and how that is why the Blood and Water were separate when His Heart was pierced. There was nothing left. He gave all of His Precious Blood! But, we knew, didn’t we? Would He do less? Yes, and just for you..or for me. The priest emphasized that too. I am so ashamed at such a pitiful return of love that I make. And I know when I’m tired, and I want to get home and how I drive pass the turn-off to the adoration chapel. I know He’s there waiting…..I know how few visitors He gets. I know…and I still go home. Let’s add this to our long prayer list we share…that we may NOT go home first, that we will love ever so much more, so tender and loving a God Who deserves so much more from us.

      Thanks for putting up with my re posts! 🙂 Love and blessings..always!

    • Victor, so glad you are feeling better. That was quite an ordeal you had. Thank you for taking the time to visit here. I hope you will be as good as “new” very soon. May God keep you well! Thanks for sharing you story with us. Blessings always….

  3. Patricia,

    I thirst… I have been thinking about that so much recently, and how Mother Teresa made it her mission to ‘be the one’. We really cannot be happy unless we bring others to God too. He wants all of us. I guess it’s a bit like a mother needing the love of all her children. If one went astray we would be consoled by the love of the others but we would still thirst for the love that is missing.

    I’m reading 33 Days to Morning Glory to the girls each morning. Have you read that book? There are 33 days of retreat, seven of which are based on Mother Teresa’s teachings. It’s such a good book.

    I always end up leaving random thoughts here. But I’m sure that’s ok with you!

    God bless!

    • I always end up leaving random thoughts here. But I’m sure that’s ok with you!

      It’s more than OK, dear Sue! I love to hear what you are thinking.

      Thank you for sharing the beautiful words of Mother Teresa…how deeply she understood the Thirst of Jesus. What you said about a mother being consoled by her faithful children, but still thirsting for the love of the missing one reminds me of what Jesus said about the little lost sheep, and how the Shepherd would leave the other 99 to go search for that lost one.

      I’ve been thinking much about the Love of God seeking all of His children…how precious each one is to Him, even those who appear to us to be lost or totally rejecting of Him. I remind myself that He died for each of them, and that He would do anything for their Love. In fact, He already has done EVERYTHING.

      Somehow, we are all bound up in this too. We are invited to participate in this mystery of salvation by praying and sacrificing for souls. We are truly a family with one Father.

      Yes, I’ve read Consoling the Heart of Jesus. Great book! I love Father Gaitley. I just got his book on the Trinity, The One Thing is Three. It’s amazing! I need to re-read 33 days….so that I can renew my consecration to Our Lady on December 8. How wonderful that you are reading it to your girls! What a great unschool you run! 🙂 Love and prayers, dear Sue.

  4. This is so beautiful Patrica. You truly are filled with the spirit of love and compassion, I am know it stems from your intense love for our Lord Jesus.

    • Lisa, what kind words from you! Jesus so needs our love in these dark times. Are you participating in this weeks First Friday link-up? I haven’t had much time to write lately, but hope I can find something to say about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. For more info, visit I know you will have something beautiful to share. Blessings always…. xo

    • Mallory…so nice to “meet” you! I look forward to catching up over at your lovely blog. Would you like to join in First Friday link-up at It’s pretty self-explanatory if you go over there and check it out. Bloggers write posts related to some aspect of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on their own blogs, and then link to the O Most Sacred Heart blog. It’s really lovely. We’ve been doing it a couple of months now. You can use something from your archives, or even a lovely prayer or quotation from a Saint which references the Heart of Jesus. The idea is to console His Most Sacred Heart on First Fridays. Oh, and another place you might like to visit is a “chapel” which Nancy Schuman put together on a blog page: It’s simply lovely. There is a link to a live web cam image of Eucharistic Adoration, and you can also pray the rosary live in real time with others and she has many beautiful prayers, devotions and pictures posted as well. Hope I’m not overwhelming you! Just wanted to welcome you to the little corner of Catholic blogging where I’ve met so many wonderful people. And now YOU! God bless you always!

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