Lesson from a closet…happy birthday to my husband!

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday.  So, I thought I would honor him by revisiting a post which I wrote during my first months of blogging in 2011.
My husband wakes me up with a cup of hot tea each morning, and often a vase of freshly cut roses from the garden.  When he has to leave early, the tea is in the microwave.  When he knows I’m especially tired, or have one of my famous migraines, he suggests leftovers or takeout for dinner.  Sometimes, he will even cook dinner for us himself.
Now that he is retired, I usually find stacks of neatly folded clothes whenever I head to the laundry room.  The dishwasher is almost always empty.  The cat is fed and brushed.
He loves to take me out to dinner, and on little mini-vacations.  I often find out about the latter when he sends me an e-mail (from upstairs!) with the reservation information.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea.  So I would just like to say:
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
Boston 281
I have a migraine today, and so while I have been hanging around not doing much of anything, my husband got out his tools and went to work in my closet.  He lowered the clothes bar from 75 inches to 65 inches.  The contractor had installed it too high when we built the house a few years ago.  It was usable, but not convenient.  (My arms did get a nice workout though.)

My sweet husband even took out all of my clothes to do this chore, and then re-hung them again after he was finished.  He insisted that I rest with my headache.

After he was done, I was genuinely surprised at how much of a difference those ten inches made, and I gratefully exclaimed, “Oh, this is SO MUCH BETTER!  Thank you!”  And I gave him a big hug.

I could tell by the way he hugged me back, and the proud little grin on his face, that he was happy I was so pleased.

I found myself thinking about all the times I take for granted the really nice things he does for me.  I try to thank him, but we all know the difference between a routine thank-you, and a really heartfelt expression of genuine gratitude.

And, I’m ashamed of some of the things I complain about, especially that he doesn’t follow some of my fanatical protocols in the kitchen:  Did you soak the tomatoes in a bleach solution?  I don’t think you washed your hands long enough.  Blah, blah!

Hmm, I wouldn’t blame him if he threw a tomato at me.  Often the people we live with are the ones we forget to appreciate the most.  It’s so easy to notice what they do to annoy us, because they are always around, but we grow used to their kindnesses, as though we deserve them.

I’m going to make a real effort to truly give thanks to my husband, for all his little expressions of love to me.  I really am grateful.  I just need to express it more.

Oh, he just came in from the supermarket with bags of groceries.  He’s fixing dinner tonight so I can rest my head.

Thank you, Lord, for this good man you have given to me.  Help me to see my own faults and failings, but give me the grace to overlook his.  And most of all, grant that I may not permit even one act of love and kindness he shows me to go unappreciated.

P.S.  And Lord, remind me to make him his beloved cheesecake tomorrow.  : )

(First published, May 14, 2011)


10 thoughts on “Lesson from a closet…happy birthday to my husband!

    • Thank you, Nancy! Our son and his wife are going to Mass with us Sunday…so that is a real birthday blessing for his dad. (They don’t go regularly…but we keep praying.) I actually don’t have much of a headache today….the “closet” post was written two years ago, a detail I neglected to add until late last night.
      Thanks for the good wishes! xo

  1. Patricia,

    What a wonderful tribute to your husband! (I love the photo!) It sounds like you are a very blessed couple. I hope your husband has a very happy birthday. Enjoy your day together. With love xx

    • Hi Sue! We are very blessed. Thank you so much. We are going out to dinner tonight…to my husband’s favorite restaurant. But, we’ll celebrate on Sunday too with my son and his wife and the baby 🙂 Looking forward to the talkie! You knew I would be!! Much love and big hugs to you, dear sister-friend.

  2. He sounds so wonderful!! You are truly blessed!! Happiest Birthday to Him and enjoy the day!! We all need to practice radical gratitude for all the love and gifts in our lives. This is an ongoing practice and I pray we remain open to it!!! May God continue to Bless you and your husband…

    • Cynthia…you are so kind to leave such a gracous comment when I am so behind on responding at my previous post! Thank you! 🙂 My husband and I are complete opposites, which caused me much pouting and many tantrums years ago 🙂 However, God knew I needed someone with his feet on the ground since I tend to have my head in the clouds..lol. He really is a wonderful husband, and gets even better with the years. Yes, we all need to be more thankful to everyone, especially to God. So often, we forget to thank others. Doesn’t it just make your day when someone does thank you and show appreciation? Kindness and gratitude are such a precious virtues.

      Hey Cynthia…have you been hanging out with St. Therese? She loves exclamation points!!! You can find them all over her writing. I love that about her, and you… and I love using them too! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. So sweet are your thoughts Patricia! You have both been blessed with each other. May your husband’s birthday be a happy one. I pray that your headache will disappear. May joy and peace fill your home and your hearts!

    • Oh Lora, what a sweet and dear comment! Thank you! Yes, we are very blessed. We’ve been married a long time, and it’s amazing how when you both learn to compromise, everything gets so much easier. Thanks for the headache prayer…as I usually always have one! But that post is actually a “rerun” from 2011. I don’t think I made that very clear, but sure am enjoying the bonus anti-headache prayers 😉 God bless you for your most kind wishes!

  4. Patricia, Happy belated Birthday to your husband. I think I met you after this post, so I hadn’t read this before, but it doesn’t surprise me that you would find the perfect words to thank him for his kindness. It’s those simple acts that are so endearing. That morning tea and flowers is just too precious. You deserve all the kindness a husband can offer his wife. I’m so happy for this gift of God to you and your gratitude is very evident.
    Love and Blessings always +

    • Caroline, did we ever not know each other? I can’t remember…. 🙂 Yes, this was a very early post. Thank you for the birthday wishes to my husband. I sent him a link to this post the other day, and I’ve been getting refills on my tea, and other little extras since then 🙂 Isn’t it so true that we all respond to being appreciated? Imagine Our Lord’s joy and generosity when we take time to thank HIM. Last Sunday’s gospel always makes me so sad. Yet, I love that Jesus is so much like us, and was grateful to be appreciated, shown kindness (the woman who anointed Him), etc.

      PS My husband’s best birthday gift was my son and his wife joining us for Mass…and that was one gift I could appreciate too! xoxo

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