Heart on Fire….


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Gazing at Jesus in the quiet of the Adoration Chapel, I try to comprehend the Love which keeps Him there, a virtual Prisoner…yet, a willing One. I try to grasp a Love which has nothing to gain, and yet gives away all.

My child, you will never comprehend My Love. Take all of the heat and fire from the countless trillions of stars I have fixed in the sky, combine every spark of it, and it will not even amount to the light from one tiny match when compared to the Divine and Infinite Love of My Sacred Heart for each one of you, my precious children.

I am God, and if you could see Me now, you would see neither sun, nor moon and stars, for the white hot intensity of My Love would eclipse them all. And THIS LOVE burns for you, as though for you alone… an unquenchable Fire.

Love gives everything away, My child. From all eternity, I have said: I will be their Father, and they shall be my children. Even though I knew that mankind would fall into sin, and commit all manner of atrocities against Me, I never take back My Love. It leaps from My Heart in endless Flames.

I always knew that I Myself would ransom the souls of My children. If it were possible for Me to wait for anything, how eagerly I would have awaited that day when I would assume your very nature and thus forever raise you to unspeakable heights of glory.

I came to live among My children to teach them the way of holiness. I even gave them My Own Eternal Father to be their Father too, and I poured out My Spirit upon them to comfort and sanctify them. I chose their souls to be My dwelling place…My Heaven. You are My Heaven when you love Me.

The insatiable Love of My Sacred Heart devised a way to nourish you with My Very Own Flesh and Blood, Divine Sustenance transforming you through Grace to more closely resemble My Image.

Then I said: I will lay down My Life to save them from their sins. I will suffer betrayal by My friends, and torture from My enemies. I will endure the heights of pain and suffering which My perfect human nature can tolerate before death.

From the Cross, I will give them My Own Immaculate Mother to be their Mother always.

Then, I will pour out My last drops of Blood for My beloved ones.

And, when I rise in My glorified Body, it will be a promise that they too shall one day rise in glory.

As I live forever, so they too shall live forever. I shall give them My Kingdom and a share in My Own Divine Life, and they shall reign with Me forever and ever.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the uncreated and Almighty God, and I have given away everything, for My Name is Merciful Love.

See how I love you?

Will you accept My Gift?

Can you understand?

I do not know how to limit Love, for I AM LOVE.

19 thoughts on “Heart on Fire….

  1. How beautiful is the way you put into words the AMAZING LOVE of Jesus for each of us. I wish everyone would read your post. This is the second time I have found your blog and am entranced by it especially by your love for the Sacred Heart and St. Therese. These along with Mother Mary are my three favorites when the world gets me down. May Jesus bless your work for Him.

    • Anna Marie, how kind you are! Thank you with all of my heart for your very generous words. It is comments like yours which give me the courage to keep writing and sharing very personal thoughts about our great God. It’s hard sometimes, as I am a very private person. But, I am always praying that just one person out there will be touched and love Him more. Of course, that would be worth everything!

      I see we share the same three “favorites.” I do get carried away with Therese 🙂 Love her to pieces! And, who can say enough about Our Lady? I have a few posts about her, which you can find if you put Mary or Blessed Mother in the search box at the top of my blog, and hit enter.

      Thank you so much for commenting! May Our Lord Jesus bless you always. And…please come again and say hello!

  2. Patricia, Thank you for your quick response. I looked at your blogs on Our Lady and was brought to tears. I am a mother of 6, 4 girls and 2 boys with one little one in heaven. I have consecrated each of them to Mary and your post touched my heart because I realized that we do not always see the fruits of our consecration of our children to Mary, but I believe they will bear fruit. I belong to Little Flower Basilica in San Antonio, after coming back home from another parish. I was blessed to go to Little Flower school for 12 years and have had the tremendous Carmelite influence all through my life. God has been so good. I also looked at your profile and we share so many things in common. I feel blessed to know someone who shares the thoughts of my heart. Thank you.

    • Anna Marie, so lovely to hear from you again. ABout that quick response…I am quite the night owl 🙂
      Congratulations on your beautiful family! What a great blessing! I absolutely agree with you that we may not always see those fruits right away, but Mary will never forsake our trust in her. After consecrating my son to Mary, I thought he would be a Saint, or at least a priest 🙂 But, as you read, matters were quite the opposite. He still doesn’t go to Mass, although he and his wife were at least married in the Church, and for that, I truly thank Our Lady. I used to really struggle over why things didn’t turn out the way I had expected. Now, I just keep trusting, and try to be at peace, knowing that one day, I will understand everything. Meanwhile, now I pray that he and his wife will one day do great things for God. They are expecting their first child in May, and I’m praying a new baby will inspire them to return to practicing their faith.

      How blessed you are to belong to the Basilica in San Antonion. My husband and I have visited there a few times. It’s so beautiful. Are you an OCDS as well? How lovely that you are right there with our Carmelite friars. Occasionally one will visit my OCDS community here in Lousiiana.
      Thank you again for such kind words. God bless you, dear Anna Marie!

      • Patricia, Congratulations on your grandbaby. The little ones are such a joy. I am the proud grandmother of 13 little souls and they are so unique and irreplaceable. I will pray for your family as I hope you will pray for mine, that they all will follow their individual path to Him and become who He wants them to be. I too am a very private person but was very moved by your blog and want to thank you for putting into words the longings of my heart. Yes, I believe we will have the answers to all our questions and disappointments in God’s good time. Meanwhile I know we should just trust. But it is hard at times.

        Yes, it is a great blessing to belong to the Basilica and to bring the grandchildren and my children with me at least some of the time. I haven’t joined the OCDS as of yet. My parents were a part of it but haven’t been able to attend meetings recently because of their age. I do teach religious education, First Communion classes, though, for the basilica. I think some of the friars have gone to Louisiana because San Antonio and Louisiana are the same province. Father Bonaventure comes to mind along with Father Henry and Father Jenaro. I know there are others. Again thank you for the beautiful work you do. I know you are touching many hearts and bringing them to Jesus, Mary and St. Therese. God bless you too Patricia

  3. Patricia,

    You mentioned I have already read this post but I needed to read it again.That’s why you should put together a book of your prayers and meditations: So we can read them over and over again. Every time we read, we take away something new.

    I must agree about favourites. If I am not reading or praying to St Therese or Mary, I am pondering the great love Jesus has for each and every one of us.

    “I do not know how to limit Love, for I AM LOVE.” There is no limit. Love grows and grows within us if we let Love in. That is an amazing thought.

    God bless you!

    • Sue, thank you for the very kind words. It might be fun to put together a little booklet, if I can figure out how! Do you print out your blog? I never do, but I actually would like to print it all out just in case something happens on the site, and I lose everything. I’m making
      a list of all these things I’m going to do when I find the time 🙂

      It’s so beautiful that God is Infinite Love. We aren’t infinite, but I doubt any of us reach perfection in love…except perhaps for Our Lady. So, there is always room for our hearts to grow more and more. Funny how the more love you give away, the more you seem to have. It multiplies…like the loaves and fishes.

      I apologize for being so late in responding to comments this time. We had a really busy weekend, and I was also tied up yesterday. I’m on my way to Adoration now, so hope to get to the other comments tonight. I so love visiting with you, and everyone else who is so kind to leave an encouraging word. Sending you much love, so I can make room for more 🙂 Will remember you at Adoration! xo

    • Thank you, Laura, and thank you so much for starting up the First Friday link-up in honor of Our Lord’s Sacred Heart! I can’t imagine all the graces and blessings coming your way from our always grateful and most generous Jesus. Thank you so much for the joy your efforts have brought to His Heart! Blessings always…

    • Thank you, Anne! And I loved your poem…so beautiful. You always come to mind whenever I read something about the Sacred Heart. I can never forget the red sea glass heart given to you by the Spouse of your soul. I love the stories where some of the Saints….like Catherine of Siena, receive a ring from Jesus. But, I know someone who received a heart pendant. That is such a miracle, such a true gift from His Heart! I so love that you shared that story! xo

  4. Patricia,
    There are no words to describe how beautiful this is. I forgot that I was reading your blog and felt like Jesus was here speaking.
    We can never even begin to wrap our feeble human minds around all that His love is for each of us.
    Thank you for allowing Jesus to speak through you in sharing these beautiful words of love.

    • Karin, thank you for such a very loving comment. I think I have read so many books about the Saints and the words of Jesus to them, that all of it is sort of tumbling about in my head 🙂 In the quiet of Adoration, sometimes some of it just seems to find its way into little prayers and poems. I am so very grateful to Jesus for your kindness and encouragement. How true it is that we can never begin to grasp His Love for us! Imagine that moment when at last we will see and experience that amazing Love! God bless you, dear Karin. xo

    • How kind of you! Thank you, Nancy. How grateful I am that Jesus can speak through anyone! I love his little band of apostles who were so ordinary and had many of the faults we all do. And yet, they set about to conquer the world for HIM. As Therese said, He loves to stoop low….. xoxo

  5. Oh wow…your divinely inspired writing here is incredibly amazing. I also, feel Jesus speaking through your words about his AWESOME and unfathomable LOVE He has for us. There is so much here to meditate and pray on. “You are my heaven when you love me.” Wow again. The deep beauty of this post will resonate for a long time. Thank you from my whole heart for sharing this beauty and truth about the love. I can hardly wait for a book of your writing and prayers and meditations!!! I have so many revelations and epiphanies reading your writing. May the love of St Therese and our Blessed Mother and His Sacred Heart emblazon us. I am overwhelmed and now speechless.

    • “Oh Wow…”
      Cynthia, now you stealing my favorite comment to leave over at your blog! 🙂

      Seriously, I have been so humbled by all the kind words expressed by you and the others here. But, mostly, I have been so deeply grateful to Jesus, to Whom I have long prayed that I might write even one word that would touch someone’s heart with His Love. I didn’t think that would ever really happen, but now I see that sometimes, in this little space, He answers that prayer….and I realize again how AWESOME and GOOD and GENEROUS He is. We are dust, and yet He truly cares so much….and now my eyes are blurry with tears as I type. Thank You LORD….

      I’ll write a book when you write a book, and then we can make an exchange. How about it?

      Cynthia, your joy, your enthusiasm, your passion jump out of your comments, and always make me smile. You’d be such fun to hang out with! Thanks so much for always visiting and taking time to leave your exclamations!!!! 🙂 xoxo

  6. Patricia, If I could only free myself up enough in adoration to let go of all my concerns lately..If I could…let go..and let God, I’d press in and realize the love you so freely write about. I’d allow myself to experience the truth of His love on fire for us. If I didn’t have your devotions to stop me in my tracks and remind me to look up to where my redemption comes, I might just plod on in fear and anxiety. But, He knows how to use the gifts of those we trust to draw us back in and it’s in this mercy, that I find myself able to believe…and worship in truth.
    Love and Blessings always +

  7. Caroline, I am so sorry you are feeling burdened. We all go through that, don’t we? This spiritual journey has so many twists and turns and ups and downs. I love in the gospels where Jesus tells His apostles: Little children, do not be afraid. It has pleased the Father to give you His kingdom….(paraphrased) And to st. Faustina: Tell aching mankind to snuggle close to My Merciful Heart…(also paraphrased)

    I love to turn to the Saints when my poor little soul is in anguish. They always remind me of the infinite Love God has for each of us, and of His kindness and gentleness. I wish you could see what a beautiful soul you are, dear Caroline. I know everyone else would agree with me. I am always so inspired by what you write, and how you serve and your faithfulness.

    How lovely that we can all pray for one another and help each other get through the more difficult passages along the way. I am so grateful that you stopped by here, especially if it lightened your burden a bit. You are deeply in my prayers. Love and hugs to my dear friend….xoxox

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