For all “little souls”…


O Eternal Word, my Saviour, You are the Eagle I love and the One who fascinates me.  You swept down to this land of exile and suffered and died so that You could bear away every soul and plunge them into the heart of the Blessed Trinity, that inextinguishable furnace of love.  You re-entered the splendours of heaven, yet stayed in our vale of tears hidden under the appearance of a white Host so that You can feed me with Your own substance.  O Jesus, do not be angry if I tell You that Your love is a mad love…and how can You expect my heart when confronted with this folly, not to soar up to You?  How can there be any limit to my trust?

I know that for You the Saints have also been foolish.  Because they were eagles they have done great deeds.  I am too small to do anything great, and so my folly is to hope that Your love will accept me as its victim; my folly is to rely on the angels and the Saints so that I may fly to You, my adored Eagle, with Your own wings.  For as long as You wish, I will stay with my eyes on You.  I want to be fascinated by Your gaze.  I want to be the prey of Your love.  I hope that one day You will swoop down on me, carry me off to the furnace of love, and plunge me into its burning depths so that I can be its ecstatic victim for all eternity.

O Jesus, if only I could tell all little souls of Your immeasurable condescension.  I feel that if You found a soul feebler than mine–even though that’s impossible–You would delight in heaping even greater favours on it if it abandoned itself with supreme confidence to Your infinite mercy.

But why do I want to tell the secrets of your love, my Beloved?  You alone have taught me them and surely You can reveal them to others.  I know You can and I implore You to:  I beseech You to cast Your divine glance upon a vast number of little souls.  I beg You to choose in this world a multitude of little victims worthy of Your LOVE!!!

(Excerpt from St. Therese’s letter to her older sister, Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart, OCD., The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, The Story of a Soul, translated by John Beevers, Image Books, 1957)


13 thoughts on “For all “little souls”…

    • Happy Feast Day, Anne! Therese was so wise to depend on Jesus for everything. I think my favorite is how she saw the arms of Jesus as her “elevator” to Heaven 🙂 May she help us to do all things with great love. God bless you, Anne!

    • Happy Feast Day and Happy Birthday, “Theresa!” Love that you were born on the anniversary of Therese’s death, and have her name as well…actually, a little jealous 🙂 I see that you also have nine children…just like her parent’s did! Wow! She must be very close to you. I agree with you that that her little way is “a masterpiece of the path to love.” I love her genius of realizing that even though she could not do great things, she could still do little things with great love.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love your blog, and congratulations on your beautiful family. What a blessing!

  1. When we read things like that from St Therese, is it any wonder she is a Doctor of the Church?The Church is wise to see that we can learn so much from her intense love for Christ, but also from her simplicity.
    I know I am a day late, but Happy Feast day to you Patricia. I know you may not be named for this saint, but I know what she means to you. I am sure she is watching and praying for you at very moment.
    May many showers of roses come your way!

    • Happy Feast Day, Karin 🙂 I am always late! Tomorrow is First Friday link-up and I’m frantic! Hope I can come up with something. Please join us!
      Guess what? I am named for Therese. I took her name, Marie-Therese, as my name in Carmel. Wasn’t about to pass up THAT chance 🙂

      Yes, she so deserves to be a Doctor of the Church. I commented on someone else’s blog that she is really like a secret to be discovered. She meets you where you are. If you are just beginning, she isn’t overwhelming, but if you are a learned theologian, she gives you material for research and books with tons of footnotes. She just goes deeper and deeper. I love never coming to the end of her…and always finding new insights in sentences I have read a dozen times before. She is a great friend to any who love her. I would love a shower of roses! PS Did you check out the link Caroline posted in her comment on my previous post…about Pope Francis getting a white rose the day after his prayer vigil for Syria? Great story! Blessings and hugs, dear Karin!

  2. Happy Belated Feast Day Patricia..I did think of you yesterday though..:-) What a sweet picture of St Therese; so young and full of innocence. Who could have ever imagined such wisdom and grace from one so young? Whenever I read her words, I am struck with their poetic beauty. Can I begin to hope for this: “But why do I want to tell the secrets of your love, my Beloved? You alone have taught me them and surely You can reveal them to others?
    Prayers and blessings +

    • Happy Feast Day, Caroline! I don’t think anything ends in eternity 🙂 So, we are right on time. Isn’t that a great picture? I read that beneath her white novice veil, she still had a head full of blonde curls. At the time, they didn’t want to cut off her hair, because there were still some persecutions of religious in France, and if she should have to leave the monastery, she would need her hair! 🙂 They finally cut it when she was professed. She had gorgeous blonde curls and gray-blue eyes. Most people think she was a brunette.

      Caroline, yes, let’s hope for everything from God! We don’t deserve anything, and if we had to earn it, we’d be poor indeed. But if we love Him, like a good Father, He will spoil us and hold us close to His Heart. This is Therese’s confidence, and we can imitate her. We are even littler (is that a word? 🙂 souls than she was. We can be sure she will help us follow in her way. Keeping you in my prayers, and sending you much love xoxo
      PS Early Happy Feast Day of St. Francis! I’d probably forget tomorrow—lol!

  3. Yes! beautiful post about a beautiful saint. I too love her “elevator to heaven” and “masterpiece of the path to love” and “little things with great love.” She is so inspiring and amazing. Happy Belated Feast Day to you. The photo is wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Roses to you friend! God Bless

    • Thank you for the roses! Did you read about St. Francis getting a white rose the day after the vigil for Syria? So awesome…referenced it in my comment to Karin above. I love the “belated Feast Day crowd,” 🙂 I am the belated comment anwerer…lol. I have been busy, but don’t ask me where the time goes! I think I read a couple of Therese inspired poems somewhere….. xoxo

      Let’s go get on that elevator! After you….dear Cynthia! So glad there is room for all of us! How lovable is our Jesus! Have a beautiful day!

  4. Patricia,

    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t think I’ve ever read this quote before. I haven’t read many of St Therese’s letters. I have read a few though in which she talks about suffering… oh so very beautiful! And a source of inspiration and hope for those who suffer grief. When I read these letters I just wanted to suffer for God. I felt that no pain is too great if it is borne for God and the salvation of souls. You probably know exactly what I mean.

    God bless!

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