First Friday link up….Will you?


There is a beautiful new blog, O Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, which will be hosting First Friday link-ups to other blogs featuring posts and pictures honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am joining in with a post from the archives this time. Please visit and support this beautiful new blog by linking up, and/or reading the posts.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, may our love console You!

“Behold this Heart Which has so loved men, but which is loved so little in return.”


Will you love Me in return?

Will you choose Me above all others?

Will you confide in Me all your joys and sorrows?

Will you allow Me to love you as completely as I desire?

Will you rest your head upon My breast?

Will you believe in My Tenderness, in My Mercy?

Will you trust Me with everything?

Will you permit Me to embrace you at every moment of your life?

Will you believe that I never leave you?

Will you think of Me often throughout your day?

Will you plan “surprises” for Me? (I love when you wish to do something very special for love of Me.)

Will you receive Me with joy and with reverence in My Sacrament of Love?

Will you look at Me alone during those sweet moments when your little heart is joined to My Flaming One?

Will you visit Me in a chapel or church where I wait as a Prisoner of Love?

For love of Me, will you love your enemies?

Will you embrace those who hurt you and cause you sorrow?

Will you still smile at Me through your tears?

When all seems lost and broken in life, will you still trust Me?

Will you believe that I love you more than the infinite worlds I could have created?

Do you know I love you as if there were no one else to love?

Will you share every moment of your life with Me?

Will you tell Me of your love in a thousand different ways?

May I be the first One you think of in the morning, and the last One you remember as you drift off to sleep?

Will you believe in My Love? For I love you more than your most daring dreams could ever imagine!

O My precious child, if only you could know how much I love you, and how I long for you to love me in return! I could have created you such that you would have no choice but to love me. But, like all lovers, I yearn to be desired and sought and chosen. And so I made you free, so that you could choose to love me – or not.

There are so few who truly love Me. There are so many who give Me not one glance or one word for months and years, and yet I still wait for them. I am cursed and blasphemed and hated by those I only seek to love and lavish my gifts upon.

You at least, will you love Me? Will you try to make up for the others? Even pray for their salvation so that they too will love me one day? You see? I am a Divine Beggar, Who so thirsts for love!

O come to me, My child. Embrace me and permit Me to carry you in My Sacred and Merciful Heart all the days of your life, until at last I can pour out upon you the torrents of Love I must restrain now, lest they sweep you away in your frailty.

Please love Me, my Child. I died for your love!


13 thoughts on “First Friday link up….Will you?

  1. Oh this is gorgeous!! I really needed to read this tonight. Your prayers are beautiful and I would love to read, hold a book of them! I am going to print this out and pray it often. Thank you so much for your gift of writing and love of our Lord you share with us. God Bless….

    • Cynthia, you are so kind! A few of you have been so encouraging, that I might put together a little e-book at some point. Actually, I would like to have all of my little prayers etc., in one place (instead of scattered through journals.) Who knows, maybe my son would even read them…perhaps about 50 years from now! LoL! This one sort of wrote itself on the Feast of the Sacred Heart two years ago. (I’m sure you’ve had that experience.) Anyway, I wish I could answer “yes” to all the questions. But, I’m pretty shakey on some. May Jesus increase our love and our trust…always. God bless you too! xo

  2. Thanks for re-posting this beautiful prayer, Patricia. I’m a little shaky on a few too. Thanks too for the First Friday Link-up link. I was about to post something when I logged on to WordPress and saw your post.
    I am going to bookmark your prayer~it is almost like a beautiful examination of heart and conscience about our love for Jesus.

    • Karin…at least you know how to spell “shaky.” πŸ™‚ The spell checker hasn’t been working on my site for some weeks, and I really miss it!
      So glad you enjoyed the prayer again. I too think of it as a little examination of conscience. I did’t have time to write anything new for the link-up, as I only found out about it a couple of days ago. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? I’m amazed at how many blogs joined in…so many wonderful posts to read. I hope you participate next month if you can. I know Our dear Lord must have been very consoled by this effort. I told Nancy that I’m going to have to extend my blogroll…so many great new blogs out there. Well, I”m off to Prie Dieu to say the rosary…will remember you in my prayers. Have a great weekend! xo

  3. Patricia,

    I could spend so much time thinking about just one of the questions you pose in your beautiful prayer. Oh yes, we need an ebook of your prayers! I am so glad you are thinking about putting one together. I am already looking forward to your next First Friday post. I know it will be full of love and Love and that’s just what I need at the moment!

    God bless!

    • Thank you Sue for such generous words. I do hope you too will participate next First Friday. I know you would have wonderful thoughts to share.
      Yes, if only for my family and me, I think I might tackle the e-book thing. I think you’ve done that? Any suggestions on where to get started? I know a lot of people use Amazon. I’ll have to pray about this in Adoration tomorrow. I’ll pray for you too! πŸ™‚

      And…don’t forget your parenting book. If I were raising children now, I would love such a book from you. You have so much wisdom in dealing with your family. I’m inspired, even though there aren’t any little ones around here anymore 😦 Maybe I can practice on my grandchildren…if they ever come along! Love to you xoxo

      • Patricia,

        I have only ever put together a PDF book. I am thinking about Amazon too. If you discover how to do it please share with me. I need help too!

        The problem with writing a parenting book is that I feel I’d have to be perfect. People would read the book thinking I have all the answers and I don’t. Love covers up all my mistakes, and hides our imperfections. I’m wary about putting myself in a position where others may think I think I’m an expert! I hope you understand that clumsy sentence! Grief is different somehow. I’d like to put together a second volume of my Thomas stories.

        Thank you so much for your prayers. Sadly we don’t get to Adoration very often. We really only have the opportunity when we visit the monastery which is about 45 minutes’ drive away. Years ago, I did the 9 First Fridays with a close friend. We took all our little ones to the monastery every month. It was a big day out! I think we did the devotion 2 or 3 times. I wonder why we never seem to be able to do such things these days. Life was much simpler then.

        God bless!

        • Sue, if I figure out how to publish at Amazon, I will definitely let you know. But, you’ll probably decipher it first πŸ™‚
          I would love to read more of your stories about Thomas. They are so real, so beautiful and touching.

          About that parenting book. There are so many experts out there with books on parenting, but it’s not the same as reading the experiences of a real mom. I think readers would be delighted that you didn’t have all the answers and weren’t perfect. But, if you put a picture of those joyful, beautiful girls of yours on the cover, everyone would want to know your secret. And..your secret is, as you said, love. Maybe it’s not the right time for you to tackle this, but I do hope you keep the idea on a back burner somewhere. You do so much right with your children. I’m truly inspired xoxo

          You brought the little ones to the monastery for First Friday devotions? consoled Jesus must have been! I love when children come into our Adoration chapel. I always imagine Jesus smiling at and embracing them with such joy. Can you do adoration at your parish front of the tabernacle? We are blessed to have several perpetual Adoration Chapels in our area, but there is always a need for more adorers…very sad. Hugs to you, dear Sue.

          • Patricia,

            Thank you for your encouraging words about the parenting book.

            Adoration… our local church doesn’t have a resident priest and is closed all week except when Fr comes to say Mass 4 times a week. There is Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament once a week at the next church of our combined parish, a bit further away, but it’s at a time when it’s difficult for us to attend. But I am making excuses. There is always the monastery. We just have to make more of an effort. Maybe we should travel out there regularly. It would be a good thing to do. Many graces I’m sure! Perpetual adoration chapels nearby… You are truly blessed!
            Hugs to you, dear Patricia!

  4. Patricia, I’m always late to finding out about link up things ; ) Maybe I could try next month if I remember. My posting and visiting other blogs is so scattered these days.

    Your Sacred Heart poem is exactly what I needed..It’s so easy to get overwhelmed when you look around these days..Keeping close to His Sacred Heart in order to .”… embrace those who hurt you and cause you sorrow?” “lest I be swept away in my frailty.” Everyday I’m more aware of just how frail I am without Him.

    I thank St Therese has given you her gift of grace in revealing her heart of love for Jesus..using words the way a musician would transpose them in song.

    Love and Blessings +

    • Caroline…and I’m always late responding to comments! At least lately. I only found out about the link-up a couple of days ahead when Connie (CSBN) posted the link on FB. I thought it sounded like a beautiful idea. I hope I can participate every month, and it would be wonderful if you could join in too. I think there were 30 blogs this time, and over 3000 hits at their website. A great beginnning.

      So glad you didn’t mind my post from the archives. I didn’t have time to write anything new. I hope to get started early for October’s link-up.

      I know what you mean about being scattered with your posting and visiting these days. I sometimes forget where I’ve left comments, and if it’s not a blog on my blogroll, often I can’t find it again πŸ™‚ I’m praying to the LORD for more time. I think of you often, and am praying for our “boys.” Thanks for even mentioning me in the same sentence with St. Therese! LOL Love you xoxo Hugs to you and the new little one.

    • Thank you, Amy for your kind comment. Maybe next month, you can join in the link-up too. Bet you would have something beautiful to write about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. God bless you too, Amy!

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