Where Love descends……


O Most Blessed Trinity, my One God,

Trinity of Love, I worship You!

Three in One, sweet and precious Mystery,

Beloved Trinity

You choose to dwell in me.

I am Your little home

You Whom the universe cannot contain –

You seek out tiny, hidden, ordinary places,

like a stable, a carpenter’s house, a simple host of bread,

and me!

How beautiful You are

O my Adored God!

You love to humble Yourself,

You before Whom the Seraphim cover their faces.

O, I long to see You face to face,

But I love Your game of hiding too!

How grateful I am that You never leave me.

I want to savor Your Presence within and all around me.

Lost in You

You in me

I unworthy,

Your Love transforming

Redeeming me.

Like a child,

I rest in Your arms,

so safe, so loved.

Jesus, You touched the lepers,

And eagerly You touch me.

I am worse than a leper

But You are the healer of souls.

Your Goodness astounds me;

Tears flow.

Set my heart on fire like the Seraphim

Yet with uncovered face

May I gaze upon You

eternally, adoringly


10 thoughts on “Where Love descends……

  1. Patricia,

    We definitely need a small book containing your prayers and poems so we can take them to Adoration with us. You could ask Nancy to match up your poems with some of those beautiful images she finds. Don’t you think that would be a worthwhile thing to do?

    Thank you for sharing your very special words.

    • Sue, you are so kind. I’m happy you like my little prayers/poems. Maybe I’ll put them in an e-booklet….when I figure out how πŸ™‚ Another blogging friend used to ask me to do that, so I’d need at least two copies…LOL.

      Nancy does find the most glorious artwork! Sometimes I think she herself is the artist and just doesn’t tell us. (Nancy, we are on to you!)

      Seriously Sue, I cherish your comments about my prayers, and I want to share that all of them were written during Adoration, so if they have any worth, it comes from the Lord’s Presence shining on the page.

      I hope you will truly consider writing what you’ve learned being the mother of seven (on earth.) I know it would be funny and honest and filled with wisdom and common sense and amazing love. I’m going to bug you till you do it! πŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. I agree with Sue Elvis!! That would be a wonderful and amazing book!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer…I love the title and image too…God Bless…

    • Thank you, Cynthia, for such kind words. I”m sorry that it too so long to reply. We have been out of town all week….anniversary getaway. πŸ™‚ I love that image of the Trinity too. It’s so unique. God bless you, and your amazing writing which I wish the whole world could read! Love and prayers….

    • {{{Mary}}}! Thank you! And haven’t we all experienced that without Him, we can’t think of a thing to put down? πŸ™‚ I’m apologizing to everyone for being so late in responding to comments. We were out of town all week. I usually only pack my kindle fire, and although I can see and approve comments, trying to type responses on it requires more patience than I have! Love and prayers to you dear friend. Hope all is well! xoxo

    • Caroline, your comment sounded like a line from a poem! I wish you would share some of your own verses and prayers with us. Bet you have some! πŸ™‚

      I’ve missed you! I have so much reading to catch up on..on my favorite blogs. We were away for the past week, and the week before that was claimed by the worst migraine of the year. (Hope no one reads this but you!) πŸ™‚

      I can’t help wondering how you are doing in your new role as grandma. Have you decided what you want to be called yet? Please keep us posted on all the joy I know you must be experiencing with this precious new little one. So, so happy for you! Much love and prayers always…..xoxo

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