Dangers of the occult, part I….opening the door to evil

St.Michael(St. Michael the Archangel, protect us from evil.)

As I reached the top of the staircase, intense hatred rushed upon me, almost smothering me with its rage.  I gagged as though I were being choked, and the unseen evil fled as swiftly as it had come.

It all started a few months before with that ouija board.  My husband was away on business, and I had gone to spend two weeks with my former college roommate.  We were working on a writing project together.

I arrived on a Sunday evening, which also happened to be March 25, Feast of the Annunciation….but I hadn’t even been to Mass.  I was a confused Catholic, steeped in my sins, ashamed to go to confession, and who with an arrogance which now horrifies me, had decided I would “fix” everything when I was “old”….like maybe  60 or so.

My friend, Anne, brought out the entertainment after dinner….a homemade ouija board.  I laughed.  My mother had one when I was a child, and none of use had ever been able to make it “work.”

But Anne explained that her husband’s cousin had visited recently and that she had the “gift,”  and now Anne had it too.  I was completely skeptical until I touched the base of the delicate sherry glass we were using as a pointer, and it literally flew across the table in search of a letter.

I was astounded.  There was no doubt that something unworldly was happening.  We spent hours at the table, asking questions and getting answers from “deceased relatives,”  all of whom claimed to be in Purgatory.

Thus began my entry into the world of the occult– months of deception and confusion, and contact with evil, the potential danger of which I will only fully understand when God reveals it to me in eternity.

God, O God!  How can I ever praise Him enough for His Grace and Mercy!   Never can I doubt that He can bring great good out of evil…no matter how dark that evil is.  He literally brought me to conversion and a return to my faith at the same time that I was caught up in this dangerous foray into the occult.

Anne and I had no intentions of doing anything evil. Neither of us thought that what we were doing was sinful.  Anne had placed a rosary on the table and we had prayed a Hail Mary before we touched the sherry glass.  But, praying before one enters into sinful activity, especially when it involves opening oneself up to the power of evil spirits is an abuse of prayer.

Why God protected us from worse harm, and even brought great good out of this situation remains another mystery for now.  But He did, and briefly, this is how it came about.

As Anne and I continued to “converse” with spirits on the ouija board for several days, we soon became aware that we could also “hear” them in our thoughts.  This began slowly, with our “hearing” the words before they were actually spelled out on the board.  In our ignorance and foolishness, we were delighted.  We could now “talk” with our deceased loved ones without the slow and cumbersome ouija board.

One afternoon, about mid-week, I was working alone on our writing project when suddenly, unexpected words broke into my consciousness.  As stated above, I had become used to this by now.  But, I was not expecting the message I was given.

“You must go to confession.”  I froze.  Confession?  We had been going to Mass all week.  I was talking to souls in Purgatory.  I thought things were “cool” between God and me.  I thought He had waived the confession thing.  Wasn’t I special….even allowed to talk to “holy souls?”

“You must go to confession, or God will be so sad.”  This second command cut through my resistance and went straight to my heart.  “….God will be so sad.”  How could I refuse now?  I had longed for Him ever since I could remember….ever since I had committed what my seven-year-old conscience deemed a mortal sin.  (Please see https://theholyfaceofjesus.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/on-my-way-to-hell-at-seven/ for a helpful introduction to this current post.)

As it dawned upon me that yes, I would have to obey, I heard a comforting promise, “Don’t worry.  We will be with you and give you strength.”

Over the many years since this happened at age 25, I have pondered the above message.  At first I thought it was the evil spirits putting me to a test they thought I would fail, and thus enable them to have even more access to me.  But, as I have grown in faith and knowledge, and hopefully in God’s Grace throughout the years, I have come to think that it was perhaps my guardian angel……permitted by God to offer an invitation to me.  To offer it in such a way that it would be so very hard to refuse. To phrase it almost as though he were speaking to that seven-year-old.  The tone of this voice was kind and encouraging……something the other voices seemed unable to imitate.

I immediately told Anne, crying in her arms in terror.  She was very supportive and encouraging.  She even suggested that we talk to her pastor after I went to confession, and ask him what he thought about what we had been doing with the ouija board, and how we now had voices in our heads.

When Saturday afternoon arrived, Anne drove me to her parish church, and I did what I had avoided for the past 18  years.  I entered the dark confessional and knelt down, my heart pounding out of my chest.  But, I wasn’t alone.  Just like the voice had said, there was a presence with me, a warm and loving and strong presence.  The priest slid open the little window and I felt surreal, as I somehow stammered out an honest confession.  Although my body was in a panic, my mind and spirit were clear, and strangely calm.

The priest was most kind.  Hearing my situation, he gently led me through the Ten Commandments, listening carefully, but asking only a few questions.  It was all over in what seemed a brief moment, and then I heard the most beautiful words in the world, “I absolve you from your sins, in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

But, I hadn’t confessed playing with the ouija board.  I didn’t think it was a sin.  However, shortly after Father finished hearing confessions, Anne and I entered the sacristy to tell him all about it, and to ask his advice.  Although well-intentioned, he did not send us away with the wise counsel we needed.  And we were led further into the darkness.

(to be continued……)

To those who will not return to read the next installment, please know this:  never, ever, dabble in the occult.  Do not even read horoscopes for fun.  All of these “fun” things have the capacity to open the door to the powers of evil  (fallen angels) which are very real, and which hate you beyond anything you can imagine.  As I will explain next time, even a soul in the state of grace can still suffer from the effects of past involvement in the occult.

But God is so faithful, so merciful and loving that there is nothing to fear, if one asks His forgiveness and places themselves in His care, determined to never, ever again go near ouija, boards, tarot cards, crystals, fortune tellers, mediums, etc.  Avoid like poison anything even remotely associated with the occult.  Please!

16 thoughts on “Dangers of the occult, part I….opening the door to evil

  1. Patricia, Can’t wait for Part 2. Thank you for all the good reminders. A relative invited me to join some horoscope group on Facebook. I did quick Catechism of the Catholic Church search and messages her: “2116 All forms of divination are to be rejected: recourse to Satan or demons, conjuring up the dead or other practices falsely supposed to “unveil” the future.48 Consulting horoscopes, astrology, palm reading, interpretation of omens and lots, the phenomena of clairvoyance, and recourse to mediums all conceal a desire for power over time, history, and, in the last analysis, other human beings, as well as a wish to conciliate hidden powers. They contradict the honor, respect, and loving fear that we owe to God alone.”
    Thanking and praising God for delivering you. Our Great God loved you too much to permit the evil ones to take you from his embrace as he is the one that gave you the desires for him, as you well know. Love, Colleen

    • Hi Colleen! Good for you for doing your research. Many people don’t take horoscopes seriously, but they aren’t a joke. It’s the same old thing…trying to find out the future by going “around” God…as if such a thing were possible. What’s very sad is that in New Orleans, right in front of the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral are nothing but palm and tarot card readers. In fact, they are all around Jackson Square…which fronts the Cathedral. People have their little children sit for a reading!! So tragic….especially when a few feet away you can enter and visit the King of kings and have a private audience with HIM.

      I can never express how good God has been to me, and the way He led me out of all that deception and showered me with His Graces. His goodness is beyond words….but you know that 🙂

      I honestly think that even playing with my mother’s ouija board as a child made me more vulnerable to occult type stuff later on. When I was in college, I read lots of books on flying saucers, palmistry, and reincarnation. I didn’t really take it seriously, but it still opened that “door.” Now I RUN from anything that smacks of not being authentically Christian….such as some books out there that are popular with Oprah, et al.

      So good to see you! You’ve been a busy lady, it seems, from what I see on FB. Thank you for your supportive comment. Love and blessings and a wonderful weekend to you and your family! Jesus is LORD, and HIM alone!

  2. Patricia,

    Thank you for sharing your story. I think many people are fascinated by such things as ouija boards, if not in real life, then certainly through novels. I remember reading a few fiction books where evil won out. I can remember how I suddenly couldn’t bear to read one more word but moments earlier I had been so immersed in the book. This type of story really draws people in.

    I shall be back for part 2.

    God bless!

    • Sue, I was so grateful for your comment this morning! Thank you for your support. This was a post I had been putting off writing for some time, because I knew some people would not believe it, and others would think I was mentally ill. But, with so many being deceived today by New Age nonsense, mediums, crystals, etc., I felt I should at least put what happened to me out there, and hope it helps someone avoid making the same kind of mistake.

      That’s so interesting how you were at first attracted to those books, and then repelled by them. I would not be surprised if it was your holy guardian angel giving you a reality check and telling you to “put that down!” Our guardian angels are such a great gift from God.

      I miss you! I hope you know that my computer was in the shop for nine long days, and I have recently been trying to re-load programs etc., that they had to remove in order to repair it. Before that happened, I had two weeks of almost constant migraines, so that’s why you haven’t seen me much lately. But, I’ll be over later today. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to 🙂

      Love you Sue, and thanks again for your kind comment. xoxo

      • Patricia,

        Oh yes! My guardian angel! Angels are indeed a great gift from God.

        I’m sorry to hear about your health and computer problems. I miss you too! I have only been online intermittently recently. I’ve been distracted by a family crisis which you might have read about on our private blog. All is improving though!

        It was so kind of you to visit and follow Hannah’s blog today. I imagine she was very excited to see your comment. Thank you for following my link and being so full of love. I am guessing she will return the visit!

        Love you too!

        • Hi Sue, I did not know about your family crisis…being out of touch with the computer, etc. I did read the other blog. I am praying for the situation, and hope all is continuing to improve.

          I hope Hannah continues her blog. I seriously know that I could learn a good deal from a precocious twelve-year-old. I love hearing what children/young people think about things. They can be so wise.

          I hope Hannah does visit me, but even so, I will be checking back at her blog regularly. After all, she comes highly recommended by Bob Blogosphere…as I recall 🙂 xoxo

  3. Patricia, So glad you wrote this testimony. I have fought this out with members of my own family. People are willing to go anywhere to hear a word about their future except to the God who made them. As you profoundly illustrate….it is dangerous and nothing to mess with. Here in my state there’s a psychic reader on many corners especially in the quaint little New Agey antique shop towns.

    Thank goodness for your good friend, a priest and your guardian angel.
    You know I’ll be back for part 2 … : )

    Love and blessings +

    • Caroline, it’s so true about people going anywhere to look into the future. Not long ago, an exteneded family member traveled to another state to consult a medium after having lost a loved one. How dangerous this is! I hope you won those battles with your own family members.

      So awful about those “psychic readers” on every corner…sounds like Jackson Square in New Orleans. My husband always says, “Why don’t they just pick the Powerball numbers, and then they can retire?” 🙂

      Yes, thank goodness for priests, my friend and my guardian angel, but the goodness and mercy of God are astounding! I haven’t written part II yet, but it will be mostly about how He Himself led me out of this mess. He is so very much the tender and compassionate Jesus we see in the gospels. It makes me cry to remember how kind and gentle He was with me…providing everything I needed. He loves His children so completely….and truly never gives up on His little lost lambs. May He be forever praised!

      Caroline, your friendship means so much….and your thoughtful comment is greatly appreciated.
      Can’t stop thinking that you are so close to meeting your first grandchild!!! Vicarious joy here 🙂

  4. Hi Patricia,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I can’t wait for the second part! You’re
    going to laugh but my husband says the same exact thing about psychics as yours does!

    Is there anyone in the world who hasn’t been affected by the occult in some way or another? I mean: it’s everywhere! Occult books, movies, horoscopes, kid’s games, etc… It’s kind of frightening how prevalent it is today and I think it’s good to warn people of the dangers through stories such as yours and it helps others understand God’s love and mercy too! Hugs!!

    • I did laugh 🙂 Leave it to the guys to cut to the chase…it’s simple logic, right?

      Thanks so much for reading this post, and leaving a comment, Mary. I don’t think there are many who have been untouched by the occult/new age in one way or another. Not long ago, an old friend from grade school called and was raving on and on about that book, The Secret. It’s like a religion to her…very sad.

      I’m grateful that Pope Francis speaks openly about the devil, even though he often gets criticized for doing so. People just don’t believe in the supernatural anymore. Yet, Our Lord warned us many times. One of the things I learned from my experience was the inestimable value of a single soul. How precious we are to God, especially being redeemed by the Blood of Jesus! Big hugs to you too, dear Mary! xoxo

  5. Patricia, thank you for sharing this very important testimony about Ouija boards and astrology. I played with a Ouija board at my cousin’s house one time when I was a child. I do believe it opens a door to darkness. I understand about astrology also.
    Can’t wait to read part 2.

  6. Stay away from Psychics, Tarot Cards, Wicca witchcraft, Palm readers, Ouija Boards and the like. They are not of God, have Evil attached to them and will cause you great pain and suffering. Anyone who argues they are harmless is in denial. Read your Bible, pray solely to God and keep yourself in the light. God loves you and does not want his beloved child to be involved with Evil no more than you would want your 15 year old Son or daughter to be involved with a devil worshipping drug addict street gang.

    • Lucy, I couldn’t agree more. All of the occult is extremely dangerous and evil. I am wondering if you read my articles, as that is why I wrote them, to teach others from my own experience….to avoid these things like poison. I am happy that you commented and your comment echos what I expressed in these posts about the occult. Thank you for your words of warning, for we cannot repeat them often enough. God bless you always! Patricia

    • Hi Karen, I received your comment. I am not sure what CD you are asking about. Could you explain. Thank you for reading and posting. God bless you in this holy Advent season.

    • Hi Karen, I received your comment. I am not sure what CD you are asking about. Could you explain. Thank you for reading and posting. God bless you in this holy Advent season.

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