Computer crash, ads lurking, returning soon…I hope!

computerkittysUpdate:  Hello everyone, I just wanted you to know that I have been having computer problems…my laptop has been in the shop all week.  So please forgive me for not visiting or commenting on your posts.

Also, I was very surprised to learn today that there are ads running on my blog!!!  This was totally unknown to me.

Apparently, a few months ago, WordPress decided to insert ads to assist in paying for expenses incurred by them in maintaining their blogging network.  However, these ads are not visible to the WordPress blogger who is signed into their own blog.

Today, using someone else’s computer and viewing my blog as everyone else sees it, I was quite shocked to see a video ad inserted beneath the most popular post for today.  I am very sorry that my readers are having to deal with ads on my blog.

I learned that, for a fee, WordPress will make the ads go away.  I will be looking into this alternative.

Meanwhile, I wanted to apologize, as I have no idea what kind of ads you have been subjected to.  I am so sorry.

I hope to have my computer back early next week.  Until then, I will continue to miss being able to easily access your blogs….and dropping by to say hello.

Have a blessed weekend!


11 thoughts on “Computer crash, ads lurking, returning soon…I hope!

    • Yes, ads! They aren’t visible if you are signed into wordpress…either as a reader or a blogger. I went to the “help” section and did a search and several people had questions about them. WordPress stated that since those “signed in” don’t see them, the ads are actually only visible on a small number of page views. I guess I’ll let them go for now. But, I’ll check from time to time to see how things go. It’s weird having stuff on your blog without even knowing about it! Let me know if you have news on this. Thanks 🙂

      • A couple days ago, I noticed on my stats page someone had clicked on a lick that said something like, “Why am I seeing this ad?” So apparently they are sometimes appearing on my blog too. I don’t like the fact that I can’t see them. Then I can’t decide what offensive on my own blog. I don’t mind the concept of ads, if it keeps the blog free, but I’d like a say in which ads appear.

        • I know, Connie. I think I’d prefer to see them and be aware of the content on my blog. I guess I’ll just borrow another computer from time to time and visit my blog from outside the WordPress network to check on things. What I also don’t like is writing a Catholic blog, and having it appear that I may be making money off of it. Not exactly the kind of Catholic witness I’d like to give 🙂 Oh well….all in God’s hands.

  1. Thanks for the refreshing update. I was looking forward to your next entry. I did see ad’s on this blog, and most were religious in nature, Catholic, or regarded the Vatican. Hope you get your computer fixed soon, and in the meantime you have a blessed weekend as well!

    • Hi dprohde …thank you for commenting. I don’t think the WordPress ads were Catholic in nature…at least the one I saw wasn’t. Could you possibly be referring to the items in my sidebar and on the bottom of the page? I have a link to the Vatican’s news service, and some other “badges” associated with Catholic blogging. I posted those myself, but they aren’t ads…although they may appear to be.

      Thank you so much for visiting and even “looking forward” to a new entry. God bless you! It’s so lovely when someone I didn’t even know was out there stops by to say hello. Thank you! 🙂 Hope you comment again sometime! Patricia

        • Hi David! I didn’t know you and dprohde were one and the same. Your trademark cross was missing, as well as your picture, name, etc. So, double thanks for visiting me again! Yes, the items in the sidebar and on the footer are placed by me. WordPress inserts the ads beneath actual posts. Hope you are having a blessed day! Patricia (marietherese is my name in Carmel….so, I use it on FB) I answer to both! 🙂

  2. Patricia, Well, if there’s ever anybody that can understand blogging woes : )
    …Remember that restaurant that came up as my site for awhile?
    I pray you get it resolved and stay feeling well. It’s so time consuming when these problems arise–, which would be OK if I had the resources to know what to do about any of them…Now, I just keep a program running that allows my son to come in and take over my computer and fix whatever needs fixing LOL

    Love and blessings +

    • Ho Ho, Caroline, I do remember your restaurant 🙂 Only, I was confused, because I think it was Greek instead of Italian…or vegetarian. 🙂
      My computer went crazy last Monday with boxes popping up everywhere about corrupted files. I shut it down and then I couldn’t get it re-booted.
      I picked it up today and turned it on, and it looked like it did when I first got it….nothing was on it. I couldn’t find pictures, documents or anything. I started to cry…really. I was so frustrated. (Of course, like an idiot, I had nothing backed up.)

      My dear husband showed up and suddenly so did all of my files. He knew where to find them. He re-installed some programs the repair place had removed, set up the wi-fi, and wa-la, here I am again! Yay! That’s great that your son can access your computer whenever needed. My son is the backup around here when my husband is in over his head 🙂 But, that’s not too often. I missed you, and everyone! xoxoxo

      PS Have been taking mucinex daily….great help for the headaches! Will have to tell you more….

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