The Sweetest Kiss….


On this Eve of the beautiful Feast of Corpus Christi, I share with you a little poem (hymn) from my great aunt’s First Communion prayer book. (circa 1903)

I first read it many years ago, and found it so charming. My aunt was a contemporary of St. Therese, (having been born in 1890.) I like to imagine that Therese may have read this little poem, or at least one like it.

I pray that tomorrow, each of us will rejoice, as in the last stanza of this poem: What happiness is like to this?

May we receive the Sweet Kiss of Jesus as though it were both our First, and our Last, here on this earth!

O Happy Flowers!  O Happy Flowers!
How quietly for hours and hours,
In dead of night, in cheerful day,
Close to my own dear Lord you stay,
Until you gently fade away.
O Happy Flowers! What would I give
In your sweet place all day to live,
And then to die, my service o’er,
Softly as you do, at His door.
O Happy Flowers!

O Happy LIghts! O Happy Lights!
Watching my Jesus livelong nights!
How close you cluster round His throne,
Dying so meekly one by one,
As each its faithful watch has done.
Could I with you but take my turn,
And burn with love of Him, and burn
Till love had wasted me, like you,
Sweet lights! What better could I do?
O Happy Lights!

O Happy Pyx! O Happy Pyx!
Where Jesus doth His dwelling fix,
O little palace dear and bright,
Where He, who is the world’s true light
Spends all the day and stays all night,
Ah! If my heart could only be
A little home for Him like thee,
Such fires my happy soul would move,
I could not help but die of love!
O Happy Pyx!

O Pyx and Lights, and Flowers! but I
Through envy of you will not die;
Nay, happy things! What will you do,
Since I am better off than you.
The whole day long, the whole night through,
For Jesus gives Himself to me,
So sweetly and so utterly,
By rights long since I should have died
For love of Jesus Crucified.
O happy soul!

My happy soul! My happy soul!
How shall I then my love control?
O sweet Communion! Feast of bliss!
When the dear Host my tongue doth kiss.
What happiness is like to this?
Oh heaven, I think, must be always
Quite like a First Communion Day,
With love so sweet and joy so strange,
Only that heaven will never change
My happy soul!


6 thoughts on “The Sweetest Kiss….

    • Thank you, Anne. It is so sweet, isn’t it? I love my great aunt’s precious little prayer book. It is so tiny, but is packed with beautiful prayers and readings from the Mass. I practically need a magnifying glass to read anything in it nowadays 🙂 I love the piety of those days…so full of tenderness and affection.

  1. Patricia,

    I especially loved the lines: “O sweet Communion! Feast of bliss!
    When the dear Host my tongue doth kiss.
    What happiness is like to this?”

    I shall remember them. Thank you for sharing!

    Just a few hours ago we attended the First Holy Communion of one of our Goddaughters. She can’t wait to go to Mass again tomorrow so she can once again receive Our Lord. It is so good to see the love of little children.

    “Oh heaven, I think, must be always
    Quite like a First Communion Day,”


    May God bless you abundantly on this Feast of Corpus Christi.

    • Oh Sue, can you imagine the joy of Jesus at being received into those sweet, innocent hearts of children?

      I love those last lines you quoted, about heaven being always like a First Communion Day….one that never ends.
      Sometimes I tell Jesus that I wonder what heaven will be like without Holy Communion, but of course, we will never lose this union with Jesus, but only experience it “with unveiled faces…” and it will never, ever end. And if we were still in our mortal bodies, we would surely die of love!

      I have to visit you and see what Jane Austen is up to 🙂 I saw a lady on EWTN last week who just wrote a book about Jane Austen, and I went to Amazon and got the link for you, in case your girls haven’t found this one yet! I’ll drop by with it…have to go retrieve it from my e-mail.

      Love and xoxo

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