My baby and me……

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It’s Mother’s Day, and I thought I would share again one of my favorite posts about my son…written last summer, shortly before his wedding.

I just returned from dinner at the restaurant where he works, and my darling daughter-in-law joined us. She gave me a card, just from her, which expressed her happiness at being able to “officially” celebrate Mother’s Day with me as her “mom.” How that touched my heart!

She also gave me a lawn ornament bouquet of three beautiful metal sculpted hand painted flowers which an artist friend of hers created. They are so happy looking that they make me smile, and I chose a home for them in the garden where I can see them from my kitchen windows.

I love having a daughter…at last!

Hope all of the mom’s who read this had a most Happy Mother’s Day, filled with laughter and love. And for those who are still longing for a child, I prayed for you at Mass today…..because I have been there too.

Here is a picture of my son and me, before my FIRST Mother’s Day!

For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?  (Matthew 19:5)

I hear wedding bells….and feel the tug of heartstrings.  My son is getting married this Saturday.

I’ve known since January. Where have those six months flown?  It is only now that I am pondering deeply the enormous change our family is about to undergo. Even happy, exciting changes can still tug at your heartstrings. Letting go of the familiar, the comfortable…what has always been, can be a bit daunting.

Change by its nature is uncertain, at least in the beginning. We have to learn what to expect, how things will be; we forge new ways and assume different roles.

I have spent the past week looking through photo albums and childhood memorabilia to find memories of my son which will be shared in a video and collage at the wedding. I watched him grow up again through his pictures. My dining room table is piled with his beloved Garfield paraphernalia, stacks of music awards, and framed photos of pint sized athletes playing soccer, baseball and football.

I sat up late the other night watching a VHS tape of him playing My Funny Valentine on tenor saxophone in tenth grade…and then watching it again..and again.  His dad and I were so proud of him that night.  He was amazing!  Saturday, he will be surprised to hear this musical piece accompanying the video of childhood pictures of him and his bride.

The other day, my sister and I spent the afternoon shopping for items to decorate the groom’s table.  We had so much fun, and as I tried to choose things I thought he would like, and which would express something about him, I realized that decorating this table  might be the last time I would do something so exclusively for him… all by myself.  And so I chose my treasures carefully.

That same morning, I had listened to another mother describe her son’s recent wedding, and she had mentioned how the cleaving she had felt with him had to be loosened and let go, for now he must cleave to his wife, as God’s Word says.

Yes, it’s true.  My son’s bride, among mortals, must be first in his heart and in his thoughts and care, from this Saturday onward.  I must step back…no longer the first to respond when he is sick or has a problem.  His personal life will become their life.  I must respect a new privacy, one with no place for my sometimes unsolicited advice.

As the woman mentioned above said, “It is painful…this letting go.”

When a father brings his daughter to the altar to give her hand in marriage, we see a visual of this “giving away.”

But mothers are seated in the pew.  We watch in silence, as our sons take their wives, and the bond is untied slowly in secret within our hearts, where only God can see.

It can never truly be undone, truly severed…that bond, which in a mother is wrapped so tightly, each little knot a reminder of a precious moment in her child’s life.

But yet, it must be loosened now, and yield to the wedding ring she wears.

I can hear the song being played on my heartstrings….love him always, love him deeply, take care of him as I have, never hurt him… and one day, give him back to God.  Yes give him back to God shining with grace and beauty…much more so than when I gave him to you…

And, remember to cleave, only to him.




12 thoughts on “My baby and me……

  1. Sniffling. Smiling. The photos are wonderful, and the one of you with your BABY son has me sniffling and smiling all at once. SUCH JOY!! It’s a wonder the human heart can contain the TOTAL happiness I see in that photo. Priceless.

    Thank you for sharing this again :)! Happy Mother’s Day…!

    • Awww, thank you Nancy. I’m sniffling right along with you. It does seem like yesterday…where does the time go? The love we have for our children always makes me think of the “unthinkable” LOVE God surely has for His children. Beyond all imagining! I hope my daughter-in-law will be having her first Mother’s Day maybe next year. I need another baby to hold 🙂

      Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day with your babies! Love and hugs xoxo
      PS I added a picture a minute ago…if you want to see 🙂 It’s at the bottom.

    • Cindy, hello! Happy Mother’s Day! I love that picture too…maybe I’ll blow it up to an 8 x 10 at least 🙂 I really need to restore the color. I don’t have orange hair. It is indeed a lovely memory.

      I know you have lots of wonderful pictures as well, with Andy’s love for photography. The ones in your book are awesome. BTW, I haven’t forgotten the review. I had a couple of crazy weeks, but I look forward to posting it soon. I saw that you have some new ones…all excellent. Congratulations! I’ll be out of town for a few days, and my computer is going in the shop, but I’ll surprise you one day soon 🙂
      Love and hugs dear Cindy…and all God’s blessings to you.

  2. The photos are beautiful, Patricia. The one of you with your baby is one of the most wonderful mother and baby photos that I’ve ever seen! Even unrestored, it’s perfect.

    I hope you all have a spectacular wedding day and I will pray that you’ll be holding the first of many grandbabies, very soon:-)

    God bless, Patricia:-)

    • Vicky, I wish you had been around to take our pictures when my son was small. Yours are amazing! Thank you for the kind words. I really am thinking of having the color corrected and enlarging and framing it as an 8 X 10 for my bedroom. It so captures for me those early months of the unbridled joy of being a mom. I can almost feel his soft baby cheek….sigh.

      I think I am confusing everyone! That post was a “re-run”. My son got married last July. I just added the intro to it, and a couple of other pictures and thought I’d use it for Mother’s Day. But, all the more reason to hope for grandbabies soon 🙂

      I’ll be offline for a few days…going out of town, and laptop going to the repair shop. The screen is coming unhinged from the keyboard for starters..and it has other issues as well. So good to hear from you! I’ll visit you soon when I return xoxo (My husband is waiting on me to pack up the computer so he can bring it for repairs.)

  3. Patricia, you are beautiful beyond words, and that comes across in a powerful way in that photo of you with your new baby. And of course the joy on your son’s face is priceless. I hope you had a blessed Mother’s Day. Your son and his new wife look very happy and in love. I know you must be thrilled to see him doing so well.

    • Joyce, thank you for so many kind words! I’m sorry to be so late in responding, but we were out of town, and my computer was in the shop. I don’t do well without a keyboard…so didn’t even attempt to respond to comments thru my kindle.

      I think Christopher might have been two or three months old then. I truly cherished every moment. I knew that he would likely be our only child.

      I did have a lovely Mother’s Day, and I hope you did as well….although I read you were the cook! 🙂 That was kind of you to think of your own mother first.

      Chris and his bride really do seem very happy…which of course, makes me happy too. He is coming along at last. Please pray that he perseveres in his engineering curriculum. He just finished up two courses and will take four next semester, which is difficult with a full-time job. I know that they also don’t want to wait too much longer for a baby. And….we know how ready I am for that 🙂 Love and hugs dear friend!

  4. What a gorgeous mother and baby photo!!
    You are shining with such happiness…in fact I haven’t ever seen a photo of you where you are not simply RADIATING with love and joy!
    Looking at your sweet son makes me wonder what Our Lord’s baby laughter sounded like. It must’ve been infectiously beautiful, don’t you think?!
    Hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day, my friend.
    blessings..Trish xx

    • Trish, so good to see you here! I always miss you so much when you are absent for a spell. I think of you more often than you know.
      I think I really am going to enlarge that photo and frame it. It is such a happy memory.

      That’s a precious thought…about Our Lord’s baby laughter! Can you imagine the joy of Mary during those months and years? Hearing His first laugh, and seeing His first steps, and all the wonderful little things babies do to delight our hearts. Only her baby was God. One day in Heaven, I hope we will somehow experience these joys with the Holy Family.

      I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too! And if you missed my note to Joyce, please forgive my tardiness in responding, but we were out of town, and computer was in the shop. Love to you always, dear friend! xoxo

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