Have you had your smile today?

In today’s climate of terrorism, secularism, relativism and all the other “isms,” I sometimes feel I will pull my hair out in frustration…if it doesn’t fall out from the stress.

That’s when I go looking for a smile. I found two on Facebook today, and thought I would share them with you. Hope you get a 🙂 too!

The first one made me laugh out loud. Catholic philosopher, Peter Kreeft, knows how to zero in on the Truth.

The second photograph from Pope Francis’ Wednesday audience is adorable. I wonder if he will keep the rosary. It looks like a simple one that he would like. God bless the children, whose innocence shines in the darkness of this world.




6 thoughts on “Have you had your smile today?

  1. Patricia,

    Thank you for the smile! It is important to remember the good things in this world, and to relieve the stress of dealing with evil. God is good! And I am glad I can smile with you.

    God bless!

    • Hi Sue! Are you going to take a long nap after you reach Z? 🙂 (zzzzz’s for Sue!) You have done an amazing job zooming through the alphabet over at your blog. I could never write posts that fast. It’s been so much fun reading them though. I have a few to catch up on yet…haven’t had much blog time lately.

      Thanks so much for commenting. You are the only one, so I’m glad someone smiled with me 🙂 I was feeling pretty lonely! Yes, God is good, and there is so much goodness in the world. It would be terrible if evil triumphed, but we know God would never permit that. I think the “bad stuff” just makes more noise….gets more press, etc. Thanks so much for stopping by, dear friend!

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Great quote from Peter Kreeft! He’s always been one to tell it like it is! I love the picture of the Pope too!

    Thanks for the smile, Patricia 🙂

    • Hey Mary! Great to see you. I love Peter Kreeft too. He is actually open to animals going to heaven….not with immortal souls which comprehend God, but just like they are here, to bring joy. I love him for that, since I’m such an animal lover. (I don’t know what this has to do with your comment! 🙂 Glad you smiled too! The little girl was precious, and Pope Francis does love Our Lady, so I’m sure he didn’t mind another rosary. He is consecrating his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, which I think is totally awesome. Have a beautiful Sunday, dear Mary! Hugs!

  3. Hi Patricia,

    I found your blog, at last! Now, why didn’t I think to go through Sue’s blog before?!

    I love this quote and the photo. I wish words like Peter Kreeft’s would come to me when I’m placed on the spot. Too clever! And, Pope Francis is so loveable:-)

    God bless, Patricia:-)

    • Hi Vicky…welcome! I’m so glad you found me 🙂 I enjoy Sue’s blog tremendously, and now I am looking forward to yours…which I visited briefly this morning. Great stuff there! I really love how each blogger has such a unique expression of their personality. No two blogs alike! We are each a beautiful (hopefully) flower in God’s garden…as St. Therese would say.

      I can’t think fast on my feet either, so I’m grateful for brainy people like Peter Kreeft to quote 🙂 Yes, Pope Francis is amazing! And, I still love my dear Pope Emeritus too. One leading and one praying….God is GOOD!!!! Blessings Vicky!

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