Tuesday adoration….give Me every moment


Jesus is real.  He’s not a nice idea, or someone who lived long ago.  He’s real now.

I was driving to my Tuesday adoration hours this afternoon when a very joyful young woman on the radio emphatically stated the above words.  Coincidentally, she was sharing her own experiences with Our Blessed Lord in Eucharistic Adoration.

“We cannot conceive how much our visits mean to Him,” she went on.  Then she shared this little story:

I had promised to make a holy hour each day during Lent.  But one night, I got home really late, and I decided to go to bed instead.  But, the Lord was relentless.  My conscience kept bothering me and so I got up and got dressed and went to the chapel.

I tried to stay awake, and after checking my watch, I saw that 50 minutes had passed.  Is it okay if I leave now, Jesus?  It’s almost an hour.  Then I heard in my heart these words, “Before you go, open the bible.”  So, I did, and it opened to Matthew 26:40, “Could you not watch one hour with Me?”  Oh no!  I’m so sorry, Jesus.  I’ll stay.

And then she went on to talk about how crazy in love with each of us Jesus is.  How it matters; it really matters that we spend time with Him.

Funny….earlier today I was going through a box of old books, and thumbed through one about some private revelations concerning the Eucharist from Jesus to a nun in Kenya. ” I count your very breaths, your every heartbeat.  You cannot imagine My Love for you….and I am abandoned here in My tabernacle.”  I put that book in the save pile.

Listening to that joyful young woman on the radio this afternoon gave me much to ponder when I reached the chapel….three minutes late.  My prayer partner is always on time, so it never occurred to me that being one to five minutes late, as I often am, mattered that much.  But today I realized that it matters very much to Jesus.  

When you love someone deeply, you cannot wait to see them again.  When my son and his wife came for dinner Sunday, I was so excited when I heard their car in the driveway.

But Jesus!  Who can measure His Love for us?  He sold Himself for me, for you.  I know He thought about us while He hung on that Cross.  And because He is God, He could think of each and every one of us by name.  I think He did that.  I think His Love, not His Power, was the strength that kept Him on that Cross.

What did He see, looking down through the ages?  Who would return His Love?  Is that why He cried out, “I thirst!”  Did He see the paltry return most of us would make for His entire gift of Himself?

Did He see me, taking a break, between my 4pm and 5pm holy hours?  While it’s true that because I am the only adorer at 5pm, I often need to grab a little snack before my 4pm prayer partner leaves…because I tend to get low blood sugar symptoms at the 6pm Mass, if I don’t.

But, how many times have I checked phone messages while in the car getting my snack? Or even texted a quick reply to someone?  Or put on some lipstick?  And yet, Jesus was counting the minutes.  Jesus, was in the chapel waiting, while I wasted time that I had promised to Him.

Jesus is real!  But, He is so much more than that.  He is God, and He loves us beyond anything that we could desire or dream of or hope for.  The Saints tell us that we would literally die if we could for a moment experience that Love in Its Fullness.

St. Therese experienced a few moments of only a touch of this Divine Love a few days after she had made her Act of Oblation to Merciful Love, and she declared that she would have been dead, had It lasted a second longer.  She was on fire!

I thank Jesus that I heard that young woman on the radio today.  It was like He was saying to me:

Remember a long time ago, when you first began to come?  Remember when spending hours with me was so new to you?

You brought Me flowers, and you knelt the whole time just gazing at Me.  You were so careful to bow reverently, and you hated so much to leave Me when our time was over.

Let it be like that again.  I so long for your love, and every moment is precious to Me.  Don’t  waste even one when you are here.  

Most of all, fall in love with Me again…and again.   Just as I am forever and eternally in love with you, My precious child.


18 thoughts on “Tuesday adoration….give Me every moment

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful reminder, Patricia, of an eternal truth. May it be for each of us that reads it a call to intensify our moments of adoration and of participation in the liturgy with a purer love that is born out in the little details of our worship.

    • Cindy, thank you for your kind words. It’s always so good to see you here. You are in trouble with me though…I’ve been staying up entirely too late reading just one, two, three more chapters of your book 🙂 I simply love it. I am almost finished now, and I hate to see this journey with you and your family and your life with Tim in what sounds like such a beautiful, peaceful place, end. I hope many of our blog friends will read your truly beautiful book. Love and hugs….

      • I guess it is a good thing that the chapters are so short! Seriously, though, I am delighted whenever I hear that the book is being loved. Tim and his mother in the “Far Country” are so happy.

        • Cindy, it’s a very good thing that the chapters are so short 🙂 Although, I also have a habit of skipping ahead to read a few more paragraphs and look at the adorable pictures. I’m almost finished, so I’ll be getting some sleep soon…thank you very much!

          It really is a beautiful book. I expected to like it, because I like you…and was so touched by what I read about Tim on your blog. But, I didn’t expect to LOVE it this much. As one of your reviewers on the back cover said, it’s really a book to contemplate. There is so much to think about, and so it’s not a read that you just rush through.

          And BTW, you do live in the “Far Country,” for this southern gal. I feel like we are in two different worlds when I read about your farm, and the tiny church and barn raisings and all the snow etc. It’s a lovely new world for me. I lived in a small town once for four years, and it was amazing how close we were to so many people at church, and in the neighborhood and really just everywhere. It’s a very different atmosphere than in larger cities. Anyway dear Cindy, you are such a talented writer…let me know when your next book is coming out 🙂 xoxo

          • Patricia, I am very grateful for your opinion of the book. It has been a labor of love from many who helped me along the way and there is at the heart only what I was called to write, so thank the Good God for all. If you would be so kind as to write an Amazon review when you are finished I would greatly appreciate it. Some people tend to rely on numbers and stars before buying a book. 🙂

            It is beautiful here in the country, but like any place this side of paradise it is not perfection. We have no Catholic church in our little town so what could have been a little community of Catholics is scattered among surrounding parishes. That means I spend way too much time in my car. The alternative, though, is not tenable for me ( no daily Mass) , so I try and use the time for meditation. And I have come to meet many fine folks I would not have come to know otherwise.

            Having moved around a great deal before we settled here I know I could be happy most anywhere, but having the gardens and views to start the mind on things above and the quiet of my daily work is so conducive to prayer at this time of my life.
            Wishing you a glorious Sunday!

          • Cindy, I would be delighted to write an Amazon review once I’m finished the book…which is maybe tonight. I’ll try to get the review up this week.
            I’m honored that you asked me, but actually I had already thought about doing so.:) It’s so very obvious that this book came straight from your heart. At first I thought it was your gift to Tim, but about halfway through, I began to feel that it was actually Tim’s gift to you.

            One thing I will mention in my review is that this is one of those rare books which one hates to see come to an end. I have read bits and pieces of November and December….so much so that I have little left to read in those last two months. I’ve also delved into the “conversations” at the back. I am a crazy reader who often tends to jump around a book I like. 🙂

            I’m so glad you included so many pictures. Tim is adorable, and looking at his pictures reminds me of my son at that age….of whom there are also countless pictures! God bless you, Cindy! It’s so very obvious that God chose you and Andy to be the parents of this very special little child of His.

    • Thank you, Anne. You are so kind. I hope all is going well with you. I have been away from the blogs a good bit for the past few months. Miss keeping up with everyone! xoxo

  2. Patricia,
    This such a beautiful post. It could be a page right out of the book I am reading (He and I). It also makes me wish I could run to the adoration chapel right now!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful Eucharistic thoughts with us.
    God bless.

    • Karin, I can’t wait to read that review 🙂 I think one of the reasons I like that book so much is that in its pages, Jesus sounds a lot like He seems to sound to me….without the Voice, of course! I just felt so comfortable with Him in He and I.

      I have some friends who live right across from the parking lot of a big church with an adoration chapel. I’m so jealous! That would be my dream location….almost like being on retreat. Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Patricia, Just yesterday on my way to adoration I was wondering if it really matters to the Lord that I show up. I thought of how imperfect my adoration is; how I often have to time it around meals because of blood sugar : ) , don’t leave on time, and the phone and lipstick …how did you know? I believe in my heart He is real, but my actions (and thoughts) sometimes reveal different fruit.
    You have such a gift of showing the way back to the heart of Jesus and His love when one may think hope on the daily journey is hard to find. St Faustina was the Lord’s secretary of mercy…I think you are His secretary of love.

    May I ask your prayers for a health concern for my husband and prayer for my son..which,I can’t bring myself to talk about, So if you will lay it at our Lord’s feet..I know, because He is real he will hear our prayers.

    Love and blessings always +

    • Caroline, your beautiful comment was such a gift to me. As I struggle with years of spriritual aridity, sometimes it becomes overwhelming, and I keep trying to find a reason for it…what did I do wrong, etc. It’s been very intense lately, and this morning, I was really reduced to tears, because I feel so alienated from God. I had hardly dried my tears when I read your most kind words, and they truly lifted my spirits….making me feel that perhaps I can still do some good afterall…which means God is still with me.

      I promise that your prayer requests will be at the top of my intentions. I could feel the depth of your concern pouring through your words. I’ll remember you in all my prayers dear Caroline, and I hope the Lord resolves these troubles very soon. God bless your husband with good health.

      Love and many hugs! xoxo Thank you!

      PS I’m so glad I’m not the only one with the lipstick and the phone and the snacks 🙂

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