“But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”

“But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”.

Another delightful Pope Francis “incident.”  Do click over for the short read.  So worth it!  You will smile  🙂


18 thoughts on ““But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”

    • Sue, so good to see you here. I haven’t had time to write much lately, and I miss “seeing” my friends. So glad you enjoyed the story. I love what’s going on at your blog….A – Z 🙂 Bet your whole family is joining in the fun! Have a beautiful Sunday…or is it Monday??? Love you!

      • Patricia,

        I hope you’re busy doing happy things. Thank you for reading my A-Z posts. Imogen, Sophie and Gemma-Rose are also doing the blogging challenge. We’ve been enjoying swapping ideas and reading each others’ posts. Yes, we’re having fun!

        Keeping you and your family in my prayers, love Sue

        • Oh Sue, not so happy at the moment. I’m sure you heard about the apparent terror attack yesterday. So hard to be truly happy when others are suffering so much. Please pray for us….although I know you already are.

          That is super about your girls joining in the fun with you. Well, I’ll just have to read their blogs too! Maybe someone will have a kangaroo or koala bear story for K 🙂 Maybe kiwis? Love to you my friend xoxo

          • Patricia,

            I am praying! There is much goodness in the world, despite the obvious evil. God is still in control and I’m sure He will bring much good out of this terrible situation. I know what you mean though about not being able to feel happy while others are suffering. Sometimes the pain feels overwhelming.

            Gemma-Rose wrote a kangaroo story. An obvious choice really!

            I just noticed my button for Noreen in your side bar. It was very kind of you to use my idea. Thank you! love Sue

          • Sue…I am so sorry. I somehow overlooked this comment! Thank you so much for your prayers. At least they caught the two bombers. I agree with you about all the goodness in the world. People came immediately to the rescue of the injured…people from everywhere nearby, bringing what they could to help.

            When I was in school, they took us to see The Diary of Anne Frank. I have never forgotten the words from her diary: In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. She was so amazing. I wonder who she would have become if she had not been murdered.

            Yes, I’ve been pretty much away from my blog because of being caught up with this terroism, as well as the horrendous, ghastly trial of butcher abortionist, Kermit Gosnell. Have you even heard of him over there? I doubt it, because the mainstream media here has kept the story buried..because it is abortion related. Anyway, I’ve been involved on facebook, and even opened a twitter account to help boost awareness of this man’s ghoulish abortion crimes.

            Sue, thanks for your permission to use the button….seems I might have asked you first 🙂 But, your post on Noreen seemed to enthusiastically encourage us to support her. She’s wonderful! I added ColleenID who goes to the “clinics” as well. In fact, she accompanied a bus load of teenagers today to go pray the rosary in front of one of the horrible places.

            Still loving your A-Z posts. Don’t sell my relic of you on e-bay!!! 🙂 xoxo

  1. What an endearing man and a charming little story. I posted it to FB. It’s not hard to imagine Pope Francis doing something like this, always thinking of someone other than himself. Thanks for sharing this sweet little story Patricia, I needed something to make me smile this morning. God bless! Joyce

    • Joyce, he is so delightful 🙂 The media is still so focused on him that we are able to benefit from all of these little “Francis moments.” One never knows what he will do next! He seems to be quite a character…in the best way! Glad it gave you a smile. I’ll be at my Carmelite meeting all afternoon, and then evening Mass. Will pray for you…that you receive many smiles today. xoxo

  2. Patricia, You can close your eyes and just imagine the smile on Pope Francis face as he was telling him to ‘sit down’..: ) I heard a story recently from one the Swiss of the guards during Blessed John Paul II ‘s pontificate, where he comforted him when he discovered his sorrow at being away from his family for the first time at Christmas.
    I wonder how many stories are out there that we’ll never know..
    Thanks for sharing it..
    Love and Blessings +

    • Caroline, I heard that same story you mentioned. I think it was told by the Swiss guard who wrote a book called “The Pope and the CEO.” (hope that’s the right title.) It would be such fun to have a book of all of these little incidents and stories which surely must happen with all of our popes….although I think Pope Francis may break a record 🙂 Love and prayers, my friend….such a dark time in our country.

    • Karin, don’t you think they are in for a lot of unforgettable moments? 🙂 I can just imagine the Swiss Guard talking among themselves…with wonder! Blessings and peace xo

    • Hi Mary! Guess what? I went back to the source which was an Italian newspaper, and they had more information. Apparently Pope Francis also went and got him a piece of bread with jam, because you must be hungry after standing there all night. I hope all of this is accurate, but it just sounds so much like him. So “down to earth,” as my folks used to say. I think we’re in for some interesting times in the Church! Love and hugs!

  3. What a delightful story of caring by Pope Francis! He is a pope dedicated to serve others. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us! May God bless you Patricia!

    • Hi Noreen! Did you see the badge I swiped from Sue’s blog? I’m a Noreen prayer supporter too. 🙂 Thanking you for all of your pro-life work.

      I love how you said that you can’t wait to see what else our dear pope has in store for us. Isn’t that the truth? He is full of surprises! He goes about all of these things so naturally…you can tell he’s been doing them all of his life.

      Happy Birthday to our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict today! Two popes to love! Thank you Lord! God bless you, Noreen…and pro-life hugs to you.

  4. +
    Interesting story, but something tells me in my gut that someone made it up. I don’t think the Holy Father would countermand someone’s boss like this. I think if it really troubled Pope Francis that Swiss guards were assigned to stand guard he would speak to the person’s “Captain” about it. Christ places great importance on obedience to lawful authority.

    • Hi Jan! Thank you so much for commenting. It does seem to be one of those “too sweet or too cute” to be true stories. I did do a good bit of checking before I posted it. I found it referenced in several sources which I trust. That’s not to say I can be 100% sure of its accuracy. However, this is a pope who paid his own hotel bill and called “home” to cancel his newspaper…so, I can see him doing this. 🙂 He’s also still living at St. Martha’s, rather than the apostolic palace. He’s definitely been a pope of surprises!

      Good point about the chain of command or authority, but I’m guessing that if the story is true, the Holy Father considers himself Commander in Chief…so to speak, and also that he may have deemed a little act of charity as it’s described in this case to be within his authority to extend.

      But, I guess we’ll never know for sure what happened unless the incident is included in a future authorized book perhaps. Still, it’s very charming…and I do hope it is true. God bless you!

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