Jesus, we love You!

Note: This video contains explicit footage from Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.



2 thoughts on “Jesus, we love You!

  1. I didn’t watch Passion of the Christ this year. The footage in this video is deeply moving. So much our Savior suffered for us. We should hate sin more v

    • Happy Easter, dear Colleen! I didn’t watch The Passion this year either…except for this video a few times. The entire movie itself is so intense and profound, that I usually only watch every other year. This year, we watched Jesus of Nazareth, which I think is so well done, and one of the best portrayals of Jesus by the actor. I stayed up entirely too late last night watching the end. But it was worth it. Jesus is so lovable…even when portrayed by actors on film. It makes me think….what it must have been like to actually see, hear and know Him when He walked the earth. It is significant that children, and the poor and sick loved Him so much. I think how kind and gentle He must have been, and how approachable. And, He still is….to us in the Holy Eucharist. But, oh to see Him face to Face….someday! xoxo

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