Let us cover the Face of Jesus with kisses of love and repentance….

This is a re-visit of a poem shared in Lent, 2011. May we all do what we can to console Jesus during His Passion, in a world that has seemingly forgotten Him.


(Picture taken at the entrance to the Holy Steps of Jerusalem, now in Rome, Italy)

Oh my Beloved!
You know the pain,
The pain of rejection —
Of wondrous love refused.
You do not discount my pain,
Though it is nothing beside Your Own.
Ah, this pain, does it not
Make me more like You,
My Jesus?

No heart ever loved like Yours,
Yet you were betrayed by
An intimate friend.
You laid down Your Life
For Your enemies.
Who can measure Your Love?

O my Adored God,
Let me fix my gaze upon you — unceasingly.
In Your Beautiful Face,
I will find strength to bear
My little crosses.
No one could ever betray me
Like You were betrayed.

I come to the Garden,
Running ahead of Judas.
I kiss Your cheek, wet with tears.
My kiss tells You of my love,
My trust, my desire to
Be faithful to You.
When the Betrayer comes,
Remember my poor kiss……

16 thoughts on “Let us cover the Face of Jesus with kisses of love and repentance….

    • Thank you, Colleen. How kind of Jesus to accept the love and affection of poor sinners, and to allow Himself to be consoled by us. Yet, we know He does. A holy priest used to tell me: ” Make your heart a Bethany for Jesus.” Let’s all be “Bethanys” for Him this week, sitting at His feet in adoration, and anointing Him with the fragrance of our love. (St. Therese said, “Jesus, the perfume I anoint you with; it is my love…”)

  1. Patricia,
    This is so beautiful and goes so well with my Lenten theme. My main source of reading has been Fr. Gaitley’s Consoling the Heart of Jesus. I am going to print this for my prayer journal.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a Blessed Holy Week.

    • Thank you Karin. I love Father Gaitley’s books. Consoling the Heart of Jesus is especially beautiful. I’ve been so distracted this Lent..with being sick a lot, family problems and lots of distraction over the papal elections etc. I do hope i can focus during Holy Week. Thank you for putting my little poem in your prayer journal. It started out in my prayer journal….at adoration. May you be a great consolation to the Heart of Jesus during this time of His Passion and Death. I know you will! xoxo

  2. Thanks for reposting this lovely poem, I may have missed it the first time around, tho I’m not sure. The old memory isn’t what she used to be. I will keep that thought with me, of a devoted soul running ahead of Judas to kiss Jesus so that He has some measure of consolation when His so-called friend betrays his Master. Have a blessed and peaceful Holy Week. Love you, Joyce

    • Joyce, this poem is from about the second month of my blog, so I doubt you had visited me yet. I think your memory is safe πŸ™‚ I wrote this poem after reading from a book in the adoration chapel that Jesus told a mystic that when Judas kissed Him, He would have forgiven him everything, if only he had asked. I can’t remember exactly how it was phrased, but essentially Jesus is touched more than we know by even the tiniest glance, sigh, word, or kiss we offer to Him. He watches us kiss a crucifix and He is consoled. Think of how His eyes never leave us; He is never distracted. That is some kind of Love! And I feel so totally inadequate at even beginning to respond to such Pure Love. Thank God for the Therese’s of the world who at least love with all of their hearts. But, we must never give up… May this Holy Week be your most fervent, and consoling to Jesus ever! Let’s pray for each other. Love…..xoxox

  3. What a moving, striking poem. Running ahead of Judas. “When the Betrayer comes,
    Remember my poor kiss.” It is an image to take into the rest of my week. I’d like to hope into the rest of my life. Thank you.

    • Nancy, thank you for understanding what I was trying to say. I pray that we will all cover Jesus with countless kisses this week, remembering Him with so much love and keeping Him company….before the Betrayer comes. We have all betrayed Him, but He has forgiven us, and now calls us “my beloved.” What joy that we can now console Him! Let’s all pray for one another, that we may be faithful this week to our Jesus. Love you dear friend.

  4. Patricia,

    You wrote this beautiful poem? Not only are you very talented, but you have offered such a gift to Jesus, and to us who can meditate upon the words which must have come straight from your loving heart.

    I was thinking about being betrayed by those we love only an hour or so ago, and listening to the words from the Bible where Judas kisses Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

    “When the Betrayer comes,
    Remember my poor kiss……

    Thank you!

    God bless!

    • Hi Sue..I hope your Holy Week is going well. Thank you for the kind words. I wrote that little poem during a period in my life when someone close to me was very much wounding my heart. It helps so much to turn to Jesus during these times, because He has suffered everything we could possibly suffer to an infinite degree. It helps so much if I can take my focus off of me and my problems and look at Him. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that helps.

      I also love to think about how Jesus was so deeply touched by the woman who washed His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. And also Mary of Bethany who loved to sit at His feet and listen to Him….and then another woman (perhaps one of these Mary’s) who broke the entire jar of perfume to anoint Him with all of it. With each of them, He was so pleased. He so longs to be loved, remembered, touched with affection.

      St. Therese has a beautiful poem in which she says that the perfume which she covers Him with is her love. I love the Saints!

      God bless you Sue! Do they dye Easter eggs in Australia? πŸ™‚

  5. Patricia, I will join you in consoling the heart of our Savior …What a beautiful poem.. So much of your heart revealed in it..
    The attacks against Him just keep coming. God give us all the strength to bear witness for Him that He may find us in faith when He returns…
    Love and Blessings +

    • Caroline, I know that you are always consoling Him! I had adoration today, so that was a special time, as always. I had Him all to myself about 30 minutes. I had so many thoughts…. I sense so much evil around us…almost as though there is a frenzy out there..a fury. I have been noticing this for a few months now. I wonder if I’m crazy, or if others have felt this too. Like you, that Scripture verse about when Jesus comes, will He find any faith left on earth haunts me. When He said it, He was just beginning, and yet looking ahead to a future of almost no faith when He would come again. How sad! Poor Jesus. I pray always that He will hold onto me, because without Him, I would surely fall away. Yes, let’s console Him together. I will remind Him of your love when I talk to Him. Love you, Caroline xoxo

  6. “Remember my poor kiss…”
    As you run ahead of Judas, take a quick glance behind you through the dust cloud and if you see someone bearing down hard on your heels, dont’ worry…it will just be me.

    Patricia, your poem is very beautiful, my friend.
    So full of love and anguish for our Saviour’s hurting Heart.
    If you had been in the garden, Judas would not have found Jesus so easily.
    Your deep desire to console our Lord would have covered Him completely!

    Thank you for asking after my hubby…
    He did not get that position with the Salvation Army after all..and is still searching for work.
    I am praying hard for him and have become like the widow who nagged the judge to grant her request.
    Poor Jesus..He will get tired of my voice before much longer!

    much love to you…Trish xx

    • Trish, let’s go together then! And, I know all of our friends here will be there too. I love that God is outside of time, and so in a way, we really can run back to the Garden and comfort Him. And, we can console Him now too, in this crazy world which seems to grow madder by the day.

      Thank you for your always kind words. I’m so glad you stopped by. I think of you often, and want to e-mail you, but have been so busy or else sick, the past few months. You may also have read about our house renovations. I spent most of today putting away dozens of items that had been removed from bookcases, cabinets, etc., so that the furniture could be moved for painting and flooring. I’m not done with that room yet, but hope to be by this weekend. Thankfully, we are not having Easter at my house! Our son is having a crawfish boil…ever hear of those critters? They are very popular in south Lousiana, but used for bait in many other places, although I think they are catching on in some of the larger cities.

      I hope you have a lovely Easter with your family. I will keep your husband in my prayers for the right job to come along.

      I laughed about your nagging Jesus. Well, He did tell us that we could! I’ve been there many times myself. He loves you…oh so much!
      Maybe he doesn’t answer yet, because He loves the sound of your voice asking…. πŸ™‚ Maybe you should tell Him that you promise to come back thanking Him for as long as He likes! God bless you, dear, sweet friend! xoxo

  7. What a beautiful poem, Patricia! You have no idea what a delight it was to read this, to know that
    in this world that is so far from God right now there are still people who love our Lord so very dearly and wish to console Him. God bless you, my friend πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Mary. And please know that I think your poem, The Tree of Life is absolutely sublime. I read it almost every time I visit your blog. Oh Mary, I hope there are more people than we may realize who are trying to console Our Lord. It’s so depressing to listen to the media…especially this week with what’s going on at the Supreme Court. How good Jesus is to allow us to comfort Him! So many in “our group” of bloggers have read that book, “Consoling the Heart of Jesus.” I think it’s very popular in general. God bless Father Gaitley for writing it!

      Have a most holy Easter Triduum, dear friend. And please e-mail me if I’m ever “snarky.” πŸ™‚ Really…do let me know! Hugs!

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